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The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-4 (Box Set)
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am 3. Juli 2014
The four volumes cover the foundations of computer programming including such classical problems as sorting, searching, tree-based structures and random number generation. The coverage of the included subjects is quite exhaustive but some topics are not covered at all and are expected to appear in the following volumes (4B, in preparation, for example). The material is not presented in an introductory manner but rather succintly. It would probably take much more than the 3000 pages to render all information accessible to a broad audience. Nevertheless, the text is mostly self-contained and a determined reader should not need much more than a good grasp of highshool mathematics to understand most of it. It would otherwise be handy to refer to other, easier texts for introduction to discrete mathematics, logic and probability before attacking the most difficult sections.

The exercises are one of the strongest points of the book and complement the text by covering important extensions of the material presented. Some are easy, many are hard and several are open research problems. Spending the time to attempt the exercises or simply trying to understand the (provided) answers is a very rewarding activity.

The attention to detail is simply stunning. Prof Knuth will go to extraordinary depth, including reference to centuries-old manuscripts and accurate historical information. He even insists on writing names in the original script (for example, ancient Greek or Chinese) where appropriate.

The typographical presentation is legendary, as appropriate for the person who developed TeX. The quality of the paper, the binding and the typesetting are top-notch and a pleasure to behold.

Finally, I feel that the price is quite reasonable for a work of this quality and certainly compares very favorably with many textbooks of this length.
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am 21. August 2017
Finally, I have this nice collection. You can argue a lot if Donald Knuth Computer Science approach is still the right one for today's students. I have it just for historical reasons. If you want to explore the very basics principles of computer science and its strong relationship to maths - this is the right one.
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am 31. Juli 2013
This was definitely one of the best purchases I have made in recent years (right up there with the Feynman lectures).
The author takes the reader into the subject in a detailed and very careful manner. This may not be suited to students looking for crisp and concise texts to finish reading even in one semester. However I would highly recommend this book to all, especially CS students.
This collection of books has lived up to its expectation and more. There is probably no better way to spend this much money in my opinion. Timely delivery using Prime. Well packaged.
Hope this helped !
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am 10. November 2012
Über den Inhalt von Knuths legendärem Werk muss man wohl keine Worte mehr verlieren. Im Bücherschrank eines jeden Informatikers ein Muss. Und nun auch endlich in Meinem ;-)

Das Box-Set enthält neben den (klassischen) Bänden I-III auch den ersten Teil des vierten Bandes über kombinatorische Algorithmen, der mit einer kleinen Verzögerung von 30 (!) Jahren veröffentlicht wurde aber inhaltlich ein echter "Knuth" ist.

"The Art of Computer Programming" wird sicherlich einige Informatikstudenten am Anfang iritieren. Es ist kein "Kochbuch" um Algorithmen "dumm" abzuschreiben. Knuth versucht gezielt dem Leser die Ideen und Hintergründe zu vermitteln. Wer nur ein Kochbuch sucht wird bei Anderen sicher leichtere Kost finden. Programmieren ist ein "Handwerk" das man auf vielen Ebenen ausführen kann. Knuth zielt hier ganz eindeutig auf die Meisterklasse.

Die Bücher als Hardcover in schöner (und hoffentlich langlebiger) Qualität laden zum Reinschmökern, aber auch zum Nachschlagen, ein.
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am 12. Dezember 2013
Die Bücher sind ein Muss für jeden Informatik Studenten, ich habe den Kauf nicht bereut. Besonders hervorzuheben ist die englische Fachsprache, die im Studium und danach sicher von Nutzen ist. Das Werk ist sehr umfangreich und ich lese gern darin.
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am 12. November 2013
Diese Bücher haben wir für das Studium unseres Sohnes gekauft. Er ist ganz begeistert davon. Sie haben ihm schon viel geholfen.
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am 23. Mai 2014
This book are worth every penny to anybody who does computational science. You should read them back to back and it would not be time wasted.
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am 10. Februar 2013
Diese Bücher sind ein MUSS für jeden Informatiker. Sie sind gut gegliedert und verständlich geschrieben. Ich habe den Kauf nicht bereut.
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am 16. Februar 2016
Donald E. Knuths Klassiker zusammengefasst in einem Boxset. Was soll man dazu noch sagen; ein must have für jeden Programmierer.
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am 21. November 2012
It has everything related to computer algorithms, it's they best way to teach yourself solve the toughest computer programming challenges.
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