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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 1. April 2009
When George Lucas started writing for the Star Wars prequels, he put together an amazing art department to help create and visualise the scenes he needed.

In this book contains the concept art, sketches, character designs, environment paintings and storyboards created for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The creativity in the designs are phenomenal, and is showcased on every page.

The art are categorized by locations, specifically The Trade Federation, The Planet of Naboo, Naboo: Otoh Gunga, Naboo: The City of Theed, Tatooine: The Desert Planet and Coruscant: The City Planet.

The amount of art work churn out is amazing, and I'm pretty sure this book contains only a small portion. Almost every piece of art makes me think to myself,"Gosh, these guys are good." All designs are captioned to explain the story requirements.

Here are some artists from the concept design team:

* Doug Chiang - Design director
* Gavin Bocquet - Production designer
* Peter Russell - Supervising art director
* Iain McCaig - Concept artist
* Terryl Whitlatch - Concept artist
* Jay Shuster - Concept artist
* Edwin Natividad - Concept artist
* Kurt Kaufman - Concept artist
* Benton Jew - Storyboard artist

This book is highly recommended to sci-fi artists, concept artists and of course Star Wars fans. It might be hard to find the book since it was published way back in 1999.

There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.
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am 1. Mai 2000
I am a product of the orginal trilogies and i am still impressed with what they were able to do even back then. technology has definetely worked on the side of movie creators, and Star Wars' creators are no exception. the art by which all of this amazing visual achievement is based is nothing short of spectacular. the work of all the artists who design costumes and sets to those who decide on the look for probably the best movie villian in recent history (Darth maul) is absolutely amazing. i recoomend this book to anyone who loves Star Wars, it's art, and the process that goes into building an element which has become a part of our modern culture.
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am 6. September 1999 no words can give justice to this incredible book, filled with fascinating pre-production art, drawings, and paintings. When George Lucas started working on the script for THE PHANTOM MENACE in 1994, he hired a group of talented artists who turned Lucas' rough ideas into concrete concepts, helping the Jedi Master himself craft EPISODE I, the beginning of the STAR WARS SAGA... How many concepts that did not make it into MENACE will be used for EPISODES 2 or 3 is anyone's guess, but be on the lookout for those SITH WITCHES!!!
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am 11. Januar 2000
We can see the influence of Ralph McQuarrie, the artist most responsible for creating the "look" of the original Star Wars, in Doug Chiang's acrylic production paintings, from the use of color to the brush strokes to the dramatic perspectives. Doug Chiang didn't just take the baton from McQuarrie--he ran with it like crazy. This is a beautifully produced book which brings the Art Department of Episode One to the forefront. Organized by the locations of the movie--Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant and the Trade Federation--this Star Wars book stresses illustrations and paintings over screen shots from the finished movie and prop photos. Those wanting to see close ups of Qui-Gon's light saber will have to look elsewhere. In that sense it is the Art Department's book rather than ILM's. That may disappoint those out there who want to see the "finished product" more than the "process of creation." But for aspiring artists and designers, this book is will serve as an inspiration. It also shows the amount of work that's necessary to become a professional in this field. Judging by the sheer volume of sketches and paintings represented by this book, it looks like Chiang didn't get much sleep during his years working at Skywalker Ranch on this movie.
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am 2. November 1999
Hmmm. The reader from Coral Springs states that this book didn't have the range of artwork that the other "Art of Star Wars" books did. That's strange, because if you actually OPEN these books, you will see that (s)he is absolutely WRONG. This book is MUCH richer than the previous ones. The only explanation I can think of is that (s)he must have accidentally placed a review of the "Making of Episode I" here, instead of a review of the "Art of Episode I." (S)he also complains that the Star Wars Insider CD-ROM has more artwork on it. Well, of course it does! It's a CD-ROM! It has a lot of memory and you can put a lot of art on there! More art than can be put in a book! What a silly criticism! This is a FANTASTIC book! It actually tells you something about the artwork and the process that went into creating it. The previous books in the series should have been done this way! Hopefully Lucasfilm will do the remaining books in the series in a similar fashion. (Please, George?)
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am 16. September 1999
Its like a whole museum in one book, if you are an artist or a beginning one, this is the book to get your juices flowing. I get so inspired and full of ideas just by looking at the cover when its laying on my table. The art in the book is simply outstanding. It has doesens of pictures of buildings, starships, machinery, chracters all of wich are simply state of the art. It shows you how each item has been develped over the period of time. Darth Maul was originally a woman! A scary one too.
Lucas definetly had the best artists in the world working on that movie. I'd recommend it to everyone who draws, writes stories or just needs some inspiration and drive.
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am 28. Januar 2000
Jonathan Bresman has done a great job preparing this book, which is a genuine masterpiece not only for collectors and moviegoers but also to every single fan of the STAR WARS saga. I am a proud member of the generation that grew up watching STAR WARS, so the worldwide release of THE PHANTOM MENACE came right on time to satiate our thirst of new emotions reviewing all those planets, galaxies and characters again and again. I am very happy to add this book to my private "movie museum". Never before in my entire lifetime I've seen such a perfection and wealth of details. A must buy for sure. Five stars.
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am 4. Januar 2000
This is just like the original Episode I picture: it still resembles with the original films. We can appreciate many aspects in the develpment of the story by watching the sketches, draws and production paintings, since Lucas likes to save some things for his next films, I do agree with the reviewer who said that it gives us a preview of the Episode I. I specially liked the second "Sith Witch" on page 196, who knows? maybe that's the sketch for the rumored new Sith villain named "Detori" that maybe will overwheal Darth Maul on ferocity.
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am 26. Dezember 1999
If you're a professional illustrator, film student or even a casual Star Wars fan, this is a fantastic book. As a trainee production illustrator and animator, I found this book to be the best possible resource for movie production artwork. Weather you're a sci-fi devotee or take a casual interest in film making, you will do no better than to buy this book. It is stunningly presented, printed and bound. Get the hardcover while you still can- the softcover release (God forbid if there ever is one) will not be as good as this.
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am 1. Oktober 1999
This is the book that I'ver personally been waiting for ever since they started to release written material about the Phantom Menace. If anyone is interested in the design, pre-production, conceptual design area, then this is the book for them. Doug Chiang (director of art/design at Lucasfilms) and many other designers at Lucasfilms are incredibly talented. Excellent sketches and conceptual work.
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