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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. September 1998
Dennis Rodman has produced a book that reminds us we live in a society of uninformed consumers. Since the book has come out, there has been a cliche division between two camps; those who like his image and those who are offended by it. The reality is, Rodman walks a very fine line between popular entertainer and basketball innovator. As entertainment, his image greatly increased ticket sales; a fact "management" does not properly acknowledge because they (like the fans) are afraid to show approval of such a deviant character. As an innovator, Rodman deserves the respect of true lovers of the game. He is unique because his approach (as he details in the book) has never been utilized with such conscious effort. Rodman seeks to turn the game on its head, using rebounding as a way to win the game. His vision is a game with less points in which defense is ultimately the deciding factor. While his critics regurgitate statistics hoping to lessen any attention given him, Rodman's status as an important contributor to the game will survive. He possesses the conviction that inspires all innovators to persist in the face of public ignorance. Finally, it is ironic that the very same "fans" who seek the excitement of instant gratification, will not admit to the magnetism of his image, nor will they admit to his integrity as a player of the game these "fans" are supposedly so passionate about. This is an informative, entertaining book that should motivate people to respect Mr. Rodman for providing us with great basketball and memorable culture.
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am 20. Juni 1996
Perhaps it's simply coincidence that I've read Dennis Rodman's book at the same time I've read James Stewart's fog-lifting expose on Bill and Hillary Clinton and their business dealings. Thus, some contrasts conveniently come to mind. In "Blood Sport" readers find a politically motivated couple of idealogues constantly seeking to mask who they are by creating an image of mainstream normalcy. In "Bad As I Wanna Be" readers are able to scratch below an outrageous self-made image to find a fairly normal guy inside...and I emphasize "inside." Certainly most men will never dye their hair five different colors; nor do we desire to dress in women's clothes, cover ourselves with tatoos or appear butt naked on the cover of our biography. Yet, there are some chords which Rodman strikes in his book that echo in the hearts of most men. Themes such as rejection, seeking one's identity, looking beyond the surface and temporality of some of our institutions (like the NBA), hard work and a humble realization that good fortune is arbitrary and can turn at any time. Most people have had an opinion of Rodman which bounces from curiosity to hate, more often hate. As one who was raised in Massachusetts, and therefore a big Bird fan, I still remember the racist remarks Rodman made in his rookie year, following the Celtics' defeat of the Pistons. Yet, after reading his frank recollection of what led him to trigger that famous incident (and the fact that he does give Bird his due in the book)I forgive him. Rodman's language is certainly honest, albeit extremely crude at times. Yet, after sifting through the vulgarities, one can't help but saying: "The guy's got a point, there." Having said that, however, there are other times in the book when Rodman's assessment of himself is out of proportion. For example, his belief that people primarily watched the 1995 playoff series between San Antonio and Houston to see him and not a match-up between Hakeem and David Robinson. And certainly we all could have done without hearing about Madonna's foreplay instructions. Yet overall, Rodman comes across in the book as a likeable guy who is seeking to find reality and justice for himself (which I would imagine was one of the goals of writing such a book). After reading books about him and the First Family, I can tell you with whom I'd rather spend an afternoon...and it's not on Pennsylvania Avenue
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am 22. August 1996
This book shows that Dennis Rodman is a great entertainer as well as a fabulous athlete; it also shows why he is a good role model for kids and teenagers. For one thing, he's very honest in speaking his mind; he doesn't hide behind a "wall of fame" or athletic (NBA) privilege. He also has a lot to say about the underside of the NBA-- the warped values and general sleaziness of some of the players in the league. He also talks about men and masculinity in ways that men don't sometimes want to hear, but need to hear. Last, he describes the development of his legendary work ethic for people who aren't necessarily basketball fans. But what I really liked about this book is that Dennis is very insistent that a person take pride in themselves and take pride in who he or she is, no matter who they are. This, along with the message about becoming successful by working hard, makes this a book which has a good message for kids and teenagers as well as adults
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am 29. April 1997
You can read this book from several points of view.

- If you love basketball (as I do) you can learn and enjoy at the same time just reading it.

- If you want to understand how the life works,
Rodman can teach you.

In many ways the things that happened to him, are the same stuff that everybody gets in life.
Individual Success, Team success, love, frustration, crazy stuff, etc.

The only thing that I don't like about the book, is that SOMETIMES Rodman believes that he is the focus on everything. But that only shows the fact : Rodman is a human being.
I like how Rodman plays and the respect that he has about himself.
By the way, I don't have the american way of live, because I don't live in USA. So this can give you a different perspective for my understanding about the book.
So, let the man live his own life
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am 30. Mai 1996
I've been interested in Dennis Rodman ever since his "colored" hair hit the courts. After reading "Bad As I Wanna Be", I learned that Dennis Rodman is so much more than the average person is able to see. Many people critisize the man because of his "different" ways of living. I give him all the credit in the world for not believing that he needs to be just another Shaquiel O'Neal jock role model. His book proves that he is definitely not a stereotype to be reckoned with. Rodman sets his own rules and lives by them. He's living life the way he wants and to the fullest. That's something thåt most people can't say for themselves. I suggest this book to anyone who is interested in learning about one man's individuality towards life. It's a definite up close and personal look at no ordinary basketball star
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am 28. Oktober 1997
First of all, I gotta say that everybody who thinks that Dennis is God, is DAMN WRONG....!! Respect him, like I definately do, but don't confuse him with God...and I am NOT religious..ok! Plus you have to learn to understand this Man, HIS behaviour is based on HIS experience... and if you out there try to act like WON'T be any better than you are now and I definately wouldn't respect you because you are NOT yourself. And if you wanna be like him.....then follow YOUR MIND and YOUR SOUL and I think THEN you would have a lot more in common with the best Rebounder on EARTH! In my opinion, the book is great.....once you've started you get obsessed and you don't wanna stop anymore........ ....and for all those who think he is bad as an author....WRITE A BETTER ONE!!! With all my Respect and peace to everybody !
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am 10. Juni 1999
For all of his wild antics and crazy dressing, many people forget that Dennis Rodman is an exceptional athlete. After the Bulls lost Horace Grant, they needed someone to step in and rebound. Dennis Rodman was the perfect choice. He led the league in rebounding each of the three years he was with the Bulls. Bad As I Wanna Be chronicles Rodman's life from an airport janitor to NBA superstar. Readers also get a glimpse into Rodman's feelings, values, and beliefs. Sure, he may be wild and extravagant on the outside, but he also has a vulnerable side which very few people get to see. As a Chicago Bulls fan, I'm truly thankful to Dennis Rodman for helping the Bulls win 3 titles while he was here.
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am 25. Mai 1996
Bad As I Wanna Be is honest and straightup. It's as if Rodman
is having a conversation with you as he explains the reasons
behind the things he has been castigated for as well as the
things that constantly fascinate the public. In fact, one
would like to have told Rodman that he didn't have to discuss
so much because it seems like he is trying to justify himself
to those who insist on chastising him at his every turn.
Rodman gives unabashed and sometimes funny opinions and
observations on life experiences and those who have crossed
his path. You may not agree with everything he says but you
gotta respect someone who is free and lives by no one else's
rules but his own.
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am 10. Dezember 1996
I think he is a real, not made up person. he gives the screen of t.v. a little spice, and the book rack a little more spice.
I can not express enough that he is not he bad roll model as some media makes him out to be. i mean look what t.v. can do. They make Seasame Street sound as if it teaches kids the world, but really it teaches the kids how to count to three.If you have read bad reviews about the book, you need to remember their ARE good reviews too. So try to stay away from the negative, and read it yourself. After reading it I think you will find your respect for him will higher, because he struggled, and had to experiment to get where he is now.
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am 8. Januar 2000
race,sex,drugs,class very much of todays sports in general and life for that matter.while the images of the nba are glossy and everybody says the right thing dennis rodman tells it like it is in this book.he breaks down the current nba and the choices people make.the other parts of this book reflect his life.and much of it has highs&lows.but as for the nba it hits home.talks about how certain players are treated differently than others and who has heart and who doesn't.dennis can play the game if he wants to.i wish more people in sports and entertainment would speak the truth as opposed to sounding like programmed robots.
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