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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
Bridget Jones's Diary: A Novel
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 18. September 2001
Der Erfolg dieses Buchs liegt ganz einfach darin: Briget kommt in eine Situation die jeder ledigen Frau über, aber auch vielen frauen unter 30 bekannt ist. Egal ob sie Probleme mit Alkohol, Kalorien, Zigaretten, peinlichen Eltern, fehlenden Männern, Männern im Bett, Männern mit fremden Frauen hat - man kann sich sofort mit der Situation identifizieren. NUR man hat sich selbst immer wenn auch nicht gut, so doch besser als sie aus der Affaire gezogen. Die suche nach Mr.Right und das vorbeilaufen an Mr. Secondbest wird sehr schön herausgearbeitet. Dieses Buch wurde zu Recht millionenmale verkauft, es ist einfach köstlich zu lesen - zumal in englisch. Ich habe mal ein halbes jahr in einem Londoner Vorort gelebt, ich erkenne da viele Charaktere wieder, denen ich so oder sehr ähnlich auch begegnet bin.
Ich habe früher mit großer Freude die Adrian Mole Tagebücher von Sue Townsend gelesen, dieses Bridget Jones's Diary hat große Ähnlichkeiten mit Cappuccino year's, nur eben mit der weiblichen Seite.
Warum kommt jetzt der Wunsch nach den Tagebüchern der jungen Bridget in mir auf? Eine pubertierende, gefrustete 11-15 jährige Ms. Jones fehlt mir irgendwie noch in der Sammlung.
Das Buch baut aus meiner Sicht frustrierte Frauen um 30 wieder auf. Es sagt: Du bist nicht allein, andere Frauen haben noch mehr Pech!
... und das lesen wir doch alle ganz gern ;-)
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am 1. August 2000
A female colleague gave me Bridget Jones's Diary, insisting that it isn't a "girlie book" but rather a funny book even men could like. Well, she is both wrong and right. It is most definitely a book about and for women, but it is so light hearted and funny that even men can enjoy it (assuming they can get over the embarassment of being seen with such a book!).
Bridget Jones is a story of one year in the life on a 30-ish, single London girl. She is constantly in panic mode, unbelievably obsessive about her weight, looks, and what people think of her. No, the story is hardly original. But Ms. Fielding takes these female stereotypes and blows them out of such hilarious proportions that, well, it's hard not to laugh with (and at) Bridget's problems. And men will find Bridget Jones generally likeable because, fortunately, the story doesn't take its "man bashing" very seriously.
Being a middle-aged (American) male in London, I thought the world was looking at me when I read this "girlie" book on the Underground. But this didn't bother me in the least; it's their loss for not reading it themselves.
And for those who might think my female colleague is some sort of Bridget Jones herself, guess again. The previous book she loaned me was Crime and Punishment (..fat chance Bridget would buy let alone read that!).
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am 19. Mai 2000
This book was one of the most annoying that I have read this year. It was so annoying that I could not even finish it, and I bought it in hardcover. I am usually able to struggle through a hardback when I buy it because of the cost. This one however was just too annoying. I thought the story and its premise was refreshing when I picked it up. It was a departure in plot and presentation from the other books offered last simmer the main character was just not very likeable. Since the book was about her I found it unreadable. I do not recommend it and would not reccomend it even if it is found on the bargain table.
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am 6. Juli 2000
Good grief!
My neighbors must think I'm an absolute lunatic. I laughed so hard at this novel, and its sequel, while reading late at night, that surely they must have been thinking of getting those nice men in the white coats to come take me away.
Let me preface the rest of my commentary by saying that I hardly EVER laugh at books. At most you'll get me to grin. This is not the case with the wonderful, wonderful, Bridget Jones' Diary -- it actually made me laugh so hard that I had to put the book down for a second to recompose myself.
It's that good.
Some reviews here say that as you get to the end of the book, you want to throttle the main character because she seems so hapless, but that wasn't the case for me. I've known women like Bridget. Hell, I've BEEN Bridget from time to time.
And that's why I think the book is so popular. Parts of the book will ring true to almost every woman -- at some point, you've done some foolish act that only a Bridget Jones is capable of.
It's Lucy Ricardo meets HBO's Sex in the City.
Bridget Jones is everywoman. There's even a little Bridget Jones in you.
Give this book a try. I will guarantee it will get a grin (at the VERY least) out of you.
Then don't be greedy, pass it along to a friend who could use a good laugh.
P.S. The sequel is even funnier! But you have to read the first one to know the background for the second.
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am 7. Juli 1998
Bridget Jones, while 30ish and single, struggles with a set of core issues that all women can identify with. Career stagnation, relationship problems, and body image, are colorfully, and humorously documented. No matter what age, marital status, or body type, most women who read this book will find herself repeatedly surprised to discover that her own inner struggles and thoughts are accurately voiced, or maybe may have a diary frighteningly similar to Bridget's. She has the ability, through her insightful excerpts to show how absurd life can be. The reader is inspired to wonder why we create such a chaotic, emotionally stressful life with our obsession for the superficial in this world. Why do we, especially women, value losing weight, getting a boyfriend, and "inner poise", rather than learning a new skill, helping other people, and spiritual growth? The goals that Bridget strives for and sometimes achieves are never fulfilling for her because they don't contribute to the intelligent,compassionate, giving person that Bridget sometimes is. Nevertheless, we don't judge Bridget. We laugh at her life's situations because they are so close to home.
In a world where obscure, unattainable things are worshipped, Bridget's life illustrates how we are easily confused as to what brings us true happiness. The book does not attempt to make a statement on women's issues, right or wrong. Instead, Bridget Jones Diary does a fabulous job at recapitulating the inner struggles of women living in commercial, modern society.
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am 6. Juli 1998
I began Bridget Jones' Diary expecting to be amused, entertained, and equipped with a quick beach read. Rather than wait, however, I consumed this novel within two days, neither of which was spent at the beach -- although it was a light, quick read. Those in search of deep meaning and revelation need look elsewhere for satisfaction -- Diary is the literary equivalent of a (good) quickie -- short, sweet, and to the point, but with a long-lasting impact.
The one unpleasant reaction I had was not to the book itself, but to the backlash against it. i didn't set out reding this book looking for a feminist hero -- the jacket clearly presents Bridget as a neurotic, self-conscious woman. In none of the feminist rebuttals of Fielding's book is there any mention of Bridget's friends' reactions to her final achievement of her ideal weight -- 119 lbs. Their response is hardly enthusiastic -- they tell her she looks ill, "deflated," and so on. And again, when Bridget finally gets the right man, she weighs (a staggering -- good lord, the poundage!) 129 lbs. Rather than remain in a dead-end job at her publishing company (where she unwisely becomes involved with her boss), Bridget branches out in the world and becomes a television reporter for a trachy channel. She gets a job she nejoys and works with people who begin to respect her rather than chide her for her laziness (but let's admit -- who wouldn't rather sunbathe than go to work?).
Nor is there any mention in this feminist backlash of how supportive Bridget is of both her parents throughout their separation, nomention of the men she rejects (yes, even the neurotics have their standards), no word about her best friends Tom,Jude, and Shazzer, all of whom have valubale and sensible input.
Perhaps these examples hardly justify Bridget's neuroses as a fair representation of women -- perhaps she is still damaging to the collective female psyche -- but I would disagree. Bridget does not undermine Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem's hard work ! -- she simply represents the result of it. And if they don't like it, then they should do something about it rather than sit back and complain. Which is something, I suspect, they might accuse Ms. Jones of engaging in.
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am 28. Februar 2000
This book is great. Critics have argued that it's Pride and Prejudice. So what? Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, and I didn't hold a grudge against Bridget Jones because of it. Critics say she's shallow. She is, but she's also lovable and funny.
Who cares if she's not a feminist's dream? She's not real. Fictional. And it's not like anyone will take her for a role model. Lighten up, please. You don't have to emulate her or worship her, just laugh and go along with the story.

Some of the plot was contrived, but once more, it's fiction.
I will grant she's overly thin and too worried about dieting (I'm sitting here saying 134 pounds and she thinks she needs to diet?), but that's part of her neurotic charm. I know people who are like that about losing weight, and my response basically is to laugh at them for worrying. This book appealed to me, my mom, and all of my friends, and we're not at all like Bridget, though a few things we can relate to; I won't be screaming 'Bridget Jones is me!' any time soon. There are some girls, though, who I know who could possibly become Bridget Jones, so I'm not going to argue that the character is completely unrealistic.
For the people who hated British slang, you can figure it out quickly; it's not that hard.
Overall, this book is great. Completely enjoyable, and a light read. Some of the sections had me laughing out loud. This book is hilarious. Not just anyone could write snappy dialogue, or write a bestseller. I loved this book, and recommend it.
P.S.: For the person who suggested anyone could write this book: Then why don't you give it a shot?
Also recommended: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (I know, I know, the latter has nothing to do with this book and isn't like it, but it's one of my favorites.)
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am 5. Februar 1999
Simply put: Read this book. I can think of no funnier book ... ever. And it is true what everyone says: this book WILL make you laugh out loud, so only read it in the presence of people who know you, because everyone else will think you are a stark raving lunatic when you start cracking up uncontrollably. By the way, I am male, so this book does not just appeal to females.
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am 23. Juni 1998
Did you ever have a feeling that a hidden camera recorded your life? As a 30-something singleton, I felt that I was reading the chronicles of all of those little incidents that I thought only happened to me. Thank God I just found out I'm not alone. This book captures the charm and challenges of a single woman's life so well and with such humor.
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am 17. Dezember 1999
In fact, many of us thing she is a whining sniveling idiot who truly gives a bad name to women everywhere. I hope that my friends and I never degenerate to this self-pitying moron who really cannot seem to take control of her life since she is so obsessed with others' opinions of her. Does she have no sense of self-worth? I take offense at all of the reviewers (published and online) who say that Bridget is "every single woman." We are not all desperate, pathetic creatures incapable of making a simple decision. God help us if she is the ideal standard to which we are all being held up. While the book is a quick read (under an hour--not neccessarily a good thing by the way), the plot is a retread of every Austen novel, and Bridget herself is not that far from an Edwardian heroine. However, the Edwardian heroine has more strength and intelligence than this sniveling little spoiled brat. At the very least, Ally McBeal's whims and fantasies are grounded in her character, and not in a horribly written slapstick plot.
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