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3,9 von 5 Sternen
3,9 von 5 Sternen
First Lady (Wynette, Texas, Band 4)
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 13. April 2000
OK, review no 83, nobody's gonna read this, but I just had to, if only to express my profound disappointment that one of the greatest authors in romance is losing her touch. Really, the storyline was borderline believable and the end was ridiculous, sorry. Also, the characters were lacking the warmth of earlier characters. Nealy's just so indecisive, does she want to be free or trapped, picky or loosened up. And honestly, for a woman who wants a normal life, she certainly is right up the wrong path of life... Sadly, I hated this book, it didn't give me goose bumps (except for the kid episodes, which were great. The kids are really the book's stars) and that is so unusual for an SEP book. Thank God the book she is promising for next year sounds like a pure winner! Two very much loved characters hitting it off sounds like a lot of fun, sort of "Heaven Texas" meets "Lady be Good" although hopefully at last with an original storyline. AND PLEASE: WOULD ALL THE OTHER AVON AUTHORS PLEASE STOP WRITING RAVE REVIEWS WITH 5 STARS ABOUT EACH OTHER? IT'S REALLY ANNOYING AND VERY OBVIOUS!
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am 15. September 2003
Cornelia Lichtfied Case hat jahrelang ihre Pflicht getan. Schon von klein auf stand sie im Scheinwerferlicht der Öffentlichkeit. Zuerst als einzige Tochter des Vizepräsidenten und dann als Ehefrau des nunmehr verstorbenen Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten. Und als wäre das nicht schlimm genug, verlangt ihr Vater jetzt auch noch von ihr, dass sie weiterhin die Funktion der First Lady ausfüllt, da der neue Präsident niemanden hat, der diese Aufgabe erledigen könnte.
Nealy, wie Cornelia von ihren Freunden genannt wird, steht kurz vor einem Zusammenbruch. Sie hält dieses Leben nicht mehr aus und plant daher ihre Flucht aus dem Weißen Haus. Eines Tages ist es dann so weit und tatsächlich gelingt es ihr, den wachsamen Augen des Geheimdienstes zu entschlüpfen. Endlich frei! Damit man sie auch nicht so schnell wieder findet, verkleidet sie sich als Schwangere.
So trifft sie auf Mat Jorik. Dessen Ex-Frau ist gestorben und hat ihn zum Vormund ihrer beiden Töchter Lucy und Button gemacht, die er beide nicht gezeugt hat. Mat hat nicht vor, plötzlich den Familienvater zu spielen und versucht, die beiden Kinder bei der Großmutter loszuwerden. So trifft er bei einem Stopp, auf der Reise an die Ostküste, auf eine junge schwangere Frau, der gerade das Auto gestohlen wurde. Wenn sie sich bereit erklärt auf die Kinder aufzupassen, ist er durchaus bereit, sie ein Stück mitzunehmen.
Nealy genießt das Abenteuer, aber wie lange kann sie ihren Pflichten davonlaufen?
Ein wirklich beeindruckender Roman. Susan Elizabeth Phillips schafft es mal wieder den Leser zu fesseln und mit einer ungewöhnlichen Story gut zu unterhalten. Einiger Minuspunkt, ich würde mir wünschen, dass sie endlich nicht mehr dreißigjährige Jungfrauen als Heldinnen verwendet.
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am 4. März 2000
The first book I ever read of SEP's was Nobody's Baby But Mine, and I've been hooked ever since. But this novel, a wonderful story of how confining the pressure of the public spotlight can be, was more than just great. It is romantic storywriting at it's finest.
Nealy is a character you can relate to, and Mat has just enough flaws to make him memorable. But it was the addition of the children to the melting pot that gave the story it's heart.
You can begin to feel the desperation and drama, and yet to say that SEP didn't have as much humor in this book is a serious miscalculation. There are just too many scenes where these characters find themselves in situations so hilarious, I had a hard time stifling my giggles.
First Lady keeps you guessing, and is not in the least predictable. This story was like chocolate. I couldn't get enough. And neither will you. My only regret is waiting a WHOLE YEAR for the next one!
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am 23. Februar 2000
I usually don't write reviews about books that I have read. I like reading what other people have written, sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. After reading some of the reviews for First Lady I have to comment! As I was reading these reviews, especially those of the last few days, I had to resist the urge to pick up F.L. and re-read it to make sure we had read the same book. The chacters names were the same, but the characters boring? Please! That was not the book that I read. SEP has a way of delving into her characters until you feel you know them well enough to be your best friends. Nealy and Mat were no exception. Now, I haven't done any kind of research on the subject of politics and first ladies, but it doesn't seem to implausible that the first lady of the US of A could be a little burned out! It also stands to reason that a man who raised 7 (I think it was that many) sisters and was surrounded by women for the first 3/4 of his life would shy away from marriage and the family scene. Unfortunately, some teenagers do act like Lucy. It was annoying, but 14 year olds ARE annoying! There were a few unrealistic scenes, but it wouldn't be a romance novel without them. I don't know about you, but if I wanted more realism I would stick to reading only Oprahs book club selections. I think that's why a lot of us read romance novels, to take a small break from real life. I know I haven't described the book in any detail, you can read some of the other reviews for that. I just wanted to write this review to tell you to READ THIS BOOK! It won't be a waste of your time. SEP promises great books and great escapes and First Lady is no exception.
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am 13. Februar 2000
Nobody does it better than Susan Elizabeth Phillips. For all her vaunted talent in creating wonderful romantic comedy, SEP knows how to create characters that walk right off the page and straight into your heart. The laughs and chuckles are there--and so are the heart-tugging moments. Mat is, IMHO, one of her best heroes, a strong man who can fall in love with a woman who's achieving her own personal growth and strength--and yet not be threatened by her success. His strength comes from within, not from artificial measurements of macho. And that's the best kind of tough in my book--and in this book, too. Shoot, this guy is tough enough to cope with a teenager, a baby with a mind of her own, and to love Nealy even when their lives head in an unexpected direction at the end. A real hero indeed.
As for Nealy? Gosh, I adored her. Her journey across America and back echoes the journeys a lot of us have taken. While the ending initially surprised me, I think it's perfect. Here's a woman who learns her own strengths, learns what family and community in the largest sense are about, and learns to accept her own special talents.
And as for Button and Lucy? SEP has created 2 more memorable characters.
This book is one you won't want to put down--but it should be savored. It has everything: a sexy hero, an appealing heroine, bust-your-ribs funny scenes, and achingly, meltingly beautiful moments between characters you just want to wrap your arms around. First Lady is really special--and the ending leaves a reader with a theme that speaks to all women.
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am 23. April 2000
I thought FIRST LADY was terrific--a humdinger of a plot, humor and snappy dialogue that kept me chuckling for hours, plus a touching romance and delicious sensuality. I'm bumfuzzled by the vicious tone of some of the other reviews on this site. It's almost as if they're attacking the author BECAUSE of her success. Oh, well, as Tim McGraw once told Faith Hill--"No one tries to tackle you unless you're carrying the ball." Write on and God bless, Ms. Phillips. There are still plenty of readers out here with sharp brains and deep pockets who appreciate your wonderful work, including FIRST LADY.
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am 20. Mai 2000
I agree with a lot of the other reviews, 'First Lady' is not up to par with SEP other novels. But i still really enjoyed the characters and the story line (although highley unbelievable). There were many points where i got goose bumps, and i even started to tear up at the part when nealy and Button finally connect. Although not nearly as good as 'Heaven Texas' or 'No Body's Baby but Mine', 'First Lady' has some touching moments that make the book very heartwarming and memorable.
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am 15. Februar 2000
When you are glued to the pages till 5AM... it's a sure sign that the book is not only captivating, but also, funny, poignant and throughly enjoyable. First Lady by SEP was the book that I was glued to! This romance novel is an original story about a widowed First Lady, Cornelia Case, in search of herself on the roads of suburbs of midwest in a disguise... and in turn, finds herself a new adventure... and love in the form of Mat Jorik.
SEP *always* present the most realistic (as realistic as they can get for a romance novel) characters and dialogue and FL was no acception! From the beginning, I was intrigued with the burnt out First Lady and Mat- who seemed to be surrounded by numerous females from birth. When this two most unlikely characters are thrown together in a beat up Winnebago named Mabel along with a baby named Butt and a rebellious teenager... well, you can just guess what happens. Or maybe not. Especially if the First Lady is in a disguise! But the twists and turns in the book had me guessing what was gonna happen next, the entire time.
The ending is wonderful and very satisfying... Nealy goes for her goals and achieves it. With the help of everyone around her. Marvelous! I was definitely impressed with SEP's knowledge of past First Ladies facts and details of White House. I wonder what she did for her research!
This gotta be the best road romance I've ever read... And probably best "I love you" scene... which totally made me cry. Tears rolling down my cheeks and all! Although, Dan Calebow from It Had To Be You is my favorite SEP hero, Mat Jorik is giving Dan a run for his money! Definitely a keeper! Can't wait for This Heart Of Mine! By the way, if you've never read an SEP novel, start with this one! You *can't* go wrong with FL!
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am 22. Februar 2000
After the President has been assassinated, the First Lady of the United States is asked to act as First Lady to the new president. The problem is, Cornelia Case just doesn't want to. So several months after her husband is assassinated, she runs away from the White House and pretends to be a pregnant woman down on her luck.
Luck runs out when Nealy's car is stolen and she meets Mat Jorik, a man who is transporting a teenager and a toddler across the country. Mat asks Nealy, not realizing she is the missing First Lady of course, to act as the children's nanny. She agrees.
The road trip takes many, many turns but eventually the First Lady is caught and sent back to Washington. During her week and a half away from the White House Nealy grows and learns how to take care of herself and learns to love two children and their guardian.
I was so excited for First Lady to finally be released, but now I feel let down. Unlike many other Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, the love story between Nealy and Mat was boring, there was nothing there to make the reader sit back and say 'Wow!' I didn't believe that the First Lady of the United States of America would 1) act that way and 2) fall in love with Mat.
Of course Lucy and Button stole my heart, but as for the other two, they were left in the dust.
If you're a lover of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, pass on this one. I'm sorry to say that SEP doesn't deliver the goods that her fans know, love and expect. I only hope that the next is better.
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am 5. März 2000
Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a writer who can take our fantasies and make them living, breathing stories filled with realistic characters. Who hasn't occasionally wished they could be famous? SEP shows us that being a national institution, much less famous, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
I loved Mat and Nealy. Here are two needy people who don't realize just how needy they are, and find the solution to their needs in each other. They also find a family complete with children, grandparents, a dog, and a Winnebago named Mabel. Mat and Nealy's journey is heartwarming and funny. You know it's going to end, but you just want it to never end.
I had a few small caveats: Ms. Phillips' political ideas (both secular, and, in one scene, religious) were a bit silly. While it's true that one can honestly embrace ideas from across the spectrum of politics (left, right, middle), such a person usually (not always) isn't well-rounded, but a fence sitter who prefers reading polls to listening to conscience. It was disappointing that if Phillips was going to portray Nealy as left, right, and middle-of-the road, she didn't take the time to show (not tell) Nealy's politics as an integrated vision, rather than just wishy-washiness.
I was also disappointed with the secret of Nealy's marriage to the late President. While it makes realistic Nealy's falling in love with someone else within six months of her late husband's death, I wish Phillips could have found some other reason. This particular secret is becoming a trend in her books (IT HAD TO BE YOU is another example) and I hope it doesn't become an agenda.
Ms. Phillips also needs to get her protocol straight. The masculine equivalent of the First Lady is not the First Husband. (We don't call the President's wife the First Wife, after all.) The proper masculine equivalent would be the First Gentleman.
That said, this is a great book. I'd love to see Lucy have her own story, perhaps while her mother is still in public life. Wouldn't it be great to see Lucy fall in love with a Secret Service agent?
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