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4,7 von 5 Sternen
Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, Band 7)
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe|Ändern
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am 3. August 2014
It is getting redundant but I simply can't help myself: This is the best book of the series so far...and I pretty much said that about EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the series. I read a lot (and I really mean a lot), but I have NEVER come across a series with such a constantly high level as the authors deliver with each and every book of this series. There never was a dull moment - and you really won't find them in the latest intallment.

The book starts with a short introduction of the main characters, followed by a brilliant abstract of the "road so far" - Barabas' journal catches you up with the story line. Even though I didn't need the reminder I highly enjoyed it and it got me into the right mind set to really dive into the book. This was a fantastic idea so that at the start of the actual book you can drive straight into the plot without 50 pages of trying to explain what happened when & why.

The plot thickens - while Curran is away to bargain with the Panacea Kate is on her own and has to deal with an incident that could start a war between the Pack and the People. We meet Hugh again (who needs killing) and Hibla (who really needs killing). Also, Roland is advancing on Atlanta - he does not like the rising power of the pack and he is most curious about his daughter - yes, we finally get to meet the Builder of Towers!!!

To top it off the book ends with a really nice short story about Julie (seeing that she does not play a part in the main book she gets to shine in a well rounded young-adult kind of mini-novella). Here we also meet another side character from the novella Magic Dreams - I was totally excited about that and can't wait to see where his character will go. It was so good that I actually hope for a full-length YA-book about Julie and her adventures at her new school.

I can't even begin to explain all the things that I love about this book. It is kind of a "semi-final" in the series, a turning point if you will. Old story lines are brought to a brilliant conclusion, the plot never goes where you expect it to go and new storylines are ever evolving. The character development is as always superb, Kate and Curran are just mind-blowing in their interactions, their maturity and their willingness to sacrifice for their people and especially for each other. New/sideline characters are introduced or brought to the spotlight, respectively. There is more interaction with the People - which is a given seeing that the meeting of father and daughter is inevitable. Many series suffer after a couple of books (Anita or Sookie, anyone?). This series: not so much. This is just such a well-rounded book that I have to ask myself why there aren't more authors who can deliver each and every single book with such a high standard - because obviously, it can be done!

Enough gushing. Well, not enough: sometimes you just read a book (in this case a whole series) that just speaks to you. Characters that are so life-like that you want to meet them. Characters that really touch you not because they are perfect (who is?) but because they are perfect for each other. Characters who just strive to do what is best for the people that depend on them - sometimes even at high personal costs to themselves. And it is not only Kate and Curran, every single character in this book is well-rounded, if not always likeable. Nothing and no one is one-dimensional, which contributes to the brilliance of this book and this series. Okey, enough gushing now.

For those of you who haven't started on the series (seriously, just what are you waiting for???), here is the sequence of books and stories as found on the homepage of the authors (a site I also recommend you visit, especially for the free online novellas Clean Sweep (finished) and Sweep in Peace (at this point at Chapter 5):

1.Questionable Client (short story, prequel to the series)
5.Magic Mourns (Raphael and Andrea novella)
7.Magic Dreams (Jim and Dali novella)
9.GUNMETAL MAGIC (and Magic Gifts) – Andrea’s book – Kate Daniels World #1
12.Magic Steals (Second Jim and Dali novella) – November 25, 2014 (can't wait for this one, included in "Night Shift")
13.Kate 8 – untitled, under contract YES YES YES more!!!!!
14.Magic 9 – untitled, under contract
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am 3. August 2014
Spoiler Warning for the events in previous books in the series! Although Ilona Andrews provides new readers with a character-description section and a well wrought summary of what happened before [from Barnabas' POV, great read for fans, too], I recommend to start this best UF series at the beginning with "Magic Bites". Anyway, the review will have to assume knowledge about the series.

Synopsis [by Goodreads.com]

No matter how much the paranormal politics of Atlanta change, one thing always remains the same: if there’s trouble, Kate Daniels will be in the middle of it…

As the mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary Kate Daniels has more responsibilities than it seems possible to juggle. Not only is she still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat, she must now deal with the affairs of the pack, including preparing her people for attack from Roland, a cruel ancient being with god-like powers. Since Kate’s connection to Roland has come out into the open, no one is safe—especially those closest to Kate.

As Roland’s long shadow looms ever nearer, Kate is called to attend the Conclave, a gathering of the leaders from the various supernatural factions in Atlanta. When one of the Masters of the Dead is found murdered there, apparently at the hands of a shapeshifter, Kate is given only twenty-four hours to hunt down the killer. And this time, if she fails, she’ll find herself embroiled in a war which could destroy everything she holds dear…


Boy was I naive, thinking I had any idea, where this series was heading! I should have known that Ilona Andrews won't just continue on known territory, but make something much grander of the series' expansion to ten books, than "only" carrying on the known story threads. And they did.

Kate, Curran and the Pack know that after the events in "Magic Rises", it won't be long until Roland, Kate's all-powerful, godlike father will show up in Atlanta. They don't know if Hugh made it out of the burning castle [although they fear he did] and either told Roland, if his possible death will make Roland inquire them more closely or if he just came for the most powerful Pack of shifters. But looming threat notwithstanding, Curran has obligations as the Beast Lord and has to join some far away hunt he is invited to and leave Kate alone to attend the Conclave, the meeting with the People.

And this is the setting, in which Kate is forced to find a killer in less than a day's time, stealthily invade enemy territory, fight impossible creatures and all the while deal with Pack politics that lead to unthinkable treachery. To top it, she has to do it all without Curran. The story left me breathless, because it all happens in such a short time and again Ilona Andrews make me feel Kate's exhaustion, the desperation and thankfully the love, she feels for Curran, Julie and her friends.
When I thought the problem resolved [and was wondering what of the many pages left], a new angle started and hit me and Kate full force: all carefully laid out plans go awry and the long anticipated meeting with Roland finally takes place.

Sadly, I can't tell any more of the plot, since it would spoil so much. But the occurances, Kate's abilities [no, not the Deus Ex Machina kind, but consistant with what we know of her], the decisions made - they made my head spin and the mouth hang open.
And because this book finishes some dominant story arcs, it delivers a lot of answers and therefore felt very satisfying for me [oh and if you were wondering, how Ghastek would react when he finally found out, who Kate really is: you'll see! Hilarious!]. I hadn't thought the outcome possible, it didn't even cross my mind. It was mind-boggling, because now so much is possible for the future that I have really no idea, what will happen.

Roland is and yet is not who and what I thought, but his "otherness" is very well wrought and shown, in his actions as well as in his words. But Kate and Curran, they stay very true to themselves and one can see how far they came developmentwise, from their beginning to the present day. Kate finally comes to grips with who she is and is able to let go, what had predetermined her life until now.

Overall the book feels darker, what with the impending doom and all, but no fear, the banter, the typical "Kate"-comments on each and everything are still there and lighten the mood even at the darkest times.
I could go on and on singing the praise of "Magic Breaks" and the series as such, but I will finish with telling you for the last time, what an awesome addition to the series this is. I so can't wait for the next book.
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am 25. August 2014
I'm not sure what to think about this one. Lately I've had some issues with the series. Didn't much like Gunmetal Magic and Magic Slays and Curran's behavior in the last book left a sour taste behind. I liked Magic Breaks well enough, but some things felt off.
Like the previous one it was a slow beginning until Hugh again makes a dramatic entrance and finally things start happening. From then on it was an up and down of good stuff and not so good stuff. I made a lot of frowny faces at what I perceived as ooc behavior from Kate, specially her continued whining for Curran. Yes, lovey-dovey, worry, whatever, but come on, girl, pull yourself together. I was seriously annoyed by it. Hopefully that will be different in the next books, but I'm worried.
For the first time in the series I also wondered about some scenes which appeared drawn out and plot-fillerish. Two or three times I would sit there and wonder 'what's the point of this?'
Still, clever and fantastic writing per usual. Lots of action and gore, also per usual, and the last third goes by in a tension-filled blur. Desandra, Ghastek and Hugh noticeably stood out for me and I loved the background information we got on them. The finale was great, even if a little cheesy. Three times I thought 'Okay, that's it' only to have a plot twist slap me in the face.
At this point I need to admit I was hesitant going into this seventh and originally finale installment. I always appreciated the fact that the story arch wouldn't be drawn out simply to write more books. I was however worried the story would completely disconnect from the original. But delightfully that's not the case. Some reviews I read wanted more resolution and closure and I understand where they're coming from. The story changes fundamentally the last couple of pages, while actually resolving very little. I liked it, but it's definitely not my favorite.
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am 29. Juli 2014
I love all of the books of the series, but Magic Breaks is one of a kind. For me it is the best of the best followed by the Midnight Games and Erras Showdown.

I loved the ending (seriously.), I loved Roland (I am sorry, I like him.), I loved Robert (I have always liked him and he has finally a time to shine), I loved Ghastek (yep, I always liked him, even if he is a stuck-up idiot who doesn't see what is in front of him) and well... I could move on and on, what I love about his book. But I won't. It is too awesome.
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am 13. August 2014
Magic Breaks had me in its grip the moment I got my hands on the book and wouldn't let me go until it was finished. One can split the book into two parts: the first that felt like a continuation of the last installement and the second that felt like the last book of a series.
The author warned about the latter during her introduction, which I only read after finishing the book when I had a clear *no, no, no, It can't be over!* moment. Can't wait for the next one, but please stop bashing our poor boy wonder, poor thing has been through enough.
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am 11. August 2014
Ich mag nicht zuviel zum Buch sagen...
Es spielt nach dem Ausflug von Kate und Curran nach Europa.
Aunt B ist tot und die Shapeshifters müssen sich neu sortieren und der neuen Bedrohung ins Auge sehen.

Sehr schick sind die beiden Zusatzstories im Buch, die man durchaus lesen sollte.

der wichtigste Part des Buches, ist die im Raum stehende Begegnung zwischen Kate und ihrem Vater. Und bei mir hing beim lesen immer ein Satz von Hugh im Raum - Warum glaubst du, wenn du deinen Vater triffst, dass er dich umbringen wird. Das Vorgängerband hat eine völlig neue Tür geöffnet. Durch die Aktionen von Hugh und dem Erscheinen von dem Sheppard. DAmit hat man eine Variante sich eröffnet, an die man gar nicht glauben mag. Roland könnte stolz auf seine Tochter sein???

Erstmal allerdings gibt es eine erneute Konfrontation zwischen HUgh und Kate, welche ohne Curran zum Conklave muss. Man merkt mit jedem Satz, wie sehr sie das ganze Theater hasst, aber für Curran es mit allem aufnimmt. Nachwie vor ist diese Beziehung aber auch immer wieder unter Beschuss, was allerdings nicht ausgenuddelt wirkt, sondern liebevoll und authentisch.

Ich liebe das Buch sehr, da es mich ein wenig mit div. Charakteren versöhnt und neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet, ohne das es langweilig werden könnte
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am 3. November 2014
It's smart, fast, detailed and grips you with its layers of crime story, mystery and the (meta)human condition.
Must-read for women who simply will NOT settle for cheap romance novels as their shapeshifter fodder. This is it, girls!
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am 9. Oktober 2014
This book was bought because the tablet in use was inaccurate, and the wifi broke down too.
I shall get around to it sometime.
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am 17. August 2014
Ilona Andrews just keeps getting better. Staggering creativity! Kate is just THE Kick-Ass urban fantasy heroine. Read it and see for yourself!
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am 12. November 2014
Ilona Andrews kann einfach nichts falsch machen. Ich liebe die Bücher um Kate Daniels, denn sie ist einfach eine Protagonistin, die nicht mit anderen zu vergleichen ist. Sie ist stark, sarkastisch, hat eine große Klappe und beschützt ihre Freunde mit ihrem Leben. Auch in diesem Band muss sie wieder ihr Leben riskieren, um die zu retten, die sie liebt.

Die Beziehung zwischen Curran und Kate ist einfach toll mitzuverfolgen. Das Vertrauen, das die beiden füreinander haben, ist einfach total schön und die Interaktionen der beiden sind gefühlvoll, lustig, sexy,usw...Man sieht, ich liebe die beiden als Paar. Auch Ghastek lernen wir in diese Buch näher kennen, worüber ich sehr froh war, denn ich mochte ihn von Anfang an.

Hier muss sich Kate auch als Alpha beweisen, denn Curran ist aus einem bestimmten Grund den Großteils des Buches nicht da. Ich fand das sehr spannend mitzuverfolgen wie Kate auf einmal alleine Entscheidungen treffen muss. Das Wiedersehen des Paars war aber umso schöner :D

Insgesamt ein toller Band, bei dem auch einige Dinge passieren, mit denen man überhaupt nicht rechnet, vor allem nicht mit dem ENDE!!! Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt auch nicht, was ich von dieser Wendung halten soll, weil dies alles verändern wird..wir werden sehen. Ich kann mich eigentlich nur wiederholen: Diese Reihe ist super und goldwert!
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