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  • Cosmos
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am 14. April 2015
Als Kind in England habe ich immer sein Program am Fernsehen gesehen. Immer Lehrreich aber so einfach dargestellt, dass ein Kind alles verstehen konnte.
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am 23. Januar 1998
This is the classic book that got me interested and excited about science in general and astronomy in particular when I was 12 or 13 years old. I haven't read it in a while, but remember it being an exciting read not just becuase it introduces you to some fundamentals about science, but because Sagan personalizes and humanizes everything in his book, from the ancient astronomers to the possibility of life outside of our solar system. It's a book full of wonderment and hope and optimism for the future, but with cautionary warnings and thoughtful musings.
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am 4. Juli 2000
Sagan will open your eyes to the world around you in this fascinating analysis of Earth, the planets, the sun and stars in "Cosmos". Not only does he unlock the mysteries of the universe in an understandable way, but he also ties in human evolutionary biology and science history quite skillfully. What I found to be most interesting about this book is that Sagan interjects his own opinions, interpretations, and theories as he writes, rather than just listing facts. As you read, you experience the thinking process of a great mind in action.
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am 2. Juni 2001
I bought this book when I was perhaps 10 years old - it was the first expensive thing I've bought from my own money, and it was one of the best purchases in my life. This is more than a simple book about facts; Sagan is able to give the reader an impression of the fascination not only of astronomy, but of the triumphs of science in general. The brilliance of the ancient greeks, who calculated the radius of the earth only by the angle of an obelisk's shadow in northern and in central egypt. Kepler's genius and the elegance of its second law.... In addition, it covers many aspects of astronomy in a very interesting way. Extremely inspiring!
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am 20. Mai 2008
I can confess it: I became an astronomer because of this book and the corresponding TV series, and I don't regret that. I asked this to be my birthday present when I was 10 or 11, it was 1600 pesetas (an expensive book at this time), and I read it several times. Since them I feel the emotion of these pages, and their strength. When I read this again, I cannot avoid to "float" by the great feeling. A must for anybody who wants to understand this world.
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am 4. Januar 1999
Carl Sagan, I believe wrote this book more out to be an essay of what he believes. That sometimes can be a little over-the-top. Usually a long essay will not put out the message fully. The ending of this book didn't truly fulfill what I wanted to read. The book does have some good points about the cosmos but it perhaps put too much emphasis where the book should not have went by doing too much info on the scientists of the cosmo. The truth is, this science book didn't fulfill what I expected of it. And thats all I have to say about this book.
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am 22. Juni 2000
An absolutely must read for everyone, period.
I was introduced to Dr. Carl Sagan through, like many others, his television series "Cosmos". It was something new to me. Before that I used to view science and astronomy as something which neither I was qualified to know nor it was essential for me to know. "Cosmos" changed everything.
When I saw the book, I just couldn't resist buying it and since that day, I have read it four times. This book and "Cosmos" series can be considered the most important milestones in the popularization of science. Dr. Sagan worked all his life towards this goal and many people like myself are in his debt for introducing us to the marvelous world of science.
The book, as compared to the series, is not that simple to understand for a person who has no knowledge of some of the terms used in the book. But even the stuff that one can understand is awesome and makes one wonder about the universe we are living in.
My recommendation to everyone is to read this book and you'll be a different human being by the time you finish it. It will change the way you think.
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Cosmos is a not a science book, it is about everthing that relates to our universe. Through its thirteen chapters, it tells the tales of human origin, scientific discoveries and space explorations of human. Many passages reflect strongly the beliefs and opinions of Carl Sagan (his faith on science as the true pathway to understanding the cosmos, his distaste of our own self-destructive instincts and mostly his sence of the insignificance of the human race against the universe), which I personally think is the most interesting and thought-provoking part of the book. All in all a GREAT book to read and treasure. Its one of those books which you borrowed it first from library, and then bought your own copy just because it's simply a book to own!
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am 20. März 1999
I read Cosmos at age 48, after having studied mathmatics, physics, and astronomy for much of my early life. Although loving the strict rigor of mathematical proofs and scientific reasoning immensely, I believe that there is something important to be said about the poetic, almost terrifying beauty inherent in the most significant areas and principles in these related field. I believe that Carl Sagan has sought (and accomplished) to go beyond the purely technical (which has an admittedly limited readership), and invited the uninitiate to venture into the realms of the heavens as well, and there is alot to be said about this approach too. For one thing, the more enlightened the general public, the more chance for mutual survival. Furthermore, science does not function solely in an ivory tower; it coexists in a wider world with many people who could be made to appreciate the genuine wonders. It is to the author's credit that he realizes this, which many other "pure" scientists of the same ilk (Sagan certainly knew his "hard science" too) would be well to observe. Many scientists of my own acquaintance suffer from a debilitating technical myopia. So here's to a major achievement and major book. Detractors should search their souls and motivations carefully. The world would be a far more enlightened and better place if only more people read it today.
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am 29. Juli 1997
I first saw this material not in book form, but in the TV series made for PBS. I remember a childhood of growing up watching Carl Sagan on the bridge of an imaginary ship, hurtling through the universe as he explained the wondrousness of it all.

The writing is easy to follow and, while it may jump around time-wise, encourages the reader to learn more about astronomy as well as astrophysics, chemistry, and mathematics. A particularly important quality in Sagan's writing is his ability to break down concepts which, ordinarily, might be beyond the grasp of those not initiated to physics, geometry, and history. He introduces complicated topics (such as astrophysics) in simple enough terms that they can be followed and applied to the discussions in later chapters. In addition, his unique insight into the space escapades of the past several decades (often through his consultation or even direct involvement) lends a personal touch to the narrative that makes it all seem more human and understandable.

His strength of conviction and courage to show the darker side of humanity as it relates to the study of the universe is admirable; his willingness to expose the ugliness of societies ignorant in the value of science (to this day) gives readers a broader view of astronomy's place in the world. A writer unafraid to show the truth is a diamond in the rough. Sagan was one such jewel, and this novel is certainly a treasure all its own.
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