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am 1. März 2000
I was going through the Hugo list, and unfortunately this was one of the very few remaining titles I did not read yet. I have no idea how this book won Hugo award, they must've had a shortage on science fiction novels in 1980 or they might have just given it for great efforts in trying to rip-off Herbert's Dune and Ursula Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness.(not to mention the "Snow queen" title) Usually, the sci-fi books lack good writing, but they have, especially Hugo award winners, good plot along with decent or better scientific input. This book does not have either. The characters are all one dimensional, and it actually feels like they are all the same person. This is arguably the worst "science fiction" novel I have read in years ( for certain, the worst Hugo award winning book I've read), and I've read tons of them. This book is not for any science-fiction reader, who's read more than 3 books in the genre. If you read a lot of romance novels or watch soap-operas on basic TV during the afternoon hours, this book is for you. Otherwise, do not bother.I actualy wish I could give it zero stars. If you plan on reading all Hugo winning books, save this one for the last.
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