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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 31. Oktober 1998
Seven Arrows, the first book published in modern times about the Medicine Wheels, is now the classic volume on the topic. Written while ceremony was still illegal in the USA and the young generation was heartbroken, this courageous work by Storm brought him into the center of the whirlwind of controversary regarding the practice of Native American Spirituality. Seven Arrows is ground-breaking in many ways. It is a prime example of the oral tradition transformed into narrative prose and it is an entirely new novel form. It is classic Native American literature at its very best and is a must read for students of writing, literature, Native American Studies, and the Earth science and spiritual philosophy of the Medicine Wheels. This book has brought Hyemeyohsts Storm into the circle of truly great 20th century American writers. It has also given renewed hope to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
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am 9. Dezember 1998
Seven Arrows is a story made for telling. I've heard Storm in person, and you know his stories are aimed at the next generation. This is probably the "Grimms Tales" of Native Americana, in a book. The imagery is specialised to show a tribal world view, just as if it were German or French; gets us the same results, and is as valid as Mother Goose or any-other curriculum for schools. Nothing else is required. The message is getting PEACE. This is done by all people in the same way, but they use differing techniques. That principle must be taught within our schools now so that the future population sees their own vision-quest as a means for life together peaceably with their fellowman. Seven Arrows has many features that could be used to advantage by teachers right here and now.
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am 6. September 2009
Es ist bedauerlich, das dieses Buch nicht wieder aufgelegt wird. Es ist nicht nur
bewegende Erzählung, prächtig bebildert, sondern ein Einblick in die Philosophie des Sonnentanzes. Und reicht weit über die erzählte Indianergeschichte hinaus. Fast bin ich versucht, in dieser indianischen Version des Buddhismus, die Ursache für die Anfeindungen zu erkennen, denen Hyemeyohsts Storm ausgesetzt war.
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am 15. Juni 2000
I agree with the readers from California and Arizona and commend them on ther fine reviews. I would only like to add that the illustrations, photographs and art work is superb. The paintings by Karen Harris are excellent. They compliment the text in such a way that the experience is even more meaningful. The historical black and white photographs are treasured reminders of a bygone era. The knowledge of the elders is available for those who seek it, add this book to your Native American collection.
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