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3,7 von 5 Sternen
Pitch Black
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am 11. März 2000
I was highly anticipating the release of Pitch Black the movie. I decided to read the book based on the movie first to see if it would meet any of my expectations. All I have to say is that the book is great! Heck, the action/suspense sequences will probably play out better visually so the movie might be even better.
Frank Lauria wrote this adaptation and he did a fine job. The plot is about an interstellar space craft that crash lands onto a desert planet that's surrounded by three suns. Because of this the planet never turns dark except every 22 years during a solar eclipse. The only problem with this is the fact that underneath the ground lay thousands of alien creatures and they're hungry. There are 11 survivors of the ship crash, led by the pilot Caroline Fry. The group's only hope of survival is to move the fuel cells from their damaged spacecraft to another ship in an outpost. The only way they can do that is if they can rely on Richard Riddick, a serial killer who has been captured by a mercenary named Lawrence Johns.
I was surprised by how much character development there was in the book. Fry makes a very complex character as she is conflicted by her emotions. Riddick is perhaps the most interesting. There are two pages in the book that give a summary of his past. It's all very interesting. Apparently, Riddick worked for a company and helped clean out planets of aliens called Smokers. He eventually saw how evil this company actually was and gathered evidence against them. However, the company took away the evidence and put him in a prison. He escaped and stole a space freighter, now becoming an outlaw. It seems all of his kills are actually assassins and mercenaries who want him for the reward they can get. So, it seems Riddick isn't at all an evil person as the tagline might suggest.
The action/suspense scenes are very well written and it makes the book into a true page turner. The ending even slightly surprised and saddened me with a great character's unexpected death. By the way, I don't think Riddick killed this character as some readers of the book seem to think or wonder.
Because of how much I immensely enjoyed reading the book, I look forward to watching the movie. It looks like science fiction is making a come back this year after the atrocious Supernova. Now, what movie (possibly Frequency) will it be to take the bad taste from Mission to Mars out of our mouths?
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am 14. April 2005
Ich habe schon X Mal versucht mir den Film von vorne bis hinten anzusehen und bin immer gescheitert, da dieser Film meines achtens sooooo lange braucht, bis er spannend wird. Deshalb weiß ich nicht warum ich das Buch kaufte, aber es ist um Ecken besser als der Film. Von Anfang an, kann man sich auf die Charaktere einstellen und man weiß welcher Charakter aus welcher Motivation handelt. Selbst bei den Anfangsszenen, die im Film sehr schleppend sind, gibt es Elemente, die die Spannung aufbauen. Das Buch kann man wirklich in einem Rutsch durchlesen.
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am 31. März 2006
While well-written and interesting to read I found the book itself mostly disappointing when compared to the movie. Obviously the author had based his book on an earlier version of the movie script and before the casting of the actors was done, and not on the finished movie itself as many things were changed and differed from the movie.
Normally in books based on movies one can find more information about the characters and their relationships with each other and in general more depth as things that can't be adressed within the limited time-frame of a movie can be picked up in a book. Not in this book which is mainly based on the action but not really on the interaction between the characters.
If you loved the movie, don't bother with the book. Riddick isn't really Riddick.
The price is also pretty steep for such a thin book.
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am 12. Februar 2000
My error, I should have zoomed in on the picture of the book and seen that it was based upon the screenplay. If you want to know the premises behind the movie, by all means read it. If you thought this was the novel upon which the movie was based...forget it.
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am 5. Juni 2000
Hello Readers. When I saw the movie Pitch Black I was like "WHAO! ". It's a intresting story with plenty of suspence and scary thrills. However the book is a little different. It gives a bit more details on the characters. I love that! Here you will find more background info on Fry, Paris and the unnerving anti hereo of the story, Richard B. Riddick, the felon with the ability to see in the dark due to his surgically altered eyes. It is becuase of this ability that the small group of suvivors from the crashed ship, the Hunter-Gratzner, follow him in hope of escape from the nightmarish monsters that inhabbit the planet they crashed on. A GREAT READ! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT ON DVD!
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am 12. März 2000
I must admit that this book has taken me aback. I was hoping for more reading but the book is very thin (the size, plus big alphabets)... The story line is really similar to the movie although in the book, there are a few twists. I also get more insights into the characters, especially Riddick...Sadly, after reading this book, I don't find Riddick that...intriguing or mysterious anymore...it's a tad bit disappointing. However, this is a well-written book, I truly enjoyed reading it... But if it boils down to watch the movie or read the book, do please save the money to watch the movie... thanks...=)
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am 1. März 2000
i know that this is goig to see weird but did riddick stabb radha in the end of the movie before she was carries away from the creature?
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am 11. März 2000
If you haven't seen the movie yet, then read the book! The graphic details in which are given to you, do give a sur-realistic viewpoint of both the people-as well as the planet. This book is worth the time to read...not to mention the price! Now I will take the time to see the movie-to see if it's portrayal is anything to compare!
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am 16. Februar 2000
if Pitch Black the movie is half as good as the novel it will be a sensational box office smash. Frank Lauria ( Mask of Zorro, End of Days, Dark City) has written an extraordinary scifi thriller that grabs the reader from the first page and doesn't let go until the final sentence. A real scorcher of a story!
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am 7. März 2000
I was a little lost too. But I'd like to think that he was to busy being amazed she'd risk her life for him to notice the alien behind her. He did seem remourseful. He made it sound like he didn't want her to die for him. What do you think?
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