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am 4. Juli 1997
This is that rare animal a book that is both fascinating and useful. The vital life saving uses of intuition are explained brilliantly and this knowledge can apply to every corner of your life. This is a self help book that really helps, so help yourself to it. Good and useful advice is a rare commodity on the planet. I strongly recommend you read it.
Eric Idle
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am 9. Juni 2000
Gavin De Becker is to criminal psychology what Isaac Newton is to classical physics.
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am 3. Dezember 1997
When I read this type of book I have a habit of underscoring information I want to read again. When I finished the Gift of Fear, almost every page had something underscored. There is so much useful and important information I am sharing the book with my family and purchasing the taped copy for my busy daughter. The Gift of Fear is #1 in my house.
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am 14. Juni 2014
Ein absolutes "Muss" für jeden der Selbstverteidigungstraining im Reality-Bereich betreibt und für den Situational Awareness ein unverzichtbares Thema darstellt. Gavin de Becker untermalt seine Ergebnisse mit anschaulichen Beispielen in sehr gut verständlichem Englisch.
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am 26. August 1998
I would especially recommend this book to health care professionals, police officers, psychologists, social workers, teachers, but also to anyone concerned with safety issues on a personal and professional level. De Becker is the voice of authority in his field. Brilliant!
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am 18. Juni 1998
This book is wonderful. I just read a few pages on the explanation of the cause of fear and its given me the answer to a lingering fear I've carried for many (and I mean many!) years. I feel I can move on now and be my old self again. Thank you Mr. Gavin De Becker, Sir!
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am 1. Mai 1999
After reading The Gift of Fear, I made it a personal mission to recommend this book to everyone I cared about. Whether you purchase, or merely recommend this reading to someone, after they are finished, they will see it as a true act of love on your part.
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am 18. September 2012
Ich habe professionell sowohl mit Kriminalität als auch mit Ängsten zu tun.
Meine kurze Meinung zum Buch: sehr viel Eigenwerbung des Autors für seine Firma.
Sparen Sie das Geld und kaufen Sie ein anderes, nämlich ein ernstzunehmendes Buch
zu diesem Thema. Verbrechensprävention HAT FRÜHER so funktioniert. Heute sind andere
Zeiten. KEINE Waffe zu haben ist nur eine Option für Leute, die politisch korrekt sterben wollen.
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am 27. Dezember 1997
This is one of those rare books that I tell everyone about -- "you must read this!" Fascinating. Insightful. Provocative. And it just may save your life. Buy one for yourself and for a friend.
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am 4. Juli 2000
We, as a culture, have never been more violent. That fact alone in bad enough. What makes it horrendous is that the majority of us, while posessing the natural gift of intuition that serves to protect us from harm, have disengaged it. We have shut off our danger-meter. De Becker's "The gift of fear" is a practical means of helping to re-educate the public about the many hidden dangers in the world, while dispelling myths about the true nature of the survival mechanism fear. I came away from reading this feeling at least five times safer and more confident than I did before reading it. Give it a whirl. We can all use a little more safety in this world.
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