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  • Cosmos
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am 15. Oktober 2002
This book has been written now almost 30 years ago - and you will find this out after you read the 1 page. This is the reason why i only gave 3 stars. Carl Sagan is explaining the Voyager mission in such detail which is realy boring in year 2002. Except of this it's nice to read. You'll get a lot of information about history of since (Thales, Pythagoras, Kepler, Newton,...), may be more then you actually wanted to know. In most sections in this book Sagan talks about the live of some of those great scientist. The book is o.k. for you if you want to get some information about history of science (from 500 B.C. till 1978) but not if you want to get the latest update on cosmos, science and universe.
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am 19. Dezember 2016
My mother bought that book for me when i was 9 or 10 after it has been broadcasted in Germany. It was the best and most influencing present of my life. It was the reason why i became an engineer. I read it dozens of times. The meanwhile strongly worn book has the most honorable place in my bookshelf, and though partially outdated, today i am reading from It to my children, and i hope one day they will do so with theirs. Thank you Carl.
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am 16. September 2005
This is one of the best books I have ever read. It explains the world we are living in, but it is not just a scientific book. It unites so many fields of knowledge that I assume, Sagan must be a genius. Philosophy, Physics, Maths, Relegion, all that is coming together in a masterpiece that you will be unable to put down, eager to know what is happening on the next page, what miacles the author will reveal to you...It is just so beautyful...If you want to have Cosmos in a story by the way, read Contact. Sagan's works will stay with us along with those of Hawking...Buy this and change the way you live and look at the world you're living in.
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am 28. Mai 2000
I first saw the PBS series "COSMOS" when I was about 16 years old. It was a revelation. Carl Sagan was an intelligent and skilled purveyor of the whole story of the universe as seen from the perspective of we curious human beings. This book is really a transcription of the series with each episode corresponding to a chapter. Ultimately, the success of this series for me was the integration of so much information into such a brilliantly unified thread. Quite simply, Carl Sagan shows us why the universe is so fascinating, and why it would be worthwhile to try and preserve the human race so that we may continue to probe further into the fantastic possibilities that may await us...
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am 16. Februar 2000
The late Carl Sagen had a wonderful way of relating his apparent knowledge of everything into a form that comparative idiots can understand. His genius appears to be, not just his ability to formulate the evalution of the cosmos into something understandable to himself, but into a book understandable to those of us with IQs less than was his 150-plus. I've read this book a couple of times, as well as "A Brief History Of Time" by Stephen Hawking. Both books are wonderful in the authors' attempts to share their enthusiasm of science and physics, but the difference is Sagen's ability to simplify the topic for the common intellect. Hawking either seems unable to to so, or is tackling subject matter much too difficult for the general public. Not so for Sagen... AND Perhaps even now a life-form on another planet across a hundred billion stars from Earth is observing our planet as it appeared in the past, in a better time when the great Carl Sagen lived among us.
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I have read a number of very, very good popularisations of science including some by Dawkins, Hawking, Gould, Diamond, Asimov etc. But none are as accessible as Sagan's works. Cosmos is the book that has most influenced my life as it gave me the "love of learning". This love is the most precious gift I have ever received and it inspires me to try to give it to others. I am amazed that I still own my original copy as I have given it away to so many people encouraging them to read. Cosmos should be compulsory reading for all 15 year olds. If it had been there would have been no need for Mr Sagan's last book about the shocking rise of ignorance and pseudoscience in our society. If you read only one book in your life, this is the one. If you read frequently, you have no excuse for missing this book.
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am 17. Mai 2000
I am honored to say I began my career as a physicist when, as a young child, I watched with utter awe the television series "Cosmos". With that series Carl Sagan opened my mind to what can be knowable, given the right tools - and I have not looked back since. He has been called a great communicator and not a great scientist. This I question - because he was more popular than other scientists, that makes him inferior? Regardless of his credentials as a scientist, he undoubtedly began many other scientific careers in addition to my own. Certainly one of these "academic progeny" will change the world for the better, and for this we all must salute him. Cosmos the series, and Cosmos the book, are brilliant for expanding our minds to both what is knowable, and making the knowable knowledge.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
Sagan targets a general audience with this magnificent work! He presents the topics in a very clear and entertaining readable manner and makes them easy to understand. Isaac Asimov couldn't do a better job! This great work will stimulate many people to pursue a further quest for knowledge in science and cosmology.
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am 23. Januar 1998
This is the classic book that got me interested and excited about science in general and astronomy in particular when I was 12 or 13 years old. I haven't read it in a while, but remember it being an exciting read not just becuase it introduces you to some fundamentals about science, but because Sagan personalizes and humanizes everything in his book, from the ancient astronomers to the possibility of life outside of our solar system. It's a book full of wonderment and hope and optimism for the future, but with cautionary warnings and thoughtful musings.
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am 16. Juni 2000
Everyone should read this excellent book, written by the late Carl Sagan; it should be read in high schools and everyplace where science is taught, because it is one of the most mind-opening books I have ever read. Although it mainly deals with astronomy in an excellent and easy to understand manner, one aspect that it is worth mentioning is the fact that Dr. Sagan was a science loving person that loved and respected all nature, and that is something that can be read between the lines, because he inserts in some parts of the book captivating pieces of his philosophy and his love for the universe and our fragile place in it; he transmits the reader his love for all this things and his optimism that, although we are heading towards out own ruin, it is also in our own hands to avoid self-destruction. The final chapter, "Who speaks for Earth", is well worth reading two or three times, to "acquire" at least a small piece of Dr. Sagan's conscience in the dangers of nuclear war, but also some of his optimistic ideas about our future. I think the Earth lost one of its main scientists and defenders when Dr. Sagan passed away.
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