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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Mai 2000
Although this book was published in 1977, it didn't find its way to me until the mid 80's. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." No truer words were ever spoken, at least not in my life.
I've read this book over 30 times in the last 15 years, and I never fail to find something new to learn from it. I've given countless copies away to friends who then give copies to their friends.
When "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" was first published, an elderly relative told me Bach was the devil incarnate. Imagine what she'd say about THIS one!
I've not had the good fortune to run across a Donald Shimoda-like character, but I think I'd be ready to hear what he said.
Two quotes from Shimoda's 'The Messiah's Handbook and Reminders for the Advanced Soul' are worth repeating:
Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet them than your acquaintences will know you in a thousand years.
The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life....Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.
This book has been a great gift to me and I'm thankful it found me!
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am 21. Juni 2000
The author of this wonderful story has mastered the teaching methods of old. Throughout time, man has shared stories, myths and parables in an effort to convey a message to others. 'Illusions' does just that, and even takes things one step further, by allowing (no... encouraging) the reader to interact with the story.
The author has placed himself in the parable itself, in a position that would be simple for the reader to assume. Often pondering the endless possibilities and powers of the mind and soul, the inspiration received from this reading is a welcome boost to those walking along the spiritual path. The simplicity of this title is overwhelming, yet crucially left to your own interpretation.
One man, one Messiah, some old planes, a grass field and a captive audience are all the ingredients used to cook up this instant classic. To those about to embark on this flight, the truths embedded within these mere 191 pages promise a delightful adventure; a journey that one wants to take, again and again.
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am 27. Juli 2000
I am not much of a reader but I really found this book very entertaining. As a matter of fact I've read it a number of times. I think this is a great book to read if you are in low spirits or just need a pick me up. This book pretty much gets to the basics of life and gives you another way of looking at any situation you are faced. Every time I read this book, I learn a little bit more of the message behind it. In alot of ways, it sorta is like the bible. What I mean by that is you can get a different interpertation totally diferent from anothers and you both would be right. It's just a fantastic book and I don't know what more I can say about it. So what are you waiting for people....grab a copy and read on. As a matter of fact I think I am going to read it again.
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am 5. Oktober 1999
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah is a book I could easily read ten times through and still have more to understand and learn from. The book can be interpreted in infinite ways. But one aspect is for sure, Donald Shimoda is a reluctant messiah. He possesses divine knowledge and power, which unfortunately for his character, people have come to recognize. They flock to him for advice they don't believe they are capable of giving themselves. Shimoda does not, and perhaps cannot, desire to be a glorious messiah. His solution: simply pass his job to another . . . Richard Bach. What he chooses could easily be viewed as the most cowardly decision, but seems to lead him to happiness, as quoted from the novel, ". . .he went his way through the crowds and left them, and he returned to the everyday world of men and machines." Illusions is an excellent book, laced with advice and wisdom. Advice including, "You teach best what you most need to learn." and "Argue with your limitations and sure enough they're yours.", both which stem from a handbook, given to messiahs to cultivate an advanced soul. This novel is truely a handbook not only to the messiah, but to all who read it. Although at times, Illusions was difficult for me to fully grasp, it opens up a new world of ideas to me; the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The writing itself, though not complicated, I sometimes was forced to read over in order to understand. However, Mr. Bach does connect the reader with the characters and incorporates enough emotion so that they become real, and thus the characters are more easy to relate to. I recommend Illusions to anyone from the casual reader searching for a good read to someone searching for a new outlook on life.
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am 29. Februar 2000
This was definately an interesting and intriguing to read. It inspired a myriad of different thoughts ranging from bewilderment to slight anger. The book offers many insights into looking at life in a new perspective. Though many people will not agree with all of the phrases that the book tries to suggest, it definately made me question some of my previous morals and attitudes towards every day events. These feelings were heavy in the beggining of the novel, yet I got a little frustrated and tired of reading as the book continued on. I became frustrated towards the middle of the novel when Shimoda was teaching Richard how he can become a messiah. Shimoda's somewhat nonsense and contradictory phrases seemed a little corny at times and this was where I started loosing interest in the book. However, overall it is a good book, this coming from student who hates to read any book except that of Star Wars novels, and I would reccomend it to anyone who feels a little lost and is looking for a new perspective on life. -Chris Miller
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am 19. Dezember 2015
At the risk of being glib, Richard Bach says it all in a nutshell. Why are we here? What really matters? How to live without the answers? Accept miracles as they occur. It is a good sequel to Jonathan Livingston Seagull — less exulted, more human. For me, Bach's most gripping book.
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am 28. Februar 2000
I thought that this was an absolutely incredible book. I'll admit that, at first, I was far from excited about reading this book. I had it assigned to me for a class that I take and it looked as though it would be far form interesting, but it is probably one of the best novels that I have ever read. This was a story of a man and his travel was a man whom he called Shimoda. Through his travels with Shimoda, he learns many lessons. The lessons that he learns are through two things; his conversations with Shimoda and the "Savior's Manual". Through the conversations with Shimoda he learns about all the different experiences that Shimoda has experienced and all the different lessons that he has learned. There are many reasons why I liked this book but my favorite part was "The Messiah's Handbook & Reminders for an Advanced Soul". This is the "Savior's Manual" that I referred to earlier. In this "handbook" were many quotes that people can use to reflect on their lives. I think that these quotes were the most important part of the entire novel. These quotes give a good synopsis of the different experiences that Shimoda has experienced. With these quotes, the young man is able to learn some valuable lessons that he can use to reflect upon his life. I would recommend this book to people because I think that if people read this novel, most importantly the quotes, they can cahnge the way that they live their lives. I know that this book has greatly changed my life and I am very thanksful that I had the oppertunity to read it.
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am 18. Januar 2000
As Bach himself says, "Everything in this book may be wrong." But I doubt it. It isn't about being right or wrong. It's about having the courage to find happiness, and that's a very different thing. There may be many greater works of world literature, but there has never been a book with a greater impact on my life. I first read it in 1978 during a period of personal difficulty. When I read it to a high school Humanities class I was teaching, the students were completely rapt. Although I suspect a part of their own happiness was the fact that they escaped further homework for a couple of days, many were visibly moved by the tale, and by the writing.
I can't say that I "applied" anything from it in the direct way that most people try to take "advice." Bach is not so shallow as to invite you to "work on your life." Rather, he invites you to change your mind. If you do that, your life takes care of itself. This book, then, simply sank to the bottom of my conciousness like a stone tossed into a pond. I still "do" my life--still screw things up occasionally--but with a changed mind.
This book led me to a love affair with flying, which I have made into a 21-year career (so far). I am convinced that much of it was "blue feathered," as Bach would say. It was also the beginning of the path (later developed by Bach's "A Bridge Across Forever") that led me to my best friend--who also happens to be my wife, flight student, and patient teacher.
Bach's writing is simple and direct, but filled with pungent bits of imagery that only a master wordsmith can create. The reader sees through his eyes, and by seeing is changed.
If you decide to buy this book, you may want to get a hardcover for yourself and a few softcovers on the side. You will likely offer it to your friends who will be reluctant to return it. You may also find yourself leaving one in a motel room as an anonymous missive to the next occupant.
Finally, think of "Illusions" as an investment. Read the book, or parts of it, as years pass--as I have--and watch how it, and you, change together. That is, after all, the very definition of a "classic tale." Above all, have a good read!
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am 4. Oktober 1999
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah By: Richard Bach
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah starts off with a man, named Richard, who is flying to make money. While flying on day he goes over a field and sees a plane, so he decides to go talk to the pilot of the plane because flying is a lonely way to live. What Richard does not know at that time is that meeting this man is going to change his whole life, by the way he will see things and how he will realize that everything he sees may not be always what they appear to be. In Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard as well as the reader, is taken on a life learned lesson that will help them, if they chose to use what they have learned, in making their lives more complete. In Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, there are many quotes that will touch the heart of the reader. One quote that I really liked was, "Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintance will know you in a thousand years." This quote is so real and true in everyway. I hope that everyone will sometime in his or her life is able to read Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, because it is such a good book and sends out a good message to the reader.
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am 5. Oktober 1999
Who would have thought that so much truth, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment could be contained within this slim story. In Richard Bach's handbook for the advanced soul, we are reminded that we are always free to do whatever we please-to pursue a certain course of action or to choose how we want to feel. We decide whatever we want to experience joy, indignation, frustration, sadness, etc. It is the power of the mind, the imagination, and the heart that will bring us into the dimensions of happiness. This concept is demonstrated in the experiences of Richard, a barnstormer whose encounter with a messiah forces him to reject his conception of the nature of reality from one that is concrete to one that is without limitation. A wall no longer becomes a barrier; it is an opportunity to exercise one's imagination.
The value of this story is immense; it will truly renew your spiritual sight and provide you with direction. This text contains universal truths. What is so unique about it is that it appeals to just about all religious and non-religious persuasions, and because it is written to be understood, the message is clear and utterly beautiful.
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