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4,9 von 5 Sternen
4,9 von 5 Sternen
Leading with the Heart: Coach K's Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 3. Dezember 2015
Ich liebe diesen Menschen einfach. Er ist ein wunderbarer Mensch und Trainer. Wie er sein Team führt ist einfach überragend. Dieses Buch muss jeder Spieler, jeder Trainer, jeder Geschäftsmann, jede Führungskraft, einfach jeder Mensch lesen.
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am 17. April 2000
Good book. Good lessons. Resonated well with me because (A) I was at Duke in K's early years and (B) I'm now a CEO working to be a better leader.
Where it excels: While many books say, "do this" K explains why you "do this," which makes the lesson much more valuable. Focuses specifically on interpersonal skills, rather than vague over-arching principles of some Forunte 100 CEO. Gives lots of examples and the fact that I witnessed many of them myself (albeit on TV) helped me understand. Summarizes the points at the end of each chapter (though this could be improved).
Where it's weak: K himself says he wants honesty, so here it is: He needs more confidence as an author and to set his sights higher. It's a "good" leadership/basketball reminiscing book that could be a truly _great_ leadership-only book if it were better edited to spend less time on irrelevant details of some game in 1988 and more time on being concise. Those details are entertaining, but we're business leaders, we need people to get to the point. The publisher probably said it needed fluff to sell. However, I'll bet a second edition with less fluff and promoted more as a true management book would sell more. In K terminology, the "heart" of this book is in its leadership lessons. We've already seen the games.
One other troubling aspect: contradictions. K will talk about honesty with players and media, then later cite a ploy with Brian Davis and "blowing smoke at the media" before the second UNLV game. Those should be clarified.
Either way, I recommend it. Coach, you helped me learn.
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am 26. Juni 2000
My stepdaughter decided she wanted to go to Duke at the age of six, when she fell in love with Bobby Hurley's vibrant playing style. As a result, we've watched the growth of Duke's men and women's basketball programs over the years. Recently, we took my stepdaughter, now sixteen, to see the campus and what do you know; there in Cameron Indoor Stadium was Coach K with about 250 young men for basketball camp. We bought the book on the way out and I read the entire book in one day.
This book appeals on several levels. For a teenager, it can be a road map to help reach a dream. Coach K describes what he looks for in prospective players and his combination of talent, respect for authority and coachability clearly distinguish any promising athelete. However, they are equally hallmarks of the best entry level professsionals in business.
Coach K's use of the phases in a season work very well as a framework to build his ideas on. The analogies to business situations, which he makes from time to time, are inescapable for anyone who leans to team based leadership styles.
In our work, this book will become the basis for a team building exercise to help launch a new team and a new business.
I strongly recommend reading the book and sharing it with your team and your kids. It will be a great discussion source for both groups you need to communicate with.
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am 23. Mai 2000
I am a great fan of Mike Krzyzweski and I just was taken away by this book. Coach K brought out the sincerity, loyalty, honesty, commitment and drive that has gotten him and his team as far as they have come. I felt like I was sitting beside Coach K throughout the whole time I was reading his advice, strategies, quotes, and thoughts. As a trainer, I use his book on a regular basis, quoting him, taking his ideas on team building and developing minds of young people. I recommend this book to everyone who has a team, whether sports or business related. Some people may think that they have the perfect team already, but I assure you, "Leading with the Heart", will make you even better: in mind, spirit, and commitment.
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am 11. April 2000
"Leadership is the privilege of making differences for and through others." At least, this is my definition. I have read every significant book on leadership that has been published for the past ten years. I am a passionate student of the very subject that is my life's work: helping others in the business arena realize their potentials for greatness.
At the outset of a leadership class not long ago, one of the questions I asked was, "What leaders past or present would you list as being truly great?" This was after we addressed "why leadership now" and "how we learn it." One individual listed two: Abraham Lincoln and Mike Krzyzewski. I'll never forget that.
I had read Donald Phillips work, Lincoln on Leadership and LOVED it. When I saw that he and Coach K had collaborated, I KNEW I was in for a treat.
I am as big a fan of college hoops,ACC particularly, and Blue Devils specifically (my hometown) as I am of leadership.
There are HUGE lessons in the text for leaders at all levels. I've already captured one and e-mailed it to several leaders in business and industry.
Coach K is to great team leadership at college level what Phil Jackson is at the NBA level. It's all about selflessness and compassion.
I wish the book had been twice as long. I'm going to get the audio for reinforcement. He has many "quotables" throughout that people will want to remember.
It's a powerful and emotional journey that's fun to take!
This is the stuff from which great movies are made!
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am 29. April 2000
I graduated from Duke in 68 and am an avowed fan of Coach K.However, I've hit a rut in my reading recently, can't find anything that seems stimulatiing or interesting.I was afraid this book would just be another of those "smaltzy" rah rah type of books that coaches(and usually someone else write), but I was happily surprised. It is really worth everyones attention, whether to motivate a business person or anyone on how to live ones life. The usual blah blahing about excellence is pretty much left out, thank goodness, and the book is full of very helpful aphorisms about what priorities to put first and how to lead a wholesome and successful life,even if you don't have a jump shot.Coach K comes across as really honest and sincere.I can't stand phonies and really was pleasantly surprised by the book. Lots of real life anecdotes about games, players, situations and how to take defeat.Truly inspirational from a superb leader. For sports fans, look what he did with the team of mostly freshman this year, way beyond anyones expectations.He uses his heart a lot, but also his head.You can also read and skip around in the book, its not like a novel.Again, his repeated emphasis on how to deal with defeat and failure shows true wisdom, far beyond that of most college coaches. I remember the tonge in cheek defintion of a college basketball coach by a player once."you have to be a little bit crazy to base your career on someone else's jump shot." Coach K is crazy like a fox.
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am 29. März 2000
I chose this book to read for a business class at my college. The book focuses around Coach K and his experiences with basketball. He alludes to his theories applications towards business some, but it is up to the reader to apply them to his/her own business situations. His theories though on leadership and family are empowering, touching, and entertaining. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It's not just a book for the basketball lover, Duke fan, or business reader. It's a book that shows how one man has steadfastly stood by his beliefs throughout his life. Great book, Coach K!
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am 1. April 2000
What a great book. I wished it was longer though! When you read this book you can tell what Coach K is almost thinking or what he is going to say to the players before, during, and after the games. I like the way Coach K writes this book so it can be applied to the business world. All managers and associates need to read this book. Its a great team building book! It helped me alot in my work place. I would love to meet Coach K and just talk with him even more about things in his book. When you finish this book, it leaves you wanting more!
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am 25. Juni 2000
This is not the kind of book I usually read, but now, after having read it, I want a personal copy of my own to reread and reflect on. Mike Krzyzewski has always had the reputation of being a class act. This comes through repeatedly in each chapter as he shares his philosophy about life. As a teacher, I can pull his lessons from the basketball court and put them to work in my classroom. I loved this book, and you will, too.
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am 15. März 2000
I thoroughly enjoyed this book on leadership because of its analogies using the sport of basketball. The examples used are vivid, and they represent a stronger truth that we can find leadership and leaders in all walks of life. Hats off to this book.
Also recommend a book on leadership that goes into the detail we need to learn it and learn it correctly: "The Leader's Guide: 15 Essential Skills."
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