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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 12. April 2000
This is an excellent story. Gemmell is truly a master of the "heroic fantasy" genre. One of his strengths is his ability to write fairly realistic characters, characters usually past their prime, characters who eventually die because of their violent lifestyle. He gives us (as in Waylander's case), heroes that are not really heroes, at least not at first. He writes realistic dialogue. And the magic is believable. If his world lacks a bit of the polish of some writers, this is not a problem because those details (at least to me) are not as important in heroic fantasy. Heroic fantasy as I see it is more concerned with telling the stories of a hero, recounting his deeds (though it is still important for the writer to create a solid world for the hero to live in, and Gemmell has done this). One way I judge this type of book is whether I was bored by it. I was not. I read it compulsively, unable to put it down. I wasn't bored for a moment. The characters are real, the dialogue and description are excellent, and the created fantasy world is well done. Gemmell's writing style makes for a real page-turner. While the book is nothing ground-breaking, it isn't meant to be. For light but very enjoyable fantasy, Waylander is excellent.
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am 10. Januar 2000
The only complaint I would have about this book was that it was not long enough. Gemmel seems to develop the plot and characters at lightening speed, sometimes at the cost of depth. In fact, some of the more well-developed characters in the book were secondary to the plot (for example, Jonat, Kai, and several others). The ending was very disconcerting since I expected about 150 pages more and suddenly, it was over, with a Dragnet-style epilogue.
All that being said, David Gemmel brings back to the fantasy genre something it has sorely missed. In countless other throw-away "epics," authors fling shallow characters and weak plots at us as if we were playing some kind of printed video game. In Waylander, we are treated to characters with enough personality to actually form opinions on them. We grow to like and dislike them on their own merits, rather than through some contrived description.
I especially liked Gemmel's development of the theosophy of Drenai. The conflict between good and evil with some strongly Gnostic flavoring is something everyone can appreciate. The deeds of magic were kept at a dull roar with every one of them requiring little or no suspension of disbelief.
I haven't read any of the other Drenai books, but I intend to based on the strength of Waylander.
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am 2. November 2008
Als Gesetzlose seine Familie brutal ermordeten, schwor der junge Dakeyras blutige Rache. Nach trostlosen zwanzig Jahren der Jagd fiel auch der Letzte der Mörder unter seiner grausam rächenden Hand und aus dem einstigen guten Mann war der berüchtigste Meuchelmörder seiner Zeit geworden. Als in seiner Heimat der junge König ermordet aufgefunden wird, überzieht ein vernichtender Feuersturm an Krieg, Tod und Leid das einst mächtige Reich der Drenai. Die einzige Hoffnung für das verheerte Land liegt in der verborgenen mythischen Bronzerüstung ihres legendärsten Herrschers, die als Symbol der Freiheit allein Aussicht auf Rettung bietet. Aber nur einer kann sie finden - der Mörder ihres Königs: Waylander der Schlächter.

David Gemmell hat vorliegend eine fantastische neue Welt samt seinem herausragendsten "Helden" überhaupt erschaffen. In Waylander dem gnadenlosen Mörder entflammt der letzte Funken des einstigen Dakeyras. Düsternis und Licht treffen in einem außergewöhnlichen Charakter aufeinander, der einen schier aussichtslosen inneren Kampf um sich und seine Seele kämpft. Um ihn herum verweben sich vielschichtige Handlungsfäden zu einer dramatischen Geschichte, die das Schicksal eines Mannes und seiner Welt bestimmen soll. Das Reich der Drenai ist Schauplatz von unerhörten Gräueltaten, es wird gestorben, geblutet,vergewaltigt und gelitten...und doch handeln sowohl die schlimmsten Übeltäter als auch die vermeintlichen Helden aus nachvollziehbaren Motiven, Emotionen und einer prägenden Biographie heraus. Ergreifend und erschütternd wird aufgezeigt, wie jeder Mensch zwar sein eigenes Schicksal schmieden kann, sich aber Zeit seines Lebens seinem dunklen Ich stellen muss - doch die Hoffnung auf Läuterung endet erst mit dem Tod. Waylanders Stunde soll kommen.

Bei aller Genialität hat das Buch gerade im Vergleich zu seinen brillanten Nachfolgern auch seine kleinen (verschwindend geringen)Schwächen. Es hätte gut und gern noch an die hundert Seiten vertragen können, um Waylanders Wandlung samt der gelegentlich etwas zu schnell fließenden Geschichte noch detaillierter auszustatten und weiter auszubauen. Persönlich hat mich das allerdings nicht gestört, da die Schwächen im Lichte dieser brillanten Geschichte kaum ins Gewicht fallen.

Fazit: Mag der "Held" auch dunkler sein als die Nacht, so ist sein Erwachen doch umso strahlender. David Gemmell schickt vorliegend seinen brillantesten Charakter in die Schlacht und läutet den Auftakt zu einem wahrhaft gigantischen Fantasy-Epos ein, das einen epischen Bogen über die Jahrhunderte und das Schicksal ganzer Völker spannen soll: die Drenai-Saga.
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am 21. März 2000
I first read Waylander when i was 13. I'd never heard of David Gemmell and had no real interest in books either. The only reason i was in the library was to get away from the teasing i received in the schoolyard. Had it not been for those people teasing me i still probably wouldn't have heard of David Gemmell to this day. I don't quite remember what attravted me to Waylander, maybe the nice cover or the blurb, all i know is that every lunch time for the next 2 months i was in that library reading Waylander. Althought there were things that i didn't understand in it i was nonetheless enthralled by the story and i still am today. I've graduated from high school and am now in my second year at university and Waylander is still my favorite book to read. To a 13 year old boy it was an escape from reality to a world of adventure and heros, to the 18 year old who reads it on average 3 times a year it has become a close friend who takes me on a journey down a path that i have often walked but never tired of. Thankyou David Gemmell for introducing me to Waylander and his family. Without them my life would be infinitely different and much less bareable.
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am 17. Oktober 2001
Super interessant geschriebenes Buch! Das Buch fiel mir während eines Auslandaufenthaltes in die Hände. Obwohl ich in Englisch nicht gerade die große Leuchte bin, konnte ich problemlos der Geschichte folgen. Die Beschreibungen der Szenen puschen die Fantasie immer wieder zu neuen Höchstleistungen an. Bin ein richtiger Fan von David Gemmel geworden. Mein Sprachschatz im Englischen hat sich dadurch beträchtlich erweitert. Für Deutsche mit einem Fable für Fantasy und passablen Englischkenntnissen, die beste Möglichkeit ihren Sprachschatz aufzubessern. Ich habe dieses Buch innerhalb drei Tage regelrecht verschlungen.
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am 17. Juni 2014
Ich bin schon lange Fan von David Gemmell und habe auch dieses Buch nun bestimmt schon 3-4 mal gelesen. Immer wieder kurzweilig, immer wieder spannend. Ich mag es wie Gemmell die Charaktere beschreibt und entwickelt.
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am 2. Januar 1997
Among the thousands of fantasy/sci-fi novels that have entered my brain via my eyes over the years, "Waylander" shines above the crowd. Author David Gemmell exhibits true epic-saga-creation talent, and a genuine skill in telling an entertaining and gripping tale.

In search myself of creative inspiration as a screenwriter, I pulled several old favorites from my shelves. It must have been the hand of fate (which looked suspiciously similar to my own manipulative member) that added "Waylander" to the stack. A sufficient interval had passed since my last reading for the force of this excellent work to once again make an impact.

I remember clearly the first time I had the good fortune to experience this particular story, because I immediately followed up by journeying to several bookshops seeking other Gemmell novels. Alas, at that time, I quested in vain.

Since then the Internet has brought mankind out of the dark ages of information (hallelujah!) Thus I came here to Amazon, where fortune smiled and my search rewarded by the discovery of a large number of other Gemmell works.

I shall look forward to returning at last to Gemmell's Realm.
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am 26. Juni 1999
i really love the drenai saga, it's not like books that i've read before. It seems so real life at times that i can never put any of the books down. But the one thing that is on my mind is what book starts the series? I've read it beginning with "Legend", "The King Beyond the Gate", "The Quest for Lost Heroes", "Waylander", "In the Realm of the Wolf", "Druss the Legend", and "The Legend of Deathwalker". But it seems that after reading all of these that "Waylander" and "In the Realm of the Wolf" should come before "Legend" and all the others. If anyone could offer any help that'll be greatly appreciated, but other then that, i really have found that these books are just great reads. -Ray
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am 24. August 1998
Long ago, in a time far away, I entered the realms of Tolkien's "LOTR", and Herbert's "Dune". I found worlds with characters so compelling, wars so entralling, that every time I had to put down the book, I ached until I could pick-up with the story again. It had been decades since I found another book so intense and well-written. Finally I found another, this book has been worth a few re-reads, each as enjoyable as the first. The Drenai Saga as a whole has been a great experience, I suggest it strongly!
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While not the best of the Drenai saga novels, it still rises above most fantasy novels. The characters are very human and very real. The problems and flaws they possess endear them to the reader on a personal level. I got chills up my spine when the Thirty was founded. The author writes military fantasy better than anyone. After reading this, as well as the other books in the Drenai saga, I am convinced that Gemmel has lived through a seige on a medieval fortress. Read it, and all of the Drenai saga. You won't be sorry.
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