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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 11. April 2017
This book is a very honest and truthful account of the war time of Nazi Germany. The touching story of the young girl Anne Frank lets one see it through the eyes of a becoming teenager. The perception of war and hiding are brought to ones attention, while keeping it so honest with entries on the daily lives during that time. I
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am 18. Mai 2017
3 Stars because the book was not covered by any thing even a nylon. Amazon only put this book alone into a bad structured box with another product (ABUS Bordo Lock 6000) that I bought together. They even can do better if they cover the book only with paper or somehow. I received the book like a mess.

Sending feedback to them without receive any kind of support

I really want to give 1 star but others will think that I hate the book. No, I love it, my wife love it, I dont like the way Amazon sends it!
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The quality of paper is pathetic. The pictures are not visible at all. Its like a photocopy book, not recommended to buy from this seller.
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am 7. Juli 2000
Anne Frank ! ... a name that always brings a Sigh from the deepest part of my heart...a name that makes me think of angels , the fraility of human emotions & the steel that is the human spirit...unbreakable!A name that makes me want to hang my head in shame for being a part of the human race that could perpetrate such cruelty...! This book is the recorded emotions of a little girl struggling to maintain a balance betwixt despair & the fear of death & her love of life...but as u read thru' her deepest fears & loves written for her eyes only ,it is often hard to believe that these writings originated from a 13-15 year old heart because they have the insights of a mature soul! I was deeply saddened by the entry where she records her desire to live on after her death thru' her writings later on in life & her wish to publish a book on their life in hiding titled 'The Secret Annexe'...saddened because her wishes came true in such a twisted way ...I highly recommend this book because though it leaves you with an ache deep down ,it also leaves u with a belief in the human spirit & a joy of having known {even if indirectly} a person like Anne Frank...a soul to admire ... Hers was a life snuffed out too soon...& oh! So cruelly...
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am 30. April 2000
A lot has been said about "The Diary of Anne Frank." Some people have even claimed that it is a fake, which is an outrageous claim that denigrates those who died in the Holocaust and those that survived. This book is testament to a child's spirit and humanity as she hides in ever deteriorating circumstances with her family in an attic over an office in Amsterdam. We are witnesses to her first kiss with Peter a boy also in hiding, and her stormy relationship with her mother which she tries to resolve often unsuccessfully. We see flares of brilliance as she tries to understand human nature as well as the innocence of youth when she says, "basically I believe most people are good." The Diary of Anne Frank would probably be just an ordinary young girl's memoirs if the Holocaust had not happened. However the Holocaust did happen and Anne Frank's diary stands for all the young girls whose lives were ended before they had a chance to blossom. If any book was to be made compulsory reading in schools then this book should be it. Through Anne Frank we will never forget her humanity or for that matter our own.
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am 20. April 1999
The following episodic diary calendars the system of things characteristic of East Germany before there was an East Germany. Mrs. Roosevelt carefully removes the curtain separating Fine Distinguished Research from historical immorality.
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am 12. Dezember 1998
In Anne Frank's Diary " The Diary of A Young Girl", she not only gives an account of two Jewish families in hiding during one of history's most horrific events, the holocaust, but also takes us into her true feelings and critical outlook on others around her. The most remarkable part of her diary is that she is only thirteen years old, who quickly matures because of the circumstances. This book may be written by an adolescent person but Anne Frank is much more capable of understanding her faults and strong characteristic than many adults today. She is able to touch many different subjects; politics, war, sexuality, religion and in every one she captures you with her deep philosophical thoughts, which are well expressed for a small child. On top of that she writes in her diary several movements against the Jewish people by Hitler. She also gives us her hypothetical scenarios like how the authority given to German soldiers by Hitler would be abused. For instance when soldiers had the authority to shoot his officer if he knew that the officer had anything to do with the conspiracy on the attempted assassination of Hitler's life, she wrote that this authority would be abused at this point by an angered soldier. Through all her ordeals she is still able to maintain her good nature. She wrote in her diary that she would like to become a journalist, which she accomplished with this book. This book gives us just a small sample of what she would have been capable of offering journalism would she have survived such turmoil in history.
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am 27. Juni 2000
Anne Frank is not an amazing writer and doesn't have an IQ of 170 but she is easily shown her feelings on paper through daily events. I personally find it very difficult to write down the daily events and correspond them to my feelings. Therefore I get low grades in essays and ficitonals and very high marks in factual. Anne Frank seems to write things that really make me understand. She lives in her own heaven and yet casts herself around with feelings of hurt and pain and at her teenage age how she managed to cope in the secret anex is a mystery to me. One thing that I quote from the book is this:

"A voice within me is sobbing, 'You see, that's what's become of you. You're surrounded by negative opinions, dismayed looks and mocking faces, people who dislike you all because you don't listen to your better half. Believe me, I'd like to listen, but it doesn't work because if I'm quiet and serious everyone thinks I'm putting on a new act and I have to save myself with a joke, and then I'm not even talking about my family who stuff me with aspirins and sedatives, see if I have a temperature and berate me for being in a bad mood, until I just can't keep it up anymore, I get cross, then sad and finally end up turning my heart inside out, the bad part on the outside and the good part on the inside and keep trying to find a way to become what I'd like to be and what I could be if only there were no people in the world." Isn't that just really amazing? I felt her words seemed to enwrap me in this soft tissue of desire and hate for myself.
Please read this. It's a great read.
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am 12. Dezember 1998
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is an inspiration for anyone facing a situation of doubt and uncertainty. During the Holocaust, this vivacious thirteen-year old went into hiding with her family to avoid the concentration camp call-up. Even though she had no idea how long they would be in hiding, she continued her studies so she would not fall behind in school, anticipationg that she, as well as the others, would come out of the war alive. In addition to her schoolwork, Anne kept herself occupied by reading books, studying languages, learning shorthand, writing and above all, confiding in her diary. Anne saw herself as "living an Adventure," still she came across instances in which she felt her spirit breaking down: Criticism from the other occupants, animosity between her and her mother, failed liberation attempts, lack of food, fear of being discovered, guilt of not being able to help fellow Jews, overall living conditions. However, she succeeded in combating her depression by recognizing the positives in her life. There are so few people that would have kept a positive attitude under these horrendous circumstances, yet Anne chooses not to give up hope, looking forward to the future where she can once again be free to smell fresh air, run and laugh. Fortunately, Anne kept her hopes alive, mustering enough energy and courage to record her memoirs in her diary, which, as a result, has become known worldwide, as a reminder of the atrocities of the Holocaust.
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am 10. Dezember 1998
The Diary of Anne Frank written during World War II is very poweful but also sad. Her hopes, dreams, love, worries and everyday life in Secret Annex, the hiding place her father built in the attic above his office, are put into the diary. Anne Frank lives in the Secret Annex for two years having almost nothing to do. She lives with her family, van Daan's family and Mr. Dussel. It is very hard to live with another family even for ten days, but she has to live with them more than two years. It is no wonder that these people start to argue with each other. Because they cannot go outside and work off their stress, they have to yell at each other in order to get rid of it. But sometimes Anne is really hurt by their cruel words. She uses her diary to write down her complaints about her mother, sister, and other family members. she is sad that none of her family members treat her as an adult. Anne is an emotional person. Sometimes she gets excited and emotional and writes something bad about her family. Later, she always regrets about writing such evil things and feels sorry about them. Anne also writes about her dream of becoming a journalist. Something she wants to do after war is to go to the school and study with her friends. All of the people in the Secret Annex are waiting for war to be over. They listen to a radio about the condition of war and hope that someday they will be set free. But before the war is over, they are found by policemen and sent to the concentration camp. All of thm except Anne's father die there. Anne's hiding comes to notheing. The only good thing is that her wish comes true. Anne wishes, "I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!" By the hand of Anne's father, Anne's diary is published, and today, more than 18 million people in the world have read it. I am sure that Anne is very satisfied for what her diary has done for all the people in the world.
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