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am 20. April 1999
This is a very informative book, but it did not give me the answers I was looking for. The recipies for health given in the book rely mostly on the use of fresh herbs. I'm not an accomplished gardener nor do I have access to the varities of herbs mentioned here. I was looking for a book that gives dosages of dried herb in pill form, as you find in drugstores. This type of information is not found here. It is an excellent book for letting you know what type of herb to use for an ailment, but does not give much information on how much to take, how many times a day, and so forth. As I know that just because a remedy is herbal it does not always mean that it is safe, I feel I require more dosage information before experimenting.
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am 4. Oktober 1999
Since I began making and using herbal remedies in 1980 I have been very concerned at the lack of reliable information. Pop and self-help books on herbalism suffer from excessive vagueness (if they are conservative and the author is trying hard to avoid lawsuits) or irresponsible promulgation of superstition (if the author is clumsy, credulous, or ignorant). On the other hand, publications dealing with formal studies of bioactive compounds of plants tend to be inaccessible to the public. There have been very few books that I (as a Ph.D. student in botany as well as a bit of an herbalist) feel comfortable in recommending. This one is at the top of the list.
Nobody can beat James Duke at comfortable pop-level communication combined with solid, informed good judgement. In this book he gives practical preparation and dosage suggestions -- something the too-careful books don't do. He also provides clear, definite cautions on drug interactions and side-effects.
My only criticism of Duke's book is that he may be a bit too confident when he suggests combining several herbs at once to treat some conditions. Folklore and formal studies may provide reasonable dosage guides for individual herbs. But no single folklore or ancient system encompasses, at once, medicinal plants of South America, China, and Europe. Combining herbs that have not been traditonally used, nor clinically tested, in such combination, is not something I would advise to a general audience.
Nevertheless I rate this book very highly. I don't know how many copies of the previous edition I bought to give to people: teenagers, undergraduate college students, my old hippy friends, my father, doctors, and various people who ask me about medical botany.
We all owe Duke a great deal for his tremendous work and his true desire to help others. EVERYONE, without exception, who is interested in medical botany from a practical standpoint, should have this book.
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am 14. April 1998
This book is an excellent reference for anyone interested in herbal healing. It's easy to read and difficult to put down. The book is organized by disease states, instead of herbs and their uses like most herbal books. You can find multiple areas pertaining to each herb listed in the index. Dr. Duke, with his vast experience and botanical knowledge, created a fascinating book that includes many stories about various herbs and people that he has meet during his many travels and his work for the USDA. While some herbs have numerous studies about their ingredients and effects, Dr. Duke informs the reader about potentially useful herbs for conditions from Allergies to Yeast Infections. And if that wasn't enough, it includes a recap of Dr.Duke's life and how he came to learn and love plants. His knowledge of plants and their constituents is almost endless. Even well read herbalist can learn something from Dr.Duke.
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am 18. März 1998
Definetly a good resource for those interested in the healing properties of plants. The author has useful remedies for specific ailments rather than just a quick rundown on a particular herb. For instance if you suffer from motion sickness, the book lists a few herbal concoctions that should do the trick. The coverage of ailments is pretty impressive and takes care of a lot of the chronic maladies that conventional medicine has problems treating. I found the information to be fairly accurate (I only found one peice of info that may be suspect...listing St.John's wort as MAO inhibiter...I have seen conflicting data). All in all a book that should find its way onto everyones bookshelf.
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am 22. März 1998
What a great book! The author provides a wealth of information in an easy to read style that could be appreciated by an expert yet understood by a novice. This book is educational and entertaining. The reader may learn much from the years of research and practice of this author. He provides facts, ideas, opinions, and personal experiences, while also adding cautions to the reader. The well written index provides easy access to whatever information you are seeking. The personal stories and anecdotes give the reader the feeling of being tutored by a favorite uncle who makes learning fun. For anyone interested in herbal remedies, this book is a must have!
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am 23. Januar 2000
this is the bible- book of healing with herbs to the most common diseases with a true and simple explanation for the simple person as well as for the proffesional therapist. and this book (maybe) needles to say, is from the world's greatest and most expirienced medical-herbologist and botanist that more than 30 years of expirience gave to the public the best scientific, and worth-must extraordinary book on the subject. you are not knoledgable enough in herbology without that book.
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am 31. März 1998
If you're looking specifically for the medicinal and healing properties of herbs in detail, minus the maze of scientific verbage, this book is it. Provides the interactions, sensible dosages and precautions one needs to immediately begin using nature's pharmacy with confidence and peace of mind.
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am 1. September 1998
James Duke seems to know what he is talking about. Written in simple layman's language - no fancy medical terminology. Anecdotes are interesting. Worth buying if you are looking for a book that tells you about alternative herbal medicine.
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am 19. November 1998
I have a hardcover copy of this book and it is quite a revelation to me that there are so many varieties of herbs that can help almost all ailments in the body. It is a very informative. It should be a part of any family's library.
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am 6. August 1998
Because of who James A Duke is I trust what he has to say . But an added plus was the book was such a good read.I read about medical problems I didn't have just to see what he was going to say . Such a good book!
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