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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Blue Moon Rising (Darkwood, Band 1)
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 29. August 2017
It has some inventive touches, but in the end, the gory descriptions of battles with monsters just got to be too much. Also, the tone is not quite right. What is it? Comedy? Dark fantasy? The two don't mix well. Not recommended.
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am 7. März 2000
I picked up this book years ago when it first came out and it instantly became my favorite. Simon Green did a beautiful job fleshing out the characters and story. Reading it makes you feel like you are part of the story.
Everyone I have ever lent this book to has loved it as much as I do(all of us think it should be made into a TV show or miniseries...a 2hr movie just wouldn't do it justice). I still keep 3 copies of it on my bookshelf: one for me to read, one to lend out, and one to replace either of the previous when they wear out(and believe me, they do! I have purchased over 14 copies of this book over the years to replace the ones that have literally fallen apart from use). You might think about buying at least 2 copies for yourself!
The story is wonderful! It follows the adventures of a second-son prince named Rupert as he tries to save his kingdom from poverty, his older brother, and the Dark Wood's evil master. His friends that he gathers through this tale range from a "moody" tomboy princess to a prissy dragon to a cowardly unicorn.
Trust me, you will not get bored reading this book. Its full of humor, action, adventure, drama, and magic. The characters, the story, and especially the settings will capture your imagination like no other book.
other books in the Dark Wood series: Blood and Honor; Down Among the Dead Men.
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am 13. Januar 2000
Rupert ist ein Prinz, leider nur der zweite. Als sein Bruder Harald ohne Zwischenfall das regierungsfaehige Alter erreicht, scheint ein Ersatzprinz ueberfluessig zu werden, und Ruperts Vater, der Koenig des Waldkoenigreiches, schickt ihn auf eine toedliche Queste. So macht sich Rupert auf seinem treuen, sprechenden Einhorn auf, um einen Drachen zu toeten. Der findet sich zwar komplett mit Jungfrau, aber da hoeren die Klischees auf, denn der alt gewordene Drache hat andere Interessen als Laender verheeren und Jungfrauen verspeisen, und auch die Jungfrau, eine Prinzessin des Nachbarkoenigreiches, entspricht nicht ganz den gaengigen Vorstellungen, wie man sie aus Maerchen kennt. Der Ausflug in die komische Fantasy wird durch die Durchquerung des Darkwoods an den zweiten Teil von /Blue Moon Rising/ gebunden. Der Darkwood ist ein verwunschenes Waldstueck, aus dem nach dem Aufsteigen des Blue Moon Daemonen hervorbrechen, um die Welt zu erobern. Aber zum Schluss triumphiert Rupert.
Simon Greens /Blue Moon Rising/ lebt von zahlreichen farbigen Charakteren. Leider will der ernstere, finstere zweite Teil von /Blue Moon Rising/ nur schlecht mit dem spritzigen ersten Teil zusammenhaengen. Das wird aber einigermassen von Greens pfiffigen Ideen aufgewogen, wie der Koenigsburg, die nach einem missglueckten magishen Experiment nicht mehr ganz zu dieser Welt gehoert.Die Sprache ist fluessig lesbar, und es gibt keinen Grund, warum ich Simon Greens /Blue Moon Rising/ nicht Leuten empfehlen kann, die etwas kulant mit kleineren logischen Fehlern sind. (Dies ist eine Amazon.de an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 10. Dezember 1997
Blue Moon Rising is easily Simon Green's best work to date. His writing style flows and weaves depth of character to all the main protagonists. The story itself is rather unusual and has enough twists and turns to keep the story from becoming commonplace. I asked my girlfriend, who had NEVER read a fantasy book because she was simply not into the genre. She devoured the book, gave up sleep while reading it, and enjoyed it a great deal. The camaderie between Rupert, his horn, the guardsmen, the bonding with the Champion, the romance between Julia and Rupert, the antagonism between Rupert and his father and brother, the mysterious motives that drive Prince Harald, these all contribute and make the story. His characters come to life and are easy to believe, which I find a very important criteria in what I would consider a great book. Some people may find the book light, and they would be right in some aspects. There is a humor mixed in with the gritty action that is misleading to the central theme of the book. While being light in a humorous aspect, I found myself laughing out loud while reading parts of the book, but in other sections I was cheering on characters and empathizing others. All in all this book is in my top ten list of favorite books, and I found it much more enjoyable a read than other overly-hyped series, such as The Wheel of Time series or Dragonlance (which I found rather drab or trying to become too political). BUY THIS BOOK, or be damned forever. - E. Sung
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am 16. April 1998
It isn't very often that you get a fantasy writer who is able to write an engaging story but has the style to say something interesting about his genre at the same time. I have to say this is one of my favourite fantasy books of all time. The irony and sarcasm is mixed very effectively with the usual, expected plot elements in a fantasy story. It shows unusual depth and ingenuity in its characterisations, creating a world where there are no real heroes, and the people who look like they could actually rescue the world turn out to be ... somewhat less than expected. (Interesting twist to Tolkien's "Dark Tower" theme.) I would love to get a hold of this book ... I think I've read it about 5 times. What I like most, I think, is the way Green writes seriously for a while and then throws in something that completely knocks you out. (Rupert's meeting with the dragon is something else.) Just read it.
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am 2. Juli 2000
In BLUE MOON RISING, Simon Green masterfully challenges the stereotypes we see in so many fantasy novels, deftly weaving a story that is engaging and action packed without leaving the reader wondering why they bothered. Very little in this book happens as it should in what might be called a traditional fantasy novel. Still, Green weaves his tale so well that the reader is certain the story could not happen any other way. Unfair things happen to the hero, good things happen to the bad guy, and creatures usually found as good or bad in other fantasy worlds are really neither in Green's world.
While BLUE MOON RISING simply cannot be classed with high fantasy novels such as those written by Tolkein, Jordan, Eddings, or perhaps Goodkind, I believe that if you appreciate these authors or solid fantasy authors like Elizabeth Moon (who wrote the Paksenarrion trilogy), you will enjoy this book.
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am 26. September 2013
As the previous reviews already stated, this book is somewhat different from other "high fantasy". You will find mostly anything you might want: Princes, princesses, a dragon, a unicorn, a witch, demons, magic swords... (Sorry, there are no ogres, elves or dwarves.) But that's about all the similarities you may find.

The plot starts with and centers around Prince Rupert - a second son - who should "proof" himself on a "slay-a-dragon-and-retrieve-the-treasure" mission. He is rather intended to die on this mission, or at least go into exile (and he knows this). So it is clear from the beginning that fate presented Rupert the s... end of the stick. Rupert is, however, intended to never do what is expected of him, but rather what he thinks is right or necessary. So he does not kill the dragon, but brings him back to the castle, all along with the "rescued" Princess Julia. But - you might already guess - this causes more problems for Rupert than it solves... (I won't spoil any more.)

The first part of the book is fast-paced and very funny. The middle part about a complot in the castle taking place during Rupert's second journey, feels slightly out of place and was probably intended to warm the reader's feelings towards Prince Harald (first son and definitively favoured by fate). The story line about Julia makes up for this. The end with the epic battle is as fast-paced as the beginning again.

There is about one thing that is really comparable to "usual" high fantasy: In the end the Prince (yes, the right one of the two) gets the girl...

I purchased this book initially, because the cover of the German edition was featuring artwork by Josh Kirby (I am a fan of Terry Pratchett). I never regretted the purchase. The book became one of my favorites immediately and I reread it several times. If you like fantasy, especially spiced with humor, then you better read this book soon. If not, give it a try anyway. You would be missing a lot of fun.
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am 11. März 2010
Once upon a time, there was a prince who went out to kill a dragon and rescue a princess... only, nothing turns out quite like it's supposed to.

The prince isn't you typical prince. First of all, he's a Second Son who, given a perfectly healthy older brother, is more of an inconvenience to the kingdom than anything else - which is why he gets to go kill a dragon. He rides out on his trusty steed - ahem, make that somewhat cowardly unicorn - knowing full well that everybody would be happy if he died a glorious death-by-dragon. Or death-by -darkwood. Or death-by-demon. Any death, really.

Then there's the dragon, who hasn't eaten an innocent virgin in decades - centuries, even - and has a huge hoard of...well, let's just say it ain't gold. He's not much in a mood to fight the prince, either - he'd much rather be rescued from the princess he seems to have acquired.

Of course, one cannot forget the ever-encroaching Darkwood, where no light but plenty of demons can be found.

And the horde of goblin farmers turned footpads.

And a journey to the end of the rainbow, no less.

Oh, and an entire wing of the Castle that vanished thirty-two years ago and hasnt been seen since.

BLUE MOON RISING is definately one of my all-time favourites, right up there with Blood and Honour. I love Simon R Green's sense of humor. Nobody else could take so many of the classic elements of traditional heroic fantasy (or should I say fairytale?) and twist it into an endlessly funny (and sometimes nightmareishly frightening) tale full of swordfights, intrigues and romance that pulls the reader (me, anyway) in and doesn't let go.

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am 30. April 1998
This is quite possibly the best book I have ever read, as good the 5th time you read it as the first; it is one of those rare books that never loses its magic. It starts out as your basic fairy tale; dashing princes, damsels in distress, dragons, and a heinous evil about to intrude on a peaceful kingdom. Except when you get about a paragraph into it, you discover that all is not as it seems: the prince is on a quest no one expects or wants him to live through, the princess has too much personality (boy, does she ever) to be considered either a damsel or in distress, the dragon is hilarious, and the kingdom is not quite so peaceful as anyone would like it to be. It's a book about people (and creatures) who don't really belong in the world they were born into (come to think of it, all of Simon Green's books are like that...hmmm); a totally unconventional fairy tale with dashes of reality thrown in, this book is something that you absolutely must read at least once in your lifetime.
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am 29. Februar 2004
Dieser Fantasyroman scheint zuerst nicht ganz ernst gemeint zu sein. Am Anfang reitet ein jungfräulicher Prinz auf einem Einhorn los um eine Prinzessin von einem Drachen zu befreien, aber letztendlich rettet er dann den Drachen vor der Prinzessin.
Man sollte sich aber von dieser Scherzhaftigkeit nicht verleiten lassen, denn in diesem Roman geht es knallhart zur Sache. Der Humor in diesem Buch ist Galgenhumor, oft bleibt einem das Lachen im Halse stecken. Der Prinz hat eine pragmatische, leicht zynische Weltsicht, welche ihm hilft die Dinge so zu sehen wie sie wirklich sind. Diese tiefergehende Einsicht hat er aber auch dringend nötig, denn es lauern Gefahren und Gegner auf seinem weiteren Weg, die absolut keinen Spaß verstehen.
Dieses Buch ist ein Vorläufer zur Hawk & Fisher Serie. Es wird aber eine komplett abgeschlossene Geschichte erzählt, man kann sich also ohne Nebenwirkungen mit dieser Fantasyreihe von Simon R. Green bekannt machen.
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