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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. April 2016
Natürlich kann man den Holocaust eigentlich nicht in Worte fassen, schon für Erwachsene ist es unglaublich schwierig, und für Kinder noch viel mehr, dennoch ist mir diese Version ein kleine Spur zu harmlos und ohne Hintergrundwissen würde man das nur knapp in einem Zusammenhang sehen. Dennoch ist es nett geschrieben und auch für deutlich jüngere Kinder geeignet. Vor allem das Nachwort ist hervorragend und lehrreich.
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am 5. März 1999
Lois Lowry's book, Number the Stars, is the second best book about the Holocaust that I have ever read. This book is about Annemarie Johansen's family trying to help Ellen Rosen's family get away from the German Nazis. On the way to her uncle's boat, Annemarie is stopped by two Nazis and is late to deliver a special package. The Rosens are brought safely to Sweden where they could live without having to worry about the Nazis.
I relate to Ellen Rosen in several ways. One way is that I am part Jewish and my family went through the Holocaust. Annnemarie's family helped them to escape to freedom and some family helped mine escape. Another way I relate to Ellen is that by the description of her personality and ways, we are kind of the same.
I felt this book helped me to see what was actually happening during the Holocaust. I have read this book many times other the last several years of my life, realizing more and more what actually happened. The way Lois describes the setting really helps you visualize the scenes. She describes her scenes with easy understandable words and life like similes. I recommend this book to teenagers but anyone could read it because it is easy to understand and easy to follow. If you like books on the history of the world, read this book because it is a very good reference to the Holocaust.
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am 25. Januar 1999
In Number the Stars author Lois Lowry deftly describes the life of ten-year-old Annmarie Johansen who lives with her family in Nazi-occupied Denmark. Life has changed drastically for Annmarie, her family, and her best friend, Ellen. There is a war on. Nazi soldiers stand on every street corner, there are food shortages, and most traumatic of all, the Jews are being relocated. Through Annmarie's eyes, we learn about the harsh realities of war and the human suffering that took place both on a personal and international level. We also see how Annmarie gained the courage to risk her life to help others.
Teachers and curriculum directors in the Boston Public Schools have been so impressed by the powerful themes in Number the Stars that they have selected it as one of six core novels for sixth graders as part of the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum. The other five novels are: Taking Sides, Maniac Magee, Bridge to Terabithia, So Far from the Bamboo Grove, and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. As with Number the Stars, each novel addresses the theme of courage--different types of courage, what it takes to act courageously, and how even small acts of courage can have enormous consequences in everyday life.
As an Educational Consultant for the Courage Curriculum, I highly recommend Number the Stars. By relating to Annmarie's bravery, adolescents may broaden their understanding of war and its lasting impact on people's lives.
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am 4. Dezember 1998
Number the Stars is a gripping story of courage and perserverence. The story takes place during the Nazi occupation of Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II and is the compelling story of young girl and her family who risk their lives to save a Jewish family. The main characters in this story are Ellen and Annemarie. Both characters are well developed as the story unfolds. Ellen is a shy, reserved, and cautious Jewish girl. Because of her loyalty to friends and family, her ability to take the initiative, and her bravery, Annemarie becomes the heroine of the story. The plot is easy to follow, and themes of conflict are integrated into the story. Annemarie must sort out many troubling circumstances that have influence on her life. Other conflicts arise from within Annemarie. At one point she remembers her proud declaration that she would be willing to die for her king. But it is possible that she may have to make that sacrifice for the Rosens, and she wonders if she really would be willing to DIE for someone. Not only does she ponder the idea of the possibility of her own death but the death of others. Annemarie must also resolve the conflict that arises within her when she suspects that her parents and her uncle are lying to her. Then, in order to save lives, she too must deceive others. The author's style lends itself to events that are easy to follow. The author leads the reader logically and carefully through each scene. Lowry writes using words which carry the suspense of the story. However, the heaviness of the tension doesn't continue until there is no pleasure in reading the story. Lowry often uses contrasting events to relieve the reader's tension in a pleasant way. I feel that Number the Stars is an engaging story which motivates the reader to continue to the end of the book. Although the characters and events are fictional, they are believable, and students will try to imagine how life may have been for the families in the story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
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am 30. November 1998
This book is about a young girl named Annemarie, her family and their role in helping Jewish families escape the Germans during World War II. The Nazi soldiers invaded and took control of Denmark and its Danes. Ellen is Annemarie's best friend and is Jewish. Ellen and her family, the Rosens, must leave Denmark to go to Sweden where will be safe from the Nazi soldiers. There they will be safe because Sweden chose not to enter the war. Annemarie is sent on an important mission to deliver an important package to her Uncle Henrick. This package will determine if Ellen and her family will live to ever see their friends and homeland again. When the war finally ends after a devastating five years, Annemarie finds out about the real truth of her sister, Lise's death. Anna Marie is a bright, bold and brave girl. She is ten years old in the beginning of the book and twelve years at the end. She is a tall, thin and long legged girl with blond hair. Annemarie's best friend, Ellen, is a Jewish girl about her same age. Ellen is a very proper young lady. She is timid and quite fearful because of the Nazis and what she has heard they do to Jewish people. Ellen is also a short and stubby girl who wears her curly black hair in pigtails. Kirsti, who is Annemarie's young sister, is spoiled, self-centered, stubborn and very sociable. She is a typical seven year old! Annemarie's mom and Ellen's mom are great at worrying. Mr. Rosen, Ellen's dad, gets aggravated easily by the smallest things and is a teacher at the elementary school where the girls attend. Annemarie's dad is cautious and always acts so serious. Peter, Lise's fiance, is a brave and courageous man with red hair who works with the Resistance. My favorite part of Number the Stars is when Ellen pretends to be Annemarie's sister and the soldiers break into Annemarie's apartment. Annemarie tore the necklace, a "Star of David", from Ellen's neck so that the German soldiers wouldn't think that she is Jewish. I loved this book because it was always exciting and I never lost interest. Annemarie and her mom were incredibly brave. I could imagine how frightened Annemarie was when she had to carry the "special package" for her mother. She had to stay calm while German soldiers and their dogs questioned her on what she was doing and where she was going. She somehow knew that getting this "package" to her uncle would save many lives. I think that if I had to do what Annemarie did I would still be scared out of my wits. This book makes you appreciate your freedom even if you do have to clean up your room once in a while.
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am 21. Oktober 1998
"Number the Stars" is and historical fiction book. It was written to inform young readers more about the Holocaust and World War II. Lois Lowery places the setting of the story in a remote village in Denmark. Annemarie, the main character, is faced with the fear and danger of the Nazis, German soliders. During these harsh and difficult times, 10 year old Annemarie is faced with difficult problems that she must overcome to help her best friend, Ellen reach safety from the Germans. Ellen is a Jew, and has been adopted by Annemarie's family and disguised by Annemarie's late sister Lisa. This is only temporally though, until Ellen's parents come back for her to take her to safety in Sweden. Sweden at this time has not yet ben conqured bye the Germans. While Ellen awaits for her parents return, Annemarie's mother takes young Annemarie, Ellen, and Annemarie's younger sister Kristen to go seek refuge in a small village near the coast of Denmark. Here, Annemarie has an uncle who will care for them all. Together, Annemarie, her mother, uncle, and Kristen all try to find help for Ellen and her parents, and all the other Jews seeking refuge from the numerous Nazis. The context in "Number the Stars" was very good. Lois Lowery tried very hard to create and distinguish the different events that happened in the story, as well as relating all of the key facts about World war II to the stoory. The climax throught the story kept getting more and more suspensful, as well as the dramas that was interwoven within the novel. Another element that made me want to read the book, was the fact that Lois Lowery won the Newbery Award for this excellent composition in the early 1990's. I decided to read "Number the stars" for this reason. I thought this story was very good, because it contained many intresting facts about the Holocaust. It caught my attention, teaching me all about the war and what had happened at that time. I was able to understand what had really happened then, and it made me want to learn more about that era of our history. I recommend this story to all readers who like to learn about the past, or like to read historical fiction books.
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am 5. November 1998
We are room 5T from Holland Elementary School in Holland, Massachusetts, USA. We read a thrilling book about World War II. The book was called Number the Stars. We read it as our third literature study book of the year. Number the Stars is about a Danish girl named Annemarie and her Jewish friend Ellen. This book is about World War II and the Nazi invasion of Denmark. The Danish people tried to keep the Jews safe. They risked their lives by smuggling the Jews out on boats. The book is about people bring separated from friends, family, and home, but still being brave. Most of the people in our class liked the book. We liked how it told a story about how friends remain friends, even when they're separated. The book was well written and descriptive. It was detailed and self-explanatory. We enjoyed studying the history of World War II. There are several things that we think could be improved. The book could have had a little more adventure. It could have had more action and variety. It was not realistic because there was actually a lot more violence in the real world. Many of us were not satisfied with the sudden ending. We suggest that the author write a sequel called The Rosens Come Home.
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am 30. März 2000
This story is set in Denmark in 1943, during World War II. During that time Denmark was under Nazi occupation. The story tells about the life of two very close friends, Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen, and their families. Living in Denmark during that time was very difficult. Nazi soldiers were on every street corner. There were food shortages and they were required to darken their windows every evening. One day, the Jewish families received word that the Germans were going to relocate all the Jews in Denmark. Since the Rosens were Jewish, Mr. and Mrs. Rosen were takin into hinding. Ellen went to live with the Johansens and pretended to be a part of the Johansen family. A few days later, Mrs. Johansen took her two daughters and Ellen to visit Uncle Henrik. The rest of the story is about the tremendous courage of Annemarie, Mrs. Johansen, Uncle Henrik, and Peter Neilsen and the trouble they endured to help their friends. I really enjoyed this book. It was very moving, suspenseful, and sad. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. I highly recommend reading this book.
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am 30. April 1999
Are you ready to experience what happened during World War II? Are you willing to risk your life to save a friend? Are you willing to stand up for your country and what you believe in? If you answer yes to any of these questions, Lois Lowry's book Number the Stars may be the book for you. What would you do if someone yelled HALTE? Would you panic? Would you be worried or would you stand up for yourself and your friends? Annemarie Johansen, one of the main characters in the book did that and more. Annemarie Johansen did more than the average schoolgirl did during that time. She had to be courageous, reliable, fast and was a quick thinker. She had be those things plus more in order to stay alive and keep family members and friends alive as well. The book is full of twists and curves that will keep a reader guessing and thinking about what will happen next. If you want to find answers to the questions and more, you need to read the book. Lois Lowry's book Number the Stars was one of the best books we have read in the fourth grade.
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am 19. Juli 2000
This story is about when the German Nazis confiscated Dennmark and were relocating all the Jews. Annemarie, a ten-year-old girl, and her family are close friends with their next door apartment neighbors, the Rosens. Annemarie and her family, the Johansens soon find out that the Rosens would be taken away by the Nazis because they are Jewish. So the Rosens give them their daughter Ellen, Annemarie's friend, to protect her from the Nazis while they try to escape town. So, it is up to Annemarie and her family to protect Ellen as they travel great distances, trying to avoid the Nazis. I like this book because it's so suspenseful. Every time the Nazi soldiers encountered or invaded the Johansen's home it made you think and wonder if the Nazis were going to take them away or if they were going to shoot them. I recommend this book to other people to read because it teaches them what the Holocaust was and what horrible things the Nazis did to the Jews.
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