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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 15. Oktober 2013
Eigentlich stand Steve Berrys "Amber Room" weit oben auf meiner Leseliste, wurde dann aber kurzzeitig von Aleyander Weiss' "Der Königsberg-Plan" (vgl. meine entsprechene Rezension) zum selben Thema verdrängt. Nun bin ich auch mit Berrys Buch durch und kann es als unterhaltsame Urlaubslektüre durchaus empfehlen:
* Wie A. Weiss schickt auch Berry einen Held und eine Heldin auf sie Suche nach dem Bernsteinzimmer; beides Amerikaner logischerweise (was natürlich die üblichen Klischees bezüglich eines Europa-"Urlaubs" zu Tage fördert).
* Auch hier gibt es Bösewichte, die, was interessant ist, unterschiedliche Interessen verfolgen.
* Und genau darin liegt ein Unterschied zum "Königsberg-Plan": es gibt noch vielfältigere Interessen, das Bernsteinzimmer zu finden; vier, um genau zu sein. Berrys diesbezügliche Taktik sehe ich neutral, dem Buch schadet sie nicht.
* Ob diese Interessen logisch erscheinen, muss der Leser selbst entscheiden. Wie gesagt, das hier ist Fiktion, die spannend sein soll. Und genau das gelingt dem Autor recht gut, wenn auch alles ganz im Stile eines Thrillers aus US-Feder abläuft.
* Was übrigens nicht entschuldigt, dass deutsche Akteure im Buch (wie leider so oft in den entsprechenden Büchern) kaum einen geraden Satz herausbringen.
* Trotzdem Lob für Berry: Die Hintergründe zum Bernsteinzimmer scheinen gut recherchiert, zudem werden interessante Fakten zum Bernstein an sich eingestreut.
**** Zusammengefasst eine Leseempfehlung mit vier Sternen. Besser gefallen, weil europäischer, hat mir das Buch von Weiss. Lesen sollten Sie, bei entsprechendem Interesse, beide. Ist nur Zeit für eins, ein Stern Vorsprung für den Königsberg-Plan.
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am 20. Juni 2015
Steve Berry presents an interesting solution why the Amber Room never could be found and this idea is really a basis for a good story -- yet Steve Berry fails to make a good story out of it. Too much hunting for persons instead of hunting for old treasure. Too much (disgusting) excitement whether the bad guy will manage to rape the good woman or not. Steve Berry can better.
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am 28. Oktober 2008
The history of art has produced few works as ambitious and as valuable as the Amber Room. Famous throughout Europe as `the eighth wonder of the world', its vast and intricately worked amber panels were a gift of the king of Prussia to the Russian Emperor. For over two hundred years the room remained in its Russian palace, but with the outbreak of the Second World War, Hitler laid claim to it as a showpiece for the Third Reich. When the Nazis swept into Leningrad, it was wrenched from the walls, packed into crates and disappeared from view, never to be seen again. The mystery of what is generally considered to be the greatest of the missing treasures of Europe is the background fro this intriguing and gripping crime story.

Steven Berry - this is my 4th novel by him - has created with this work a fast running, intriguing, gripping mystery. It is splendid merger of fact and fiction creating an engrossing puzzler. I cut not put it down and finished it in 2 days. The only draw-back I could find: Berry should check the German phrases maybe with native speaker. But that does not pull the book down.

So if you want to find out why Steven Berry is a mega-seller: well, just read this book. Highly recommended!!! I am really looking forward to Steven Berry's next (5th) book.
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am 30. Januar 2010
I definitely agree with Klaus that Mr Berry or his editor should have checked the German in the book - something a native speaker could have put right in five seconds. Reading "Können wir reden mehr?" and "Osterdode" put me off after only a few chapters and made me more critical of the rest. Chapter one, the sample I downloaded onto Kindle, was a flashback that promised more than the rest of the book delivered.

A man's book - I'm not saying this to be sexist, but women readers might like to know that some female characters are portrayed as voracious sex beasts with shallow personalities - seventies junk novel style.

Later, reading about two of the characters, both art hunters/thieves who were each content to be in the sole employ of a benefactor in return for a spare room in a castle, I questioned how believable this would be. For one of them, just maybe, but both? What happened to free enterprise? And would a US judge be so gullible??

If this is the best Mr Berry has to offer, I won't be reading others.
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am 4. April 2009
This is probably Steve Berry's best book so far and it makes for fascinating reading regarding lost / pillaged art / treasure by the Nazis at the end of the war. The action in this book is non-stop and to use a tired / well-used idiom, it keeps you "on the edge of your seat".

Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler is facing re-election but she finds her father dead at the bottom of his stairs. The cops write it off as an accident but we know (because we read it) that he was thrown down the stairs by a German professional killer who wants to know about the legendary Russian Amber Room which was stolen from Russia during the war by the Nazis and never recovered after the war.

Rachel and her ex-husband (has to be ex-husband doesn't it?) take off for Germany to find the Amber Room and avenge her father's death. Meanwhile the professional killer is being chased by another professional killer. The two of them are employed by rival art dealers who want the Amber Room for themselves and things are heating up. With the Cutlers about to inject themselves into the equation, things are going to get interesting. Also throw in a North Carolina entrepreneur who is going to blast his way into the Harz mountains because he is convinced that the Amber Room is concealed in there and things are going to get DEADLY.
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