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am 12. Juni 2000
I bought this book because there was nothing more recent and I figured it was a Wrox book so it should be complete.
However, the Index is very small and incomplete.
Very poor work. I could not find the Trim Function in the index and there are probally a lot more topics I won't be able to find over time in the index.
For a reference book, the index should be very complete and this one isn't.
The other readers are correct, you can't find Functions in the index.
You should be able to find simple and difficult topics for a reference book in the index and this one doesn't fit the bill.
Seems like this book was poorly edited and produced so it could make a deadline.
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am 23. Juni 2000
I challange you to find a more comprehensive book on VBScript! This did the trick and solved several problems/issues that I had been having (all of them very complex) when dealing with VBScript in HTML (and ASP for that matter). The only problem I had was with the index, which could have been more complete.
This book is presented as a tutorial (even written to some degree as a tutorial), but it's usefulness is as a reference (and a pretty advanced one I might add). Well worth the purchase price.
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am 16. März 2000
This book isn't a reference in the way you would think, but it is good at showing you real world examples of how you'll end up using VBScript. If they really only wanted a reference book they would have just published the pages from Appendix A, which is the part of the book I end up referring to most, but not having an index makes it difficult. Overall, a good reference - not on the language itself, but on its implementation and uses.
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am 29. November 1999
I am not normally a fan of multi-author text books. Unless they are very carefully edited, you wind up getting beat up with words, hearing 3 or 4 different renditions of the same material.
But I found "VBScript Programmer's Reference to be a useful book. I appreciated the section on Remote Scripting, which I put to good use in an intranet (MSIE5) web development project.
Anyone getting started in web development will find a maze of rapidly emerging software technologies to sort through. I encountered two problems that I simply did not know how to address. So I e-mailed a few of the authors of the text, hoping to get a reply.
To my surprise and delight, each one responded to my request and got me moving forward! I know that WROX cannot promise this kind of followup from all authors for all of its texts, but the folks who wrote VBScript are good guys who want to help. For the book and the remarkable followup they deserve at least 5-stars.
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am 6. April 2000
Bought this book 'cause I wanted a VBScript language reference and it sounded good. Like the presentation of the language - except the HUGE omission of not covering functions or subs. This appears to be an editing mistake, as one of the chapters mentions it is covered in Chapter 3 even though it isn't.
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am 1. März 2000
Other glowing recommendations are all accurate. HOWEVER, the book is not really a VBScript reference, it is more of a "How to Implement VBScript" manual. The entire VBScript functions reference is contained in an appendix, and (here is the REALLY annoying part) that appendix is not indexed! So, if you want to find the proper syntax for the 'Mid' statement (the sort of thing for which one might expect to turn to their VBScript Reference), do not bother going to the index and trying to look up 'Mid'. It's not there. Nor are the other VBScript functions. Instead you need to find the appendix, and skim through it to find what you need. Not a fatal flaw, but extremely annoying.
If the rest of it were not so good I would have given this one star.
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am 24. Juni 2000
Haven't finished this book yet but after reading a few chapters and skimming through the rest this was the perfect book for me. My level of programming is quite small - minor programming in highschool and graduate school with old languages (e.g., fortran77). The book picks up with things I knew but kind of wanted to reread again (dimensioning, basic functions, etc.). I can see someone familiar with this type of language not liking this book so much. But the book does seem to go into very great detail about more advanced topics later on.
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am 17. Januar 2000
This is far more than the standard reference book I'm used to. This is a tome of immeasurable quality. I was expecting a dry and cold text that I would refer to occassionaly; instead I got an excellent tutorial. The first 4 chapters define all the basics, and then there follow chapters on WSH, HTA's, COM, ADO, and many other topics that I wouldn't expect a reference book to cover.
The book also has 12 appendix chapters which go far beyond my expectations. All-in-all a very thorough, well written and reasonably priced book.
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am 13. April 2000
As informative as the authors try to be, trying to find any desired topic, in this book, is virtually impossible. The index is imcomplete. The examples are okay, but the book could be organized better. Too bad I couldn't recommend a better book. To be efficient, take the time to browse through the book and use small bookmarks to highlight the important sections. Personally, I've learned more and have been more productive with a good book on ASP.
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am 22. Juni 2000
When I saw the topic of "VBScript Programmer'sreference". I thought this just what I want.(so stupid Iam). Because I'm an experienced VB programmer, a reference seems good enough for me. But in this book, it's not only very difficult to find function, actually, they didn't put a lot of useful functions in this book. If you see the back of this book, they will tell you what this book covered. covered? or mentioned? 800 pages book, mentioned everything but useless.
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