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3,1 von 5 Sternen
3,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. September 2000
Unlike alot of the reviewers here, I don't think that I somehow could have written this book better, or that my opinion should count in what Mr. Jordan writes. My opinion is my money, and when the next one comes out... well... Mr. Jordan will be able to buy those two cases of beer he was always wanting to get. Most of the common gripes between the good reviewers and those who would chew on something they think is a turd just to tell everyone how awful it tastes, is the lack of Mat. Well... surprise! Mat was in the book after all. Infact, Mr. Jordan clearly set Mat up to be a HUGE part of the next book (or maybe the one after that<g>). Alot of the turd-eaters (people who say that 5 books ago the series sucked and were never going to read another but... still do yet post how evil Mr. Jordan is) have gone to say how dull this series is then gone on to say How riviting the Lord of The Rings is and Jordan is ripping off Tolkien... Get off your high horses.... We've all read Tolkien too. All they do in LOTR is walk around and eat. You can't deny it.
I applaud Mr. Jordan for creating a world, its history, and its language. Maybe that is the only similarity to Tolkien I will grant. The keywords in this series is Final Battle. When that happens,it's done. It's a shame people want to see the end of the journey without stopping to smell the roses along the way. It is your short comming, not Mr. Jordan's. I don't think Mr. Jordan sat down and started writting stories with the intention to be poor and starving. It's a shame that people judge successful writers and artists that way and go out of their way to try and deny something special to others. Read the book. Read them all. It's good eatin.
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am 28. August 2016
Tolle Serie. Freue mich auch auf die letzten Bücher. Leider finde ich es unmöglich, dass ich hier schreiben soll, warum ich diese Bewertung gewählt habe. Die Bewertung ist einzig und alleine dafür, das genau das geschickt wurde, was beschrieben war.
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am 1. August 2000
Well, I just finished reading the latest available installment of the WOT series, "The Path of Daggers," and as per usual, I HAD CHILLS reading the last paragraph of the book. I read a lot of science fiction/fantasy and I can honestly say that no other author has ever had that affect of me so consistantly and powerfully over the course of every book in the series. Every book! Jordan's storytelling powers are nothing short of amazing! Now I know many of you have probably read reviews from malcontents who are ready to rip Jordan apart because they are becomming impatient with the pace of his story. I'll admit, he does have a tendency to become far too flowery in his descriptions of places and minor characters who may never develop very far in the story. Yes, I too often find myself skipping several pages of "the land was baren or dusty or muddy or hot or cold, and yada, yada, yada...skimming the book for the next line of dialogue or action that moves the plot forward or continues to develop the characters and their relationships. Yes, it can be frustrating wading through all the unnaturally long descriptions, but that is not the point. As the great bard once said, "the play's the thing." In the WOT series and continuing in "The Path of Daggers," Jordan offers a play or plot that is engrossing and utterly compelling. No, let me rephrase...a gripping, suspensful, and unrelenting plot that in no uncertain terms, forbids the reader to put the book down to go to work, have a social life, eat, sleep, or drink. Want more? How about characters that are so real you just know you could reach out and touch them if you only believed hard enough. Characters you can laugh with, cry with, and relate with in countless, meaningful, everyday ways. What's more, the relationships these characters share are powerful and moving, evoking an astonishingly strong emotive response on the part of the reader. And isn't that the point? This story touches me and moves me like nothing else I have ever read. I'm so caught-up in it that I can't wait to see what hapens next, and yet I dread the idea that with each new installment the series draws closer to a final conclusion. I pick-up a WOT book and I sit enraptured by what unfolds within. That is the mark of a great story and a masterful storyteller. If I have to skip the occasional page or three then that is simply the fare that must be paid to take a journey through Jordan's lush, rich, and vivid imagination. Anyway, who are Jordan's critics trying to kid? If they've made it this far, then thay are in it to stay...and so should you, gentle reader. Buy this book. Forget about minor nit-pickings and come back to Jordan's realm, the world of "The Wheel of Time," and set your feet on "The Path of Daggers."
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am 5. Juli 2000
Listen, I'll read a cereal box if there is nothing else around, but I didn't even finish this novel. I read the earlier books while waiting for Goodkind's next work, and steadily began to regret not taking up TV.
Mr. Jordan: I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW EVERY LEAF THAT FALLS FROM THE TREES. The pacing of these books is MISERABLE. For the LOVE OF GOD SPEED IT UP. I swear to GOD in Crown of Swords NOTHING HAPPENED. I'd invite Mr. Jordan to review the 3 act structure just incase he has become lost in describing to us the rustling sound mice make when they walk across the broken dried leaves of falls past.
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am 18. September 2000
I just finished rereading the entire series through this book in preparation for #9. I was enjoying myself through #7. I have to say I was facinated all over again by the way in which all the myriad plots and their characters were developed.
This one dragged. New plots/characters were introduced and dropped. Older, better-developed characters like Matt and Perrin almost didn't make it into the book. One thing didn't change-hasn't changed since the beginning.
The exceedingly stereotypical male-female pattern of interaction is VERY boring. Reactions, gestures, name it. Every male is baffled by women (except maybe Lan), and every female is sure men are still small boys, specially the Aes Sedi. Actually, Lan treats Nyneave as if she were a small girl child. It has ceased to be amusing. I think Mr. Jordon has some issues with male-female relationships that he REALLY needs to work on outside of this series. Character Development: I'd settle for one male or female that wasn't clueless about the opposite sex.
THE STANCE: He hasn't used the word "akimbo", but he must really think women stand with their fists/hands on their hips whenever a male is being his usual small boy self. I can't think of the last time I actually saw any woman stand that way. And that stance certainly doesn't work at all when one is wearing a shawl!
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am 27. Juli 2013
Nachdem Elayne Trakand, Nynaeve al'Meara, Aviendha und ihre Gruppe den Ter'angreal "Bowl of the Winds" gefunden haben, wollen sie ihn auch einsetzen, um die Welt von der unnatürlichen Hitze, ausgelöst durch den Einfluss von Shai'tan, zu befreien. Aber zuvor müssen sie aus Ebou Dar flüchten, dass unter einer Invasion der Seanchan zu leiden hat, welche bis an die Grenzen von Illian führt. Dort wartet der wiedergeborene Drache, Rand al'Thor, mit einer Armee aus Illianern und Asha'man - Männer, welche die One Power einsetzen können - um die Invasion zurückzuschlagen. Währendessen ist Perrin Aybara mit seiner Frau Faile auf dem Weg nach Ghealdan, um den selbsternannten Propheten des Drachen Masema Dagar zu stoppen. Egwene al'Vere hingegen hat nach wie vor Probleme, ihre Autorität als Amyrlin Seat der Rebellinen durchzusetzen, um endlich nach Tar Valon zu marschieren, Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan abzusetzen und den White Tower wiederherzustellen.

Mit dem bereits 8. Buch der Wheel of Time Reihe ist ein neuer Tiefpunkt erreicht. Gab es im Vorgänger "A Crown Of Swords" noch einige interessante Stellen und Entwicklungen, beschränken sich diese in diesem Band auf ein absolutes Minimum. Stattdessen werden wieder endlos alte Floskeln, Begebenheiten aus den Vorgängerbüchern und unglaublich detaillierte Beschreibungen wiederholt, ohne dass man das Gefühl hat, dass die Handlung vorangetrieben wird.

Wirkliche Lichtblicke gibt es wenige. Wiedereinmal kommen Nebenprotagonisten in endloser Anzahl zu Wort, beispielsweise all die Aes Sedai Rebellinen, die mit Egwene um Macht und Einfluss streiten. Immerhin kann sie in diesem Buch ihren Einfluss erhöhen. Auch Elayne kommt dazu, ihren Anspruch auf den Thron von Andor geltend zu machen. Glücklicherweise ist endlich der Handlungsstrang um den "Bowl of the Winds" abgeschlossen, der sich über mehrere Büchern erstreckte und nicht zu Robert Jordans besten Ideen gehört hat. Der sich schleichend entwickelnde Wahnsinn, von dem Rand heimgesucht wird, ist dagegen gut beschrieben. Wirklich spannend wird es dennoch erst gegen Ende des Buches. Als Vorteil könnte man beinahe zählen lassen, dass das Buch deutlich kürzer ist, als noch der Vorgänger. So ist man nicht so lange mit dem Buch beschäftigt.

Abschließend lässt sich zusammenfassen, dass "The Path Of Daggers" der bisher schwächste Band der Reihe ist. Gründe dafür sind die immer noch vorhandenen Kritikpunkte, die schon das Lesevergnügen an den Vorgängern beeinträchtigt haben. Außerdem kommt Mat Cauthon, welcher noch in "A Crown Of Swords" die spannendsten Kapitel hatte, in diesem Buch kein einziges Mal vor.

Mittlerweile bin ich so weit gekommen, dass ich die Sache durchziehen werde, auch wenn der 8. Teil es einem sehr schwer macht, nicht abzubrechen. Mit der Hoffnung auf einen besseren Nachfolger gehe ich deswegen den 9. Band der Reihe an.
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am 20. August 2015
schnelle Lieferung und hervorragende Qualität.
Ich war etwas skeptisch, ein gebrauchtes Buch blind über das Internet zu kaufen,
aber die Beschreibung des Anbieters stimmt haargenau und ich bin somit völlig zufrieden.
Diesen Anbieter kann ich nur empfehlen und werde bestimmt noch öfter auf diesen zurückkommen.
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am 24. Juli 2000
I really like this series and to a much lesser degree, this book but I feel like for every good thing about this book I have to include a "but". But what? The eighth book in what is starting to feel like an endless series, I got this when it came out and didn't read it for two years while working on other books (especially since I wasn't overwhelmed by book seven, where I can't remember a darn thing that happened), alas that meant that I had forgotten most of the minor continuing plotlines (there are lots) and all the minor characters (even more of them). The glossary is absolutely pathetic, the one in the first few books was great, giving you loads of information, it was updated for each book, here you're given a slew of characters (sort of like being a teacup with a firehose aimed at you) with little immediate explanation, it's assumed you'll know everything, I guess. With that out of the way, you dive into the book and it's fairly enjoyable, Jordan has lost none of his gift for writing, his prose is remarkably detailed, sometimes overly so but he really knows how to immerse you in his world, though he skimps on weird details at times (at what point did it start snowing nonstop?). His characters are like friends of the family, after eight books you feel you know them pretty well. Alas that's also part of the problem, little new is being revealed to us here it's the characters just in a new situation which is entertaining but not revelatory. And he tends to harp on the same theme: men versus women. Yes we know that men don't understand women and women don't understand men and that when people fall in love the person they fall in love with both frustrates and exhilerates them. After eight books you think that they would have come to the conclusion that there is no conclusion without reminding us of it every three pages? The plots aren't as well integrated as before, Perrin's is utterly useless for the most part (except towards the end, when stuff starts happening), after a promising start Elayne's peters into nothing (except towards the end again) but Rand's remains as gripping as always, mostly as his fight with insanity is taken up another notch and he edges even closer to losing it. The battle scenes are well done, even if we've been here before, most of the characters don't get involved in the fights anyhow. Jordan keeps little explosions of intrigue to move us along and even when pacing is nonexistent it keeps you reading. The Forsaken are fun as always, even if it is getting annoying that the Dark One keeps resurrecting most of them everytime they get killed (I wonder if Jordan realized he offed too many too fast, the body count was getting high at one point as Rand went on a bit of a rampage). But lesser plots are just confusing, most of the renegade Aiel I couldn't even keep straight without a scorecard and I keep forgetting which Aes Sedai are Black Ajah and which are just plotting and there's just too many chacters with similar names sharing the same scenes. And Mat doesn't even appear (the biggest offense, second only to Min not appearing and Rand not even showing up until we're halfway down). Bottom line after all that: you've made up your mind here without my help. If you're hooked like me you're going to keep reading even if it feels like Jordan fell asleep at the keyboard because there's just enough good stuff to make us think that he can pull a decent ending out of all of this yet. And if you hate it, well you do, nothing wrong with that. For the new reader, start from the beginning, maybe wait until the series is finished. Me, I'll be waiting for book nine, and maybe things'll start happening.
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am 23. Juli 2000
Since the beginning, I have been completely engrossed in these books. I can hardly put one down long enough to eat and sleep once I get a new book in this series. However, I agree with many of the other readers. The first four books were incredible, but these last four have moved very slowly. It nearly drove me crazy that it took nearly two books before Elayne and Nynaeve finally used the Bowl of Winds! There is always so much going on at the same time that I have had to read the first five books twice. Although I almost wish that this series would never end, I am anxious to find out about what happens to Rand al'Thor and all of the other characters that I have grown so fond of. These last two books have been moving at an incredibly slow pace that almost seems to encompass mere days instead of the months of action that you would think were taking place in books nearly 1,000 pages long. I realize that Jordan must create the setting to perfection to get the desired result at Tarmon Gaidon, but this is getting to be a touch ridiculous. When I bought Path of Daggers, I thought that this would be the last in the series. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there is at least one more to go! I nearly went hysteric at the abrupt ending of POD. This series is the best I have ever read, but as the series goes on, I realize that Jordan is getting choppy with his plot line and slightly sloppy with his writing. If he wants to create an ending to this series that is just as captivating as the Eye of the World and the Dragon Reborn (especially these of the first 5) he needs to go back to writing in his old style.
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am 21. April 2000
1) Sell any Wheel of Time series hardbacks, throw away all paperbacks immediately, or keep Eye of the World (pretend it is a 1 book series).
2) Search on for either "A Game of Thrones" or "Clash of Kings" (if you have already read GOT) by George R. R. Martin.
3) Buy immediately!
4) By the time you receive the books your body will be aching, quivering for thousands of meaningless words that move a story along as far as a legless elephant - your mind will crave hundreds of "set-up" pages that lead to a shameful bail-out.
5) Tear into "A Game of Thrones" and let your addiction to garbage feed upon the purity of the characters, the incredible development of plot and plot movement, and the thick and relentless story-line, and incredible realism.
6) Within 300 pages you will notice your body and mind no longer quiver. You will notice that when you answer the phone you will begin to say brief meaningful words like, "Hello" instead of when you were on Jordan-Crack and your response to a call would be, "I trampled forth from the bathroom, the bathroom where the paper rests gently upon the roller, the roller of X'shenda - which were bubbled forth from the nexus people of Gjia, seedy women of incredible power, they could will a man to bleed, or sweat, or groan or know of other women and men like themselves so bold, only to trudge toward the noisensomeful ring and now be able to say to you, hello - I am me and I am here to speak."
7) Notice the immediate changes from begging for hundreds of pages to end, to begging a chapter will never end.
8) Finish "A Game of Thrones" ... take a breath ... start "Clash of Kings" and by the end of this amazing follow-up you should be completely over the Jordan-crack - and you will never again be an addict of bad, never-ending, disorganized writing.
9) Finish "Clash of Kings" and quickly mix in The Chronicles of Narnia - this excellent, easy to read and follow series will cleanse your mind, and will be your final step before you may read responsibly forevermore.
10) Tell others of how you were saved by Martin!
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