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am 10. Oktober 2011
When reading this book I was shocked about the superficial and almost primitive analysis, on which a vast amount of last centuries city planning was based. The first part almost only consists of incoherent and unscientific postulations of the legitimacy of the right angle as doctrine for planning, while the second part focuses on a practical approach of how to reduce a city to a place for sleeping, working and driving while thwarting any form of culture by burying it under a ridiculous desert of parks. "We must plant trees" is Le Corbusiers answer on every human question, while his answer on every structural question is the right angle.
The social hirachy that is implicated in his ideas is frightening. I gave this book 2 Stars because it gives an understanding of the planning faliures of the last century. Still, the rare content, the primitive scientific methods (which I would not even call "scientific" or "methods")used, the almost pathetic way to advocate his personal, static ideas and the total denial of the city as a growing organism makes this book one of the most overrated books I've read and I would recommend to spend your 11 Euros elsewhere.
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am 5. September 1999
As an architecture student interested in the "art" of city planning, I found this book fascinating! Gives Le Corbusier's "radical" views and ideas plenty of substantive support. It is not only a book of design theory, but a book of urban history. Even if you're not too fond of Corbusier's work, this is a must-read for anyone interested in architecture!
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