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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 18. Mai 2000
Lost Souls, is an astonishing horror novel written in 1992 by the talented young author Poppy Z. Brite. The book is about four people or groups of people who are all connected to each other in some way, but don't realize it. The main character out of all, is a 15 year old boy whose name is Nothing. Nothing is determined to leave his home in search for his real mother and his real family. Or at least just leave the home he lives in now, and find a fitting place to live. Ghost and Steve, two of the other main characters, are intelligent guys around the ages of 19 and 21. Together they have a band, Lost Souls, which is growing popularity around Missing Mile, North Carolina, where they live. "Lost Souls" is more than just a name for their band, it's a description for the both of them. Confused, lost, and drunk is how they live their lives most of the time. Molochai, Zillah, and Twig are the third group in this story. They are three immature vampires out for just a good time. Human morals don't exist, and they indulge themselves in their desired passion: killing people, depriving them of all their sweet blood and leaving their lifeless bodies to rot. Christian is the last main character. He, just like Zillah, Molochai, and Twig, is a vampire. The oldest one, and the most mature. He owns a bar in The French Quarter in New Orleans. In his bar is where he met Zillah, Molochai, and Twig for the first time. Since then, Christian has been determined to find them again. In the end, Nothing finds out the grotesque truth of his father and himself.
Poppy's unique style of writing, makes this book all the more interesting. Mental pictures of pale faces painted with thick black eyeliner, dark hair and skinny bodies, creates a world of dreary loneliness and wanting. Along with the drugs, lust, blood, and anguish. She adds twists to every chapter to lure the you into reading more. Lost Souls is an excellent book, definitely worth reading.
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am 21. Juli 2000
If you love vampire stories, read this book
If you think you are something like a Goth, read this book.
If you like Bauhaus music and wear black clothes, read this book.
If your heart has ever tingled at hearing / reading the words "The children of the night! What music they make!" , read this book.
If you enjoy reading Anne Rice but find her a bit too cheesy, read this book.
If your mouth has ever watered at the sight of a drop of blood...
I think I read somewhere that Lost Souls is supposed to be pornographic: it is not. There is more graphic sex in a Jean M. Auel cavemen book. Poppy Z. Brite has managed to create modern-day vampires that are neither harmless, nor kitsch, nor camp, nor antiquated. Her settings are realistic, and she creates an absolutely magical Southern atmosphere - again, without resorting to Anne Rice-style orgies of expensive houses, clothes, equipment, etc. I think I fell in love with almost every character in the book while reading: with Zillah, with Ghost, and of course, most of all with Nothing. I'm very eager to read more of her books.
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am 19. Oktober 2007
Brites Roman ist, wie der Titel schon treffend suggeriert, ein Sammelsurium für verlorene Seelen und handelt dementsprechend von der Verlorenheit der Protagonisten in der Welt und deren Suche nach einem konkreten Sinn im Leben.
Brite, die nicht zuletzt durch ihre blutrünstigen Werke Aufsehen erregte, hält sich auch in diesem Roman nicht zurück und und arbeitet abstoßende Thematik in ihr Buch ein. Themen wie Pädophilie, Inzest, Vergewaltigung und explizite Gewaltdarstellung werden direkt dargestellt.
Wird man davon abgeschreckt, sollte man das Buch besser gar nicht erst lesen.
Letztlich ist die unverblümte Art der Autorin aber auch mal etwas anderes und diese Direktheit und Schamlosigkeit ist nicht häufig anzutreffen.
Insgesamt benutzt Brite auch einen schönen, poetischen Schreibstil, der auch durch gelegentliche Fäkalsprache nicht getrübt wird.
Die Darstellung der Charaktere ist durchaus gelungen, erfordert jedoch teilweise Toleranz, da Brites Figuren recht ungewöhnlich sind. Leider ist die Darstellung von Molochai und Twig etwas platt und Arkady ist ein klischeebehafteter Charakter.

Brites Thematik mag etwas altbacken sein, doch die interessanten Charaktere und der erfrischende Schreibstil machen das wieder wett. Die mordenden Vampire hasst und liebt man zugleich. Wir leiden mit ihnen, wir frieren mit ihnen vor Verlorenheit. Auch wenn man sie manchmal töten könnte verkörpern die Charaktere in diesem Roman etwas, nachdem auch wir uns sehnen: Freiheit, Fernsein von den Zwängen der Gesellschaft, den gewöhnlichen Dingen und dem Leben entfliehen.

Meine etwas negative Wertung resultiert daraus, dass >>Lost Souls<< zum Teil reine Geschmackssache ist und mir persönlich einige Aspekte nicht gefallen haben.
So dreht sich hauptsächlich alles um die Entwicklung der Charaktere und deren Beziehung untereinander, wodurch der eigentliche Handlungsablauf zu einem Anhängsel verkommt.
Im Grunde genommen hätte die Autorin das Buch auch schreiben können, ohne Vampire einzuarbeiten, denn dadurch wäre ihr Werk nahezu unverändert geblieben und die Realitätsnähe wäre erhöht worden.
Die Gemüter werden sich allerdings eher daran scheiden,dass die Welt laut >>Lost Souls<< nur aus bisexuellen und pubertierenden Gothic-Anhängern besteht.
Schließlich ist es auch diese unglaubwürdige Sache, welche verhindert, dass >>Lost Souls<< ein gutes Buch ist.

Aufgrund der ungewöhnlichen Elemente sollte man sich also genau überlegen, ob >>Lost Souls<< es wert ist, gelesen zu werden.
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am 24. August 1998
I must agree with Miss Kali, the person from Kirkus Review must not be very dedicated to the notion of *reading* the book before reviewing it. NOTE TO THE STUPID KIRKUS PERSON: It's Missing Mile NORTH CAROLINA, not Louisiana, and there is only one rape in the entire novel. I'd hate to see what they'd say about "Exquisite Corpse". I hope the stupidity doesn't turn people off who've never read it...As with some others who have posted, I have also lost this book numerous times to "friends" i've loaned it to. Can't blame them, though it's such a FABULOUS novel. With so many characters, one wouldn't think Ms. Brite would be able to go into such depth of who they are as a person. Even Jessy, who makes the briefest appearance in the book (besides Laine, hee hee) touches you with her rebellion and romanticism. Poppy takes me on the vampiric trios journey, perfectly displays the sensitivity of Ghost, Nothing, Ann, and Steve, by the end of the book, I feel like I know them, they are friends. Not many authors can do that and the few that can aren't close to Poppy's caliber when it comes to description-I can smell, taste, see, and feel everything in this book. As anyone with a brain in their head should know, this book is not for people who don't indulge in decadent adventures, midnight road trips, or a good round of Chartruese (which I've been blessed enough to drink in Paree). For those yet to delve into the world of PZB, this first novel is the perfect introduction to her twisted, dead-on, dark-as-four-AM vision.
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am 27. Mai 1998
WHAT A STEAMING PILE OF CRAP! I can't be more dissapointed in this book. After the hype about Ms. Brite and her work, I eagerly ran out and bought "Lost Souls" expecting a lush new vampire epic. Instead, I find "The Lost Boys on Acid go Gay porno!" Seriously, one 15 year old character over the course of two days has homosexual sex,group sex,prostitutes himself,shoots heroin,smokes opium and tops it off by having sex with his father! Add to this moronic story Ms. Brites over-the-top descriptive style in which she hits you with every taste,color,texture,temperature.....etc. over and over and you get a very unsatisfying,amaturish"book". The only horror I experienced was when I remembered that I paid 5.99 for this piece of junk. AHHHHH! I really hope Ms. Brite uses the proceeds from her work for some writing lessons and psychiatric help. Perhaps she is better suited to return to her previous career as an "exotic" dancer. Much like the boy said to the Emperor;"I can,t see your new clothes Ms. Brite!"
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am 25. Juli 2000
Of all the vampire books I have ever read, Lost Souls is among the finer gems. The characters are brought to life by vivid descriptions in modern jargon, and the turn of events is extremely plausible (minus perhaps the vampirism).
I was impressed by how quickly the books reads. Its simplicity is one of its finer points...and is perhaps what seduces the reader into wanting to learn more about Nothing, the half-human, half-vampire in search of his past--and future.
All of the characters are extremely memorable, making this a book you'll want to sit of the shelves. The rock band, Steve and Ghost, exemplify a lot of the traits that make us human. Ghost, the seer, has an implicit understanding of nature--both human and unhuman--that is uncanny.
Compared to the esteemed Anne Rice, this book will give you a different flavor to the lives of vampires and their world view. In many ways, the authors are not comparable because of Brite's focus on comtemporary times. She depicts vampires not as gods, but as a separate race without Rice's romanticism and eroticism. This does not in any way detract from Lost Souls. It puts Brite in a category of her own.
This book is a definite must for anyone interested in vampire lore. I look forward to reading other books of Brite and encourage anyone to use this book as a spring-board into her novels.
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am 24. Dezember 2001
Lost Souls - dieser Titel fasst etliche schwer zu beschreibende, zu begreifende Dinge in einem Buch zusammen: Vampire, Drogen, Sex, Inzest, Mord.
Wenn Sie bereit sind, sich mit solchen Dingen während des Lesens auseinander zu setzen, dann lesen Sie Lost Souls! Der Inhalt kann zwar in kurzen Worten zusammen gefasst werden, wird aber nicht reichen, die gesamte Bandbreite der in Erscheinung tretenden Ereignisse zu beschreiben. Dennoch, einige kurze Sätze dazu für interessierte Leser: Nothing, ein adopdierter Teenager läuft von zu Hause davon und wird zufällig von seinem biologischen Vater aufgelesen - dem adrogynen Vampir Zillah. Nothing ist auf der Suche nach einer Zwei-Mann Band, die aus Steve und Ghost besteht. Steves Ex-Freundin Ann wird schwanger von Zillah - kommt das Baby zur welt, tötet es sie. Steve und Ghost machen sich auf, um Ann und Nothing aus dem Bann des bezaubernden,gefährlichen Geschöpfes zu retten...vergebens? Wenn Sie durch diese, mehr als kurze Beschreibung neugierig geworden sind und sich vor inneren und äußeren Abgründen nicht schrecken, empfehle ich Ihnen hiermit herzlich und wärmstens, dieses Buch zu lesen! Sie werden es weder bereuen, noch vergessen können...- das verspreche ich Ihnen!
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am 13. Dezember 1999
Exactly a year ago today, I read Lost Souls for the first time and was astonished by it's power on my life.....
I don't know why I bought it - I just felt compelled to do it, as if I had read some of it before but couldn't remember was one of the most important choices in my life but I did not know it then.....
I can't say any different to what has been stated by others before me, only that I haven't stopped thinking about it for a whole year, and that has never happened to me with a book before (and I read a LOT!). I try to keep Ghost in my head as much as I can, as it is like he is one of my best friends and I can tell him anything (but he will know anyway - after all, he IS psychic, isn't he!).....
The novel itself has had a profound effect on my life, and I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. When I was little, I was a person who was made up of both science and art...but as I grew up, I lost most of my artistic streak in me and felt "wrong" in terms of balance. I truly believe that Lost Souls saved me from being imbalanced in a way that I would have inevitably suffered from, as it helped me to fulfill my artistic desires and prevented it from waning so much that I no longer possessed it.....
If anyone feels that they need more creativity in their life or that they are suffering a loss of art in this way, then I would seriously advise you to read this book..........
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am 17. August 1999
Anyone who knows me knows I blame a good amount of adolescent human behavior on hormones, plain and simple. not only does half this book not make metaphysical sense to me any longer (as in "why did I take this-or-that line to heart?" so much of it isn't even remotely..interesting anymore. I guess its okay if you're "like, 13 or something", self-absorbed, trying as hard as you can to look jaded, despite doing your darnedest to AVOID actually experiencing anything of any depth. And thats what this book is full of. There are only a few interesting characters represented, and those i feel aren't really from poppy's imagination, or from people she has experienced. They're of such spirit and incorporeal somethingness, almost ethereal beings that I'm sure she would be proud to say are "hers", from her little mind, petty human experiences and insights. But I honestly think they escape her. the book also takes, in retrospect, pointless and self-indulgent romps through just plain mean-spirited violence an cruelty that say nothing of the characters, the story, the narrative. it says alot about the mob of spooky-ooky kids who personify violence, death, lust, etc, to make sure they don't get too close to life, too touched by the experience. the more other people die, the less we have to, and more importantly, the more we just READ or watch people dying, the less we have to accept the REALITY of it all (I know some military goth will call me on that one). The more we iconify the cruel, the viscious and inhuman, the less we feel like we can be victimized by it, ESPECIALLY the preponderance of strapping young sexually ambiguous men that have always been the very epitome of Fascism; there they are, standing bemussed, mostly in black, cultured "devil- may-care", at the cusp of adulthood and responsibility, Peter Pan's with cocks of steel, only one female presence of note, whose pregancy results in her death. Hense the digression from the various "vampires" from over the centuries, to the insurmountable, valiant, existentialist silly nancy's of today, Lestat and louis, Zillah, et al.
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am 20. März 1999
Poppy Z. Brite has added nothing to the world of vampiric horror with this little number, which is sad, considering that she starts out with a few interesting characters: Christian, the antiquaited vampire with a soft heart; Ghost, the psychic rocker-wannabe; and Steve, the semi-abusive friend of Ghost. As for the all-too self-conciously clever named "Nothing"---didn't we ALL go through these "boo-hoo I don't belong" feelings back in junior high? And didn't you end up diddling your Vampire father in a mysterious black van too? As for Nothing's Vampire father Zillah--he's more laughable than anything, and about as "dangerous" as a drunk frat-rat at the MTV summer beach-house. Perhaps even worse, Brite's language is of the "typical" vampire nature: over-the-top romanticism about blood, a gratutious Goth soundtrack ala' Bauhaus and the Cure, hackneyed religious connotations forced into every sentence, etc. etc. Brite was much more ambitious with her follow-up, "Drawing Blood", and, therefore, considerably more sucessful in a writerly manner. Horror fans, shelf this one. My kid sister wrote it in her "Trent Reznor" phase of 8th grade. I wrote it in my "Christian Death" phase of 9th. When did YOU write YOUR version?
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