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am 12. April 2000
This should be the first book anyone reads before they decide on a career path. You could work at the same boring job year after year and then read this book and have your life change because you just never thought of being a career counselor. You always wondered why you hated a job crunching numbers when what you would have been happier doing was helping people on a personal level. My question is - how do these authors figure all this out and how can it be so accurate? After taking the test, my husband had a good laugh at me. I was said to like an orderly home, while he longed for me not to nag him about picking up things. OK I said! I will try not to be myself this week....I haven't cleaned the house for over a week. He is starting to realize their is a beauty in the fact that we are so different. I think tomorrow I will be myself again. - INFJ and proud of it! (organized, creative and productive) This house will be back in shape in no time!
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am 26. März 2000
The experience of the Authors in Career Counseling truly shines through this book. They not only show you the MBTI theory in a clear and simple manner, but, more importantly to me, they give you the advice that only years of practical use of this method can provide. So, not only I got a theoretical psychological profile of myself (95% accurate), but also real examples of people like me, which I was able to compare with. Also, the advices on how to conduct my job hunting campaign were surprisingly detailed and accurate - just as I was face-to-face with the Authors - and by sure they were the same advices they gave (and give) to their customers. Actually, their excellent writing style made me think that I was in their office listening to them, instead of at home reading their book!
A final note on the MBTI. I'm always quite suspicious of psychological theories (they tend to be written by fanatics for fanatics, and so very often they turn to 'religions'), so I appreciated the pragmatism and objectivity both of MBTI in general and of the writers in particular. In my opinion, MBTI is a good way to classify the personality types of people, and it doesn't matter whether or not the underlying theory is 100% correct as far as it works. For sure, it doesn't matter for the job-seeker which wants to read this book, and get self-understanding and practical advices.
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am 2. Februar 2000
Do What You Are is an enlightening analysis of the paradoxes that exist within ourselves, and within man as a collective species. What's most facinating to me is the premise behind it's findings: the Carl Jung theory that there are only 16 personality types that represent all (roughly) 6 billion of us, and how they all work together to help us complement one another. Much as the food chain works to keep order in nature, our personality differences (it would seem by his theory) ensure the distictions, great and small, in attitudes, perceptions, skills, and interests in us all. When you ponder that, you can begin to see how vital they are to our continued success and health as a species.
On a much less conceptual note, delving deep into what drives a person to live a certain way is at the very core of why they choose to take the paths in life they do.
I found Do What You Are at a moment of great personal insecurity and indecision with regard to vocation, and it became a very close friend. I found my "type" by taking the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator Test, and the book, shortly thereafter.
I learned that there are a lot of people out there like me (in the intellective sense), and more importantly, what kind of work people of my type are most successful doing. This information wasn't shocking, but it did help me believe that there were significant scientific and psychological reasons for why I preferred the prospect of one line of work over another. In short, it confirmed what I already knew in my heart to be the right course of action to succeed. For that, I'm thankful for finding it, and for learning about typology. It's a shame we don't explore it earlier in school.
If you're thinking about reading this book, don't think. Do it! You'll be happy you did.
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am 29. Dezember 1996
Have you ever wondered why many people act differently at work than
they do at home? They usually reply when asked, "It's only my game
face. I'm not really the person I portray at work." Instead, wouldn't
you like your job to "adjust" to you? By reading "Do What You Are,"
anyone can achieve this goal. Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger
take their readers on a journey to meet face-to-face with their homunculus.
Please note, LSD is not required for this trip. :-)

They provide each reader with a way of analyzing his or her personality
without much of the technical jargon one receives while lying on a doctor's
couch. However, they take the time to thoroughly explain personality
characteristics and how those characteristics, in specific combinations,
define each personality type. Note: Anyone who has ever taken a
Myers-Briggs exam will feel right at home with this book. They give new
meaning to the word "maturity" by talking about the development path
each of us takes as we move through life. Because of the accuracy of
each of the personality type sections, I find them to be the most exciting.
Everyone I asked to read this book, myself included, quickly identified
with a personality type and found that they had worked in (or have
contemplated) a job in one of the careers listed with their respective
personality type.

After reading this book, you should have no problem in finding a job that matches
"who you are." Overall, this book is not a panacea for preventing you from
being downsized or developing an ulcer from your job stresses. It is, however, an
alternative look at what defines us as individuals, and therefore what motivates
us in the workplace.

I gave this book a "10" because it offers all the tools necessary to make a
successful career change: 1) useful information about me (non-generic),
2) career possibilities, 3) career strategies, and 4) a list of additional resources.
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am 25. Juni 1998
Frankly, before this book, I considered most if not all psychological testing, or at least the various theories of psychology, as largely "bunk". The single most important lesson I derived from the reading was that people do not receive, process, or articulate information identically. A typical, blunt, INTJ (after reading the book, I actually took the MB which served to confirm how I had tested in the book), after reading the book I was able to "detect" to some degree the way others were processing information and tailor my interactions to what I perceived individual types to be. While not a trained psychological observer by any means, by relatively simple guesswork and trial and error I was very often able to improve upon existing relationships that I had previously thought to be hopeless as well as blunt my bluntness as new relationships took form. This has helped me at both work and in my personal dealings with others. I have become much more aware of the perceiver whereas before I simply considered knowledge and facts as data to be fed into mental calculations that could hardly vary from person to person unless the data varied.
Is this a work of vast and original erudition?
Perhaps not.
If one wishes the most precise understanding of any topic, one should go to the source directly. Go to Plato for philosophy, Hawking for physics, Meyers & Briggs for personality typing if depth is what one seeks.
As a practical application for people who actually have to work for a living and lack the time or passion for such depth, "Do What You Are" is both an excellent personal & professional resource, and that rarest of "literary" rarities: a self-help book that actually HELPS!
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am 4. Mai 2000
The basic principle behind this book makes so much sense that you begin to wonder what all of those other career guide authors are writing about. The authors of this book believe that the starting point of a career change is internal, and that by getting a better understanding of the fundamentals of your personality before starting your job hunt, then you will be better able to select a career. The book is a fabulous read, and actually provides one of the best descriptions of Myers-Briggs typology that I've ever read. You will gain an incredible amount of knowledge from reading and using the exercises within this book. There is nothing about this book that I did not love!
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am 13. Mai 1998
This book is well written, fun, and a great source of ideas if you already know your Myers-Briggs type. If you don't, the section on identifying your type is weak; I recommend Kiersey's "Please Understand Me" instead (or inquire at your local educational institutions: I took the Myers-Briggs, had it professionally interpreted, and got loads of helpful reference material from a $40 seminar at a community college).
The book is most useful if you're discontented with your present career (or have qualms about the career you're preparing for, if you're a student). I was railroaded into a career that didn't suit me because of my family's expectations, although I was determined and intelligent enough to become moderately good at it. But I never felt comfortable with it, and it was only after many unhappy years that I realized I was in the wrong job and broke away to find a more congenial career path. I wish this book had existed 30 years ago!
I agree with other readers that the book is short on practical guidance as to WHICH career you should choose -- I've found Barbara Sher's books much more helpful. Nonetheless, this is a good place to start, at a reasonable price, and it's excellent as far as it goes.
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am 4. Mai 2000
Let's face it. Lots of career books just throw out pages of job descriptions, but they really don't address your likes and dislikes.
This book quickly focuses on whetting that down through the use of four personality traits.
In just 5-10 minutes of skimming, you'll have a good 20+ job types that are worth looking into, all of which will give you a better start than just picking whatever look interesting.
After all, interviewing for jobs that are suggested will give you a better chance at a job that you'll -love- in the long run. Just picking any ol' job at random usually results in lots of job changes and dissatisfaction, while wasting time.
Naturally, what they suggest isn't for everyone, everyone, but good enough for the majority of readers to help them get started on a career they love.
I recommend the book because it's pretty accurate for most people, wastes little time getting you focused on the jobs that are most suitable for you, and everything they suggest can be skimmed in a quarter hour.
(and in the end, remember that the =only= (basic, fundamental) reason people work is for money. it's why kids don't and adults retire.)
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am 23. September 1998
I am growing and running a small business, and I bought this book with a single purpose in mind. How to identify and define roles for people within my organization that suit them. This book shed some light into different personality types, and it really has helped me to identify roles and tasks for individuals that'll give them greater job satisfaction.
As a small company, each employee has to wear many hats, and this book helped a great deal in identifying the types of hats that respective employees should be wearing. It scared me to learn that the employee responsible for accounting was an 'ESFP'. No wonder the books were never quite up to date and she was so glum doing that facet of the job.
I'm planning on using Personality Typing during interviews in the future to help manage and select new employees. I think just understanding what different employees require for job satisfaction has already paid off in a big way.
My only complaint with the book is that it was weak in helping to identify people's Personality Type. I know I incorrectly identified myself the first time. An online personality type test filled this hole, however.
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am 24. Dezember 1998
I had done a Kiersey & Bates' analysis of my personality type almost three years ago and found then that on a couple of aspects I was close to 50/50 so I wasn't quite sure which type I was. I was delighted to find that this book helped me clarify exactly which of the 16 personality types I am. I then encouraged my husband and two children to take the test and with this book's help, they came up with exact personality types for themselves, too. The four of us have been using the fascinating information in this book about our personality types to improve our relationships with each other, with our friends, and at work. I have also been using it to talk to my children about their school work, hobbies, and future job possibilities for them. One really neat benefit of the book in particular was that it enabled me and my husband to see that the many jobs we have held over the past 30 years were all on the list given by the authors for our personality type. All of a sudden our work history made so much more sense than ever before. I'm going to buy the rest of the authors' books. Especially the one on parenting.
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