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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Mai 1998
It's been nearly ten years since I first read this book... I'm 22 now, and it remains one of my favorites. Pullman tells the story of a desperate teenage girl's search for the truth about her father's death without pulling any punches or talking down to his audience (which is probably between the ages of twelve and fifteen or so); there are allusions to sex and violence, but they are not explicitly descriptive. The novel's mystery is intricate and pervasive, but almost as important to its texture is the look we are given at how several lonely and unhappy people become a family for each other, even in the face of danger and loss. Sally Lockhart is a wonderful protofeminist heroine, whose bravery, intelligence, and independence should inspire most readers; the secondary characters, such as Fred and Jim, are charming and more than up to the challenge of being Sally's associates. The conclusion is stunning, and readers who enjoy this novel will want to read the other books about Sally and her friends (Shadow in the North is particularly heartrending). I find the Sally books generally more emotionally-involving than _His Dark Materials_, but the high quality of the writing remains constant. I still make a point of picking up Pullman's newest books when they come out, and _The Ruby in the Smoke_ is the book that started it all.
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am 19. Oktober 1999
Sixteen-year-old Sally Lockhart, grieving her father's mysterious, shipboard death, becomes embroiled in the London underworld when she seeks information about his business and her inheritance. Raised in an unconventional manner--especially by Victorian standards--Sally is no shrinking violet, but neither is she a reckless, daring heroine. Just sincerely devoted to the memory of her honest and intelligent parent. Her confusion and curiosity launches echoes of evil in a vicious web of intrigue, avarice, murder and long-simmering hatred. Fortunately she makes stanch friends in her quest for Justice, but danger lurks in unexpected places for this quietly modest but determined young lady.
Pullman weaves a page-turning yarn of deceit, obsession, and loyalty into a complex mystery--not over until the last sentence--as Sally unravels the threads of her cloaked past. We also experience the seamier side of 1870's London: the docks, a charnel house, an opium den, as Sally and Co. try to outfox the vicious old hag of Hangman's Wharf. Why is she Sally's self-declared most deadly enemy, like a Black Widow spider bent on one last meal? Sally finally realizes that her destiny must be to face her nemesis alone, to learn her identity. Sally's moral courage is tested to the limits, yet she insists on knowing the whole truth--however unsavory. An action-packed adventure/mystery for ages 12 and up. A great Gaslight Read!
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am 19. März 2005
Very disappointed after reading the comments here and ordering the 3 books of the "Sally Lockhart" trilogy:
very simplistic "old time" stories without much phantasy - the solution of all problems being a pistol (where did I read that before?). Also the construction of the main character is very
theoretical - the combination of shooting and bookkeeping abilities as the main features.
Not comparable to Pullmann's really superb "dark materials" trilogy in any way. No recommendation!
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am 16. September 2007
"On a cold, fretful afternoon in early October, 1872, a hansom cab drew up outside the offices of Lockhart and Selby, Shipping Agents in the financial heart of London, and a young girl got out and paid the driver. (...) Her name was Sally Lockhart; and within fifteen minutes, she was going to kill a man." - Schon der erste Satz verspricht Hochspannung. Den Leser verschlägt diese Lektüre ins viktorianische London ; er begleitet die junge, emanzipierte Sally Lockhart auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit um den geheimnisumwitterten Tod ihres Vaters. Die Geschichte ist spannend und unterhaltsam erzählt und ist nicht zuletzt wegen der wundervoll gestalteten Charaktere etwas besonderes. Hinzu kommt die Einbindung von "realer Historie", so befindet sich am Ende des Buches ein mehrere Seiten langer Auszug aus "Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879", in welchem Begriffe aus der Geschichte aus der Sicht eines viktorianischen Touristenführers beschrieben werden.
Philip Pullman hat mit diesem Buch eine bezaubernde Geschichte geschaffen, die zumindest mich dazu veranlasst hat, die weiteren Bände zu bestellen.
Jedem, der eine Fantasygeschichte im Sinne der "His Dark Materials" Trilogie erwartet, sollte jedoch gewarnt werden. "The Ruby in the Smoke" ist als historischer Kriminalroman im Grunde ein gänzlich anderes Genre.
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TOP 1000 REZENSENTam 10. März 2010
London am Ende des 19. Jh.s. Sally Lockhart erfährt, dass ihr Vater mit seinem Schiff untergegangen ist. Sie kommt zu einer Tante, bei der sie sich gar nicht wohlfühlt. Noch dazu wollte ihr Vater ihr anscheinend etwas Wichtiges mitteilen. Sie macht sich auf die Suche nach Menschen, die ihr hier weiterhelfen können, wird vor Feinden gewarnt, steht vor Rätseln, wird bestohlen und flieht. Sie findet Unterschlupf bei einem Fotographen und seinen Freunden. Sie alle helfen Sally, Klarheit über ihre Herkunft, die Machenschaften um ihren Vater herum und den geheimnisvollen Rubin im Rauch zu gewinnen. Das geht nicht ohne Verletzte, Tote, Risiko und Opium vonstatten.
Diese Geschichte besticht durch seine Atmosphäre und die Figur Sally. Sie ist keineswegs, wie man sich ein 16-jähriges Mädchen im 19. Jh. vorstellt, sondern sehr eigenständig und mutig. Spannend erzählt und mit Cliffhanger macht das Buch Lust auf den nächsten Teil.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
This is such a great book; I'd recomend it to ANYONE (non-readers: read it anyways!). The plot, starting with dozens of seemingly random threads, weaves its way in and out of Sally's life. I normally don't like pure mystery books, and I despise books set in historical times (ex: Victorian England), but this book is at the top of my list of favorites. When the story first starts out, Sally leads a normal life; as normal as life can be for a 16-year-old girl living alone! But her life changes abrubtly: imagine never knowing your mother, imagine your father mysteriously dying in a shipwreck, and imagine uttering a few simple words with so much power, a man who hears dies of shock and fear! I cannot emphasize enough how appealing this book is. Please, please READ THIS BOOK! You'll be glad you did.
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am 17. Januar 2011
I'd rate this an "ok" kind of book. As it is young adult fiction, I tried to imagine reading this at the age of 12 and I thought that even as a teenager I would have thought this book lacked in excitement. The mystery is a fun one and conveyed very well, but the Sally character annoyed me. Sorry, but if you set a story in 19th century England, then Sally should have behaved differently at times. Anyway, I thought the story dragged a bit and I did not really care what had happened to her father and why there was someone after her. Maybe I suffered from riddle-overload or something...Furthermore, the story resumed with a weird resolution to the whole mystery which seemed very very constructed and not believable.
But I do think it is an entertaining story for young readers, in a way, I guess. For me, I am too critical for this kind of fiction.
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am 24. April 2000
Although this book is more of a mystery or historical fictioninsted of being Fantasy as it is catagorized it's worthreading. Phillip Pullman is a great author and this is on of his best.
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am 14. Februar 1999
I was a bit sceptical when I started reading the book, but I soon found myself caught in the suspense of the story. I just loved the characters! And although it was unsettling to see how many people were actually working against Sally and her friends,I could imagine them vividly. The ending came a little too abrupt for my taste, but nonetheless I recommend this book to everybody looking for an enthralling read. Not only y o u n g adults will enjoy it, but all those who are young and flexible in mind. You'll have a great time!
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am 24. Januar 2013
This first Sally Lockhart Mystery is an immediate hit. Pullman grabs the protagonist and the reader by the hair and drags them through a 19th century world of scary incidents, mysterious notes, darks secrets and unresolved schemery. Very credible. So nice, the first person dropping dead at Sally's feet happens on page 2. I won't tell more, go buy it, you rarely get such a good chilling read for so little money. I recommend also book 2 (The Shadow in the North) and 3 (The Tiger in the Well), but not 4, (The Tin Princess)
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