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Mastering the Requirements Process
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am 2. September 1999
This excellent treatment of the requirements process provides practical, step-by-step guidance. Given the impact of requirements specification on the success or failure of software products, the value of this timely book is tremendous. The generous examples supply the necessary concreteness for individuals and organizations to put the specific process into practice. Essential reading should also include a general requirements text, such as "Exploring Requirements" by Gause and Weinberg, before or in parallel with this book.
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am 16. Dezember 1999
For my own opinion, the best book on requirements! Even if it is based on Gause & Weinberg work on "exploring requirement", this book is about a very well formalized and described process for requirements. On each step, activities and artifacts are explained and true guidelines help you to achieve the work. Last but not least, you get two book in one: a user guide and a reference manual. If you had to build requirements (even with UML, like me), choose this book.
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am 17. Februar 2000
This is the best book on requirements gathering I have ever read. When I finished it, I asked for and received the authors' permission to use the Volere template for a couple of test cases in my job (I specialize in requirements gathering) and have used it for one very large and another very famous client, with excellent results. While it doesn't especially lend itself to Internet projects, it significantly cuts down the time it takes me to gather requirements, and adds a level of consistency to the requirements documents my colleagues and I produce. Definitely worth the money.
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am 11. Februar 2002
Strange book. It is not saying anything wrong. BUt it says a lot without saying really something helpful to someone who is in the software business and has done some requirements management even in a non-structured way.
I am missing the real important points. Everything is gray in gray. I was just really quickly reading over the first 100 pages, but I think that's what it is. It is not helping me doing really better requirements.
e.g. getting used to Use Cases from Jacobson earlier on in my career was much more important and helpful than this whole book just about this theme-
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