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Drawing the Living Figure: A Complete Guide to Surface Anatomy (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 1. April 2017
This book has very clear pictures, but if you want to learn draw live human bodies You need to have real and live human beings in good and stable lightning in front of you. Ligth and shadow on real objeft are needed to get the idea of volumes and shapes on skin surface. So, do not think that you can learn to draw with this book, only with sketches someone else has made. Nice illustrations anyway in this small book.
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am 31. März 2014
Sehr viele und detaillierte Aktzeichnungen! Der Muskel- und Knochenaufbau wird jeweils mittels zwei weiterer Zeichnungen erläutert! Der einzige Nachteil meiner Meinung nach: Es hilft nicht so sehr bei der Konstruktion einer Zeichnung, wie andere Werke (Jack Hamm's "Drawing the head & Figure"). In Kombination aber sehr zu empfehlen.
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am 9. Oktober 2009
 "Joseph Sheppard has been favorably compared to practically every Renaissance master... he is without peer among modern realists for his ability to impart warm verisimilitude to the figure" -- Artspeak Magazine

That's the quote on the back cover. I've my doubts on that comparison but after looking at the figure drawings, yes, it seems the praise is well deserved.

Drawing the Living Figure uses life drawings from models to teach human anatomy. Joseph Sheppard has included 70 drawings of models in different poses, from standing to reclining. Most are accompanied by two diagrams, one for bones and other for muscles, showing how they affect surface form. These drawings are carefully annotated and selective parts are highlighted.

I prefer this book a bit more than Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters, which has a similar teaching style. The difference is here it doesn't include rough sketches, each piece is a refined completed figure drawing. The drawings are detailed, clear and beautiful.

No prior knowledge of anatomy is required to enjoy this book. It's great for beginner to advanced artists as an alternative reference.

(There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)
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