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am 30. Juli 1999
Just like the title says, if you have little or no design experience/training, this is a great book to have. But even if you have been designing web sites for a while like me (3 years), there are plenty of things you might find useful.
The book is full-color. Much of it assumes you know little about computers, HTML, and the Internet. It also assumes you are using one of the popular HTML editors and graphics programs like Frontpage and Photoshop. Even with these liabilities, there are wonderful principles, tips and techniques provided by the authors that should benefit even experienced designers.
For me, the meat of the book was the middle where it describes the basics of design, color, layout, and typography. The advanced tips and tricks chapter also offered some tidbits I hadn't thought of before. However, I breezed through the beginning and ending chapters (on the Internet, web pages, site organization, uploading your site, and testing it) because they had little to offer I didn't already know. But for a beginner this may be valuable information.
One reason I wanted this book was all of its beautiful and creative design examples. If I am stumped on how to design something, I will pick up this book and see if it may inspire me. The authors didn't provide "cutting edge" type graphics, but examples that are simple, colorful and effective.
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am 2. April 2000
After reading this book, I hope that Adobe, Mac Computers and Netscape are paying a healthy fee for the continuous plugs that their products receive.
The information is somewhat realistic and helpful, but tends to wander from anecdotal to informational.
The complete downplay of the need for understanding what that nasty code means is the reason that so many web pages have broken links and non-display graphics.
To take a novice from ground-zero to interactive frames in one book is too much. As an introduction, this book covers too much information in too little depth to be helpful.
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am 7. Dezember 1998
Most web site designers take one of two opposite approaches: (1) overwhelm the user with gobs of information (and, sometimes, try to compensate for the resultant dullness by throwing in pointless animations, clashing colors, etc.), or (2) offer visual candy, but under all the spiffy PhotoShop graphics and Java special effects there's no useful content.
Ms. Williams starts with the most basic considerations: What is it that you want your site to SAY about you or your business? Given that, what's the most effective way to say it? Not only is the book full of useful information, clearly presented, about site navigation and design, but it's visually appealing and a pleasure to read -- just like a good web site! And, while you're having fun, you're also painlessly learning a surprising amount.
The book is rather thin on technical details, but I think this is a point in its favor: too much specific information renders a computer book obsolete almost as soon as the ink is dry; however, the design principles Williams sets out are timeless. I also liked her reassurance that you don't have to be a technical expert to design an effective web site: good thinking and planning are the only "secret." This is far and away the best book I've seen on the subject, and I recommend it highly.
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am 21. August 1998
As a busy self-taught professional who does both Internet applications development and web design I'm always looking for very specific tools, skills, and methods to improve the quality, appearance, and consistency of my web work. This book, although featuring samples primarily on the Macintosh, is the best value for the dollar for the budding web designer, regardless of platform and develoment tools used. Its coverage of design elements, web promotion and marketing; graphics principles; and simply clarifying what one can do to make bad design become good design or to improve good design to excellent design was priceless. I obtain more knowledge (neatly collected and organized in this small book) in a shorter time than I've gotten out of much more difficult to read and more expensive treatments of the same topic. I recommend this book to anyone that has no formal design training yet would like to produce professional web content.
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am 16. Dezember 1999
I am a graphic designer with 20 years experience in the print arena. I quit for awhile to play art gallery and now I'm back because I have to put my gallery online - and I know nothing about web design! I bought 6 different books (all ranging from $30 to $60) before I knew Robin's book was out there, and I couldn't find the basic information in any of them. Then I discovered this book - it fell on my foot in the bookstore, actually, and knowing Robin's previous works, I was really excited - while hopping around holding my foot. I bought the book and read it cover-to-cover and it gave me all the groundwork I needed plus a lot of entertainment. Robin and John have the marvelous gift of keeping it simple - even when dealing with complicated subjects - and they do it with humor! EVERYBODY can learn something from this publication - however hot you think you are. Now, I just wish Robin and John would write a book on Flash!
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am 5. Januar 2000
This book is really an outstanding guide and overview for beginners to web-design. It covers the whole picture from effectively using search engines to uploading your site. So-called web-design experts would also learn heaps from these authors. How many web pages have you seen that are poorly laid out - written no doubt by techos and programming types, with little or no understanding of web page layout and design. The authors cover heaps of useful and insightful tips to creating well designed, great looking pages. Invaluable first book - I only wish there was more on their layout and design tips. Very well presented, easy to understand and informative and fun to read. Highly recomended!
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am 26. September 1998
As someone who's made a career out of web design for the past couple of years, I thought my sites were pretty good. After reading this book, I know they're going to be a lot better! I didn't think I needed any books on web design but after reading another book by the same author I thought I'd try this one out. It isn't full of HTML code, which I don't need, but it's full of excellent advice and tips. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. I found my head brimming with ideas and inspiration for new sites and for redesigning some of my old ones, making subtle and not so subtle improvements. I wish everyone who has a web page out there had read this book. The web would be a better place for it.
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am 3. November 1998
No matter what software you use... No matter what computer platform you use... No matter what your level of web design experience... will NOT regret buying this book!
I have quite a library of web design related books. I just recently decided to add this title. WOW! This author demonstrates what Visual Communication & Design means for effective web communication. This text would be the best possible that I could recommend for anyone just starting AND I know of few experienced designers who couldn't learn some invaluable lessons from this text. Good use of visual examples to illustrate her points (both good and bad).
Buy it now...thank me later.
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am 4. Februar 2000
While more experienced HTML coders will be able to skip the first few chapters, this book is still a valuable resource for any skill level. Robin and John break down basic design principals and set forth straightforward guidelines for evaluating the visual effectiveness of a web site.
For folks like me who are long on technical savvy but lacking in basic design principals, this book can help turn a so-so website into a real head-turner.
At a time when every wannabe with a WYSIWYG editor wants to be called a web developer, it's nice to have a tool like this book to keep an edge on the competition!
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am 25. März 1998
This book is an invaluable, clearly and concisely written guide for those who want to segue basic print design skills to the Web. It's especially refreshing in that it's not loaded with pages and pages of repetitive jargon, exhaustive histories about how the Web and the Net developed, etc., that create filler in so many others of this genre. It's unique in that it sensibly helps map out the parameters, timelines and skills you need to get a well-designed site up and running quickly. If you want to create a well designed, organized and easy to navigate site up that will get and keep visitors, this book is for you.
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