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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. April 1999
I dont usually review books that have already been reviewed by more than 20 others, but I need to make an exception for 2 reasons. First, this book is MUST reading for anyone on my negotiating team. While I'm not a Gerry Spence fan, his negotiating style is simple, but very powerful. Second, for the benefit of all potential readers, I need to respond to the anonymous MBA from Austin Texas who reviewed this book and said "Bottom line is that I didnt feel any more prepared for negotiating after I read it". I guarantee that anyone with negotiating responsibilities who does not get something out of this book is not a very good negotiator. Even if you don't want to mimic Gerry's style, at some point in your business career, you're bound to run into someone who negotiates the way Gerry Spence does. If you don't at least understand what's going on, and how to respond in kind, you're doomed to lose that negotiation. If, after reading this book, you feel like you didn't get anything out of it, either reread it or choose another profession.
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am 10. März 1998
A breezy text that makes heavy handed use of rhetorical technique to persuade, to convince, to drive home points to the reader. Yet, after a few meager, small, little pages of Spence's rhetoric, I found myself unconvinced, unswayed, and unaltered in my opinions. Apart from the few general techniques that Gary Spence offers towards winning the argument, primarily use of argumentum ad misericordiam, or appeal to pity, there is no coherent, winning strategy to be found in this book. I was disappointed with the lack of content, and with his extensive digressions into anecdote.
Irritating inconsistencies between Spence's court cases and the moral philosphies that he espouses pepper "How to Argue and Win Everytime." Spence, for instance, argues that he feels strongly against the death penalty. He goes so far as to defend a man who shot his wife in front of their young children and the police, by asking the jurors to understand the man's personal history drove him to this most heinous act. Yet when prosecuting a defendant involved in a number of bombing fatalities, he deliberately asks for, and receives, the death penalty. There is no consideration of the defendant's personal history in this example, although one wonders why Spence has not taken this into account. Although Spence eschews hypocrity, do not these two acts seem to be the ultimate in inconsistency? A man who opposes the death penalty should not seek to assign it.
In conclusion, although entertaining and readable for the casual browser, a horrible book for budding sophists. A good text on rhetoric will stand the reader in better stead.
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am 20. November 1998
This book changed my life. I had all these thoughts wondering in my head, and Mr. Spence displayed them out on paper in such a wonderful story manner. Anyone who knows anything about people skills, will know the importance of presenting thoughts in a story form. People love stories, they feel for stories, and most of all, they remember stories. This is an important point in Mr. Spence's book. His stories are sensational with compelling arguments. This is not a miracle book that can make an antisocial person into a great orator. You must have some ablity to convey your message. And if you do, this is the book for you. It can change your life. You will see others arguments in a different light. The best argument lets the winner win, without allowing the loser to truly lose. I love this book, just read it, you'll see.
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am 4. Juni 2000
Wow! Alot of folks who have reviewed this book need a hug and a valium (a potent combination I might add).
Let me start by saying that the title of this book is a bit misleading, and intentionaly so. This book isn't about arguing as much as it's about communicating. Mr. Spence useds the word 'argument' in the context that everything we articulate- whether it's a desire to teach , punish, express wants or state an oppinion- is essentialy an argument.
The twist to this little tome is that effective arguing is not a act of selfishness but a labor of love. A good argument is one in which the greatest good is served.
I particularly found the chapter on arguing with kids quite useful. I tend to be quite authoritarian and rule oriented when it comes to child rearing and this little chapter taught me that kids will grow into responsible loving adults without being constantly hovered over and corraled into so called 'correct behavior'. This chapter is worth the price of the book alone.
I recommend this book to anyone who has ever asked for anything in his/her life. Well hell! I must be recommending this book to everyone.
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am 2. August 1996
<P>How To Argue and Win Every Time does not just shows you how to argue to win; Spence gives you tips on how to think in order to win. A very engaging storyteller, Jerry Spence's book will be a memorable reading to anyone. <P> Spence shows you how to construct a winning argument, and with his wit and a knack for telling stories he is irresistible. The substance of the book even more so. Want to know how to argue AND WIN at home, in the office, in a court, anywhere with anyone? Read this book.<P> This is a classic. After I finish perusing the book again, it will go next to my Greek and Shakespeare collection. <P> Buy it, steal it but read it.<P>
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Gerry Spence takes us on a fun journey through experiences of his career and personal life. He presents a great case for both listening to people and always presenting our story credibly. I find information on each page that has been useful to me both as a parent dealing with two teenaged children and as a consultant dealing with clients and co-workers. Mr. Spence has provided many beautiful insights into human behavior and truths for us to use in our everyday living. There is a little magic in this book that will become more apparent as you begin to use the tools in all your human interaction. "Respect is a wondrous mirror."
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am 28. Januar 1999
This is the first "how to" book that I've read that leaves the "how to" to the reader. The book gives a very insightful account of a man who has come very far through the journey of life by basically doing one thing- listening to himself and his feelings and caring enough about others to understand and work with them.
Spence explains his concept of what an argument actually is and gives a truly creative and exciting way to view the whole conflict process. His entire theory of winning an argument is more practical and real than anything I have ever read. This man is among the truly, truly gifted.
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am 21. April 1998
This is one of the best audio recordings I've ever heard. This powerful trial lawyer tips his hand and shows us the mindset he has so successfully used to win cases, and at the same time he beautifully explains his powerful views on human interaction. He is a little "out there" in terms of his belief system and especially his views on child rearing, but the basis of his theme is rock-solid. Again, there is some stuff in this that most people won't agree with, myself included, but hopefully it won't turn folks completely off to the powerful and truthful theme of this beautifully done two-cassette essay.
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am 3. August 1998
Gerry Spence, the face you see on TV almost every time the initials "O.J." come up, has proven himself endearing to juries, and to television viewers, as the down-home country lawyer. Even among attorneys (I am one) he is something of a mythical figure. But this book shows him as something of a confused rambler. I DID get much valuable information about how to look for what other people want when negotiating, but I did NOT get "how to argue and win every time." I DID get the impression that Spence needs help, though.
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am 28. September 1998
This is a book that in spite of its title, stands clearly outside of the bunch. The author freely speaks out what is on his mind, which is well thought out and also heart warming. The diatribes that go on at times against current law and society are, far from being destructive are thought provoking and also empowering against the forces that be, as he eloquently blurts out the injustices that go on many a times and the ways that one can deal with them as an individual, a citizen, and most important, a self-respeting person.
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