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am 5. April 1999
This book is a revisionist history which attempts to give the credit for the development of the web to businessmen, and almost completely ignores the people who actually designed the architecture of the web. Even Tim Berners-Lee gets only a token mention; and Ted Nelson, who invented hypertext, multimedia and "linking", is completely ignored.
The first chapter tries to credit Netscape with the invention of the web, and pretends that they lead the development of HTML. The truth, of course, is that Netscape has never managed to fully implement any of the HTML standards, let alone improve on them. Most of the HTML "improvements" thought of as Netscape's were defined in HTML 3.0 long before Netscape implemented them via gratuitously incompatible tags.
As the book goes on it gets even worse. CNET and HotWired as architects of the web? Yeah, right, and I suppose the Psychic Friends Network invented the telephone? I'll be generous, and assume that this book happened because some poor soul started believing the nonsense Internet companies put out in their press releases. The alternative is that it's a deliberate attempt to re-write history. Unfortunately, judging from the 'professional' reviews there must be plenty of suckers who actually do think CNET and WIRED magazine invented the web. I wish it was possible to give this book a score of zero; you could learn more about the real history of the web by spending half an hour browsing the W3C web site.
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am 12. Mai 1997
This is realy a PR puff for Marc Andressen and Netscape masquerading as a history. Despite its title the book is startling for its ommissions. Tim Berners-Lee's invention of the Web is given minimal mention, he is mainly mentioned in sniping attacks by Marc and Co.

The list of people the book ignores is very long, Dan Connoly and Dave Raggett who were the driving force behing HTML, Robert Cailiau whose support allowed the Web to continue. Yuri Rabbinski, Henryk Nielsen, Ari Luotenon, Roy Fielding and so on.

Not only does the book ignore these people the ommission is delinerate. Tim was never approached for interview nor were most of the real architects of the Web. Unfortunately the book is just one more of a long line of rather sad demonstrations of the effect sucess can have
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