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am 13. Januar 2015
Ellen Degeneres - man muss sie einfach lieben :)
In den USA mit ihrer Talk Show weltberühmt, in Deutschland nicht so bekannt. Ellen ist einfach ein wunderbarer Mensch, witzig, humorvoll und trotzdem ernst wenn notwendig. Sie verzichtet auf die typischen Witze unterhalb der Gürtellinie, die bei anderen Comedians 90% ihrer 'Lustigkeit' ausmachen - hat sie nicht nötig, und dafür lieben wir sie!
Ich kann auch die Show nur empfehlen, eine großartige Mischung aus unterhaltsamen Interviews mit Weltstars, lustigen Segmenten und Vorstellung inspirierender 'Normalmenschen' die einen noch an das Gute der Menschheit glauben lassen. Sehr inspirierend!
Das Buch lohnt sich :)
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am 24. August 2013
leider nicht so überzeugend - ich las zuerst "Seriously...I'm Kidding" und bin davon ausgegangen, das diesen (vorab erscheinende) Buch ebenso lustig ist - war es aber leider nicht.. so schleppte ich mich durch dieses Buch - sehr schade
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am 30. Januar 2018
Her newest book is better than this one but I enjoyed it none the less. Didn't take long to read either.
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am 4. August 1999
Having watched Ellen's standup for the past 15 years or so, this book is so true to her. Her goofy nature, her ramblings, her self-deprecating humor, her screwball imagination, it's all typical Ellen. I don't think readers should expect an autobiography, I think they should expect typical Ellen humor. I don't expect everyone to like this book, but I read this entire book on a long bus ride once and I was laughing so hard, the lady next to me thought I was crying. This book is for true Ellen fans, and anyone who wants a good laugh. For those looking for an in depth analysis of Ellen's life, look elsewhere. This is 100% pure Ellen. This book is mostly fictional. It doesn't pretend to be real. Those people who read this book and find it unfunny or confusing are obviously attuned to a different type of humor. This book should be read if you want a totally goofy good time. Yes, of course it rambles. So does Ellen, she always has. This book is Ellen's humor and her personality in a neat little package. I just wish she would write more!
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am 24. Mai 1999
Ellen Degeneres has been surrounded by controversy ever since she came out of the closet as a lesbian--and that's what I was waiting for in her book, My Point...and I Do Have One. Instead, what I found was a bunch of ramblings that had nothing to do with her life. In fact, the only chapter that actually dealt with her life--Chapter One--wasn't serious at all. It was an interview Degeneres had with a neighbor from her childhood year, asking her what she remembered about her. All the neighbor had to say was that she was fat and had no friends. I was expecting to learn about her experiences as a gay woman, her life, her hardships, her influences. This book offered none of that. Ultimately, I was disappointed in the lack of sincerity and intensity of the book. To me, it seemed frou-frou, disorganized, and not at all real. I felt I wasted my time by reading it. I could have watched her show and gotten the same information, at the same time seen some funny acting. Her book was written like her TV show, a rambling discussion about whatever she chooses. It was as if she picked out her subjects from a hat, and then wrote about them. Every time Ellen began a discussion based on the chapter heading, she veered off into something totally different. But at the every end of the chapter, in a weak attempt to regain the thread of her topic, she returns briefly to her main point. Her book was really not based on anything, and each chapter had nothing to do with the others. There's one chapter dedicated to her famous French toast recipe with squid, and another about what people should do to annoy co-workers. Some are lists, poems, journal entries, apology letters, fill-in-the-blanks, and just plain prose, but they are all individual and different. She actually skipped chapter 13 because she felt that if it was bad luck for a building elevator, it would be bad luck for her book. Her writing style was at first intriguing, because I have always found her comedic acts funny and true to life. She included interesting descriptions, like "I was born, bred, and lightly sauteed in and around New Orleans, a city steeped and marinated in history." But after realizing that her whole book was written in the voice of a person is speed talking and mixing up subjects, I began to get annoyed. Even her chapter titles had subtitles that were off the point, like I went to a psychic, or......baloney is just salami with an inferiority complex. Why couldn't she just stay on one point longer than a few sentences? I finally realized that her title really held true to her book. She said that she had a main point, but left it to discover another point, only to finally return to the original point at the very end. In my humble opinion, this book is 2 thumbs down! I would feel guilty recommending it to my worst enemy. This book started off with my high hopes of a good read, but left me with a harsh disappointment. I had expected to learn more about the author, and to get insight into her life, instead, I learned how to get bogeymen out of my closet. Ellen should stick to stand-up comedy instead of attempting to write a book and wasting the time of her publishers and the readers.
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am 16. Oktober 1999
Ellen's sit-com, which is shown on TV in Singapore, is quite a pleasure to watch. I bought the book on the blind faith that it would be just as funny as the sit-com. What a mistake! I found perhaps a short paragraph that could pass off as being slightly funny every 15 to 20 pages. The rest was a pure torture to read. The title "My Point - And I Do Have One" is very misleading. It will be obvious to the reader that Ellen DOES NOT have a point, and that the entire book itself is pointless. Ellen would start off by narrating an event in her life that the reader tries hard to follow (in order to catch the joke). A couple of pages later, Ellen would admit that whatever she had written earlier was either false, or a gross exaggeration. She will then repudiate what she wrote earlier and proceed to narrate a "true" version of that event. A few paragraphs or a page later, Ellen admits that even her second version was false, and proceed to tell a "true" third version of the story. At the end of the chapter, the reader learns that the event never happened at all, and that the different versions of the (imaginary) event were just ramblings. Is this supposed to be funny? I think the only point Ellen was trying to make is that if you are a famous TV personality, you can write absolute trash and people will still buy your book.
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am 20. Juni 2000
I picked this up not really familiar with Ellen's comedy, but I was truly a fan after reading it. It was so amusing by Ellen's querky personality and wonderful offbeat humor. She has a wonderful way of putting things that never failed to crack me up. Like most comedy books though, I must admit that I would probably find all of the material far more humorous and enjoyable if I saw a preformance; Ellen, like other comedians, is great in her field but no writer--her routine loses a bit of humor when transferred to paper. It is still an enjoyable book and laugh-at-able read. Recommended for the fans of Kate Clinton (and Kate Clinton recommended for those who become fans of this book.)
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am 16. September 1999
Sad to say, I have never been a fan of Ellen (mainly because I have not watched any of her shows before-how could I?!)However, after I bought her book out of curiosity at a book store a year back, I began to fall in love with her humour, her personality, and have been looking forward to watching her shows! Her humour is widely sprinkled throughout her book- I read it once on a bus alone and I had to really control my laughter! Take my words for it....read her book with an open heart and you will be in for a good laugh!
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am 11. April 1998
For anybody who likes the TV show 'Ellen' it is almost certain that they will love this book. It is written with humour and in a style that makes you feel you cannot put it down, although at points it is impossible to read due to laughing so much! The best chapter, and the one I feel really makes the book, is 'The Plane Truth' which draws incredibly witty and relevant observations to hilarious scenarios! It shows Ellen DeGeneres to have an amazing talent for what she does and I would recommend this book to ANYONE.
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am 8. Oktober 1997
All I can say is that this woman has to be one of the funniest people, if not THE funniest. I read this book while sitting in an empty classroom, by myself, during my lunch break and I was laughing out load. So loud, in fact, that the teacher from the class next door came over to see what was going on. When she saw I was by myself she gave me a look that clearly meant "You are a big big freak." I would give anything to see Ellen in person and I wish I knew where to write to her.
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