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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 4. Oktober 1999
I've found the book a very convincing and well-researched description of this phenomenon. I saw the 20/20 episode about this book and it seemed very clear that the dog was reacting to the owner's intention to return, though it wasn't obvious if that was an unusual occurrence. If you read the book, it is clear that the dog is not just sitting by the window the whole time. The percentage of time that the dog spent by the window was measured for each 10-minute interval in the entire time the owner was gone. The dog spent an insignificant amount of time at the window before the owner decided to return home, and a significantly larger amount of time afterward, far more than could be expected by random chance. The data was collected from the videotapes by someone who was unfamiliar with the details of the expirement and thus wouldn't be likely to expect a particular result. I will agree that "most" dogs do not know when they are coming home, but the fact that some do is very surprising.
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am 29. September 1999
Rarely do scientists break ranks to go out on their own. If they do, they are usually viewed as radicals ... not to be trusted. Rupert Sheldrake studied natural sciences at Cambridge and philosophy at Harvard. He took a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Cambridge University, was Director of Studies in biochemistry and cell biology and was also a Research Fellow of the Royal Society.
His latest book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, is the latest in a long list of ground-breaking books that follow in the tradition of those scientists that are brave enough to ask the really difficult questions. Sheldrake is a first-rate observer and a gifted scientist. After reading his latest book, I come away with a sense, not that science has just about figured it all out, but just the opposite: we have only just begun to understand what's going on...
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am 10. Dezember 1999
First let me say, parts of the book are rather dry. Perhaps that's the scientist doing his best to provide adequate proof. I found myself wanting to say, come on already... I accept your arguent, give me some more stories.
With that said, I did enjoy the book and find Sheldrake's proof more than adequate. Many animals are sensitive in ways we don't understand.
There was a story, from the book, of someone who was going to commit suicide by overdose. When they went to open the bottle, their springer spaniel jumped in their lap, bearing it's teeth and growling fiercly. The person was so shaken that they put the pills away, at which point, the springer jumped back in the lap and happily lapped at their owners face.
I knew of a young girl who was walking home, down a deserted street, when a sedan approached with a man demanding that she get in the car. She began to walk faster... the car sped up... the demands became angrier... The car stopped, and a man got out and came towards her... She said the only preyer she could think of at the time. "God, please help me." Suddenly two dogs appeared and began barking at the man. Shaken, but not disuaded, he reached for the girl, and a beagle juped up and bit his wrist. That was enough, the man got back into the car and it sped off.
It has been over 6 years since that incident and the girl still goes to the farmhouse near where this happened to visit Molly and Dolly.
By the way, that was not their names when all of this happened... You see, no one had ever seen these two dogs before... before that fateful night when a young girls prayer was answered... by two dogs who appeared from nowhere.
This story was related by Paul Harvey on his program *The Rest of the Story* December 8, 1999
Have you ever found yourself staring at someone and they turn and look directly at you. How do they do that? How do pigeons find their way home from hundreds of miles away? How do some dogs react when their owner merely has the thought of coming home?
Good questions.
This book doesn't provide all the answers, but it establishes the reality which is a significant step.
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am 20. September 1999
This book is a must for all of you who have "always marveled at your pet's unexplained powers, but have never dared inquired about them." Indeed, there was no one to consult. Institutional science dismisses these many instances as chancy, or explains them away in a mechanistic fashion; and the only other explanations were thus far provided by folk legends and superstitions. Unfailingly picturesque, but more often than not whimsical. DOGS THAT KNOW WHEN THEIR OWNERS ARE COMING HOME, an elaboration of the author's groundbreaking SEVEN EXPERIMENTS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, addresses just such questions, after years of painstaking research and the accumulation of convincing evidence.
This is far and away Dr. Sheldrake's most accessible book to date, which is not to say it is a vulgarization. Far from it. In his characteristically sober yet charming prose, he has miraculously dodged the danger of compiling a list, but has rather presented the world with an anthology of mind-expanding instances of powers of animals. Some ideas are particularly compelling, such as "an animal-based earthquake warning system". Once more, he deals a blow to institutional science by beating it on its own turf, and that is, by piling up impressive evidence, a database, etc., so as to substantiate his claims. In all likelihood, many more "cases" will be added to his database after the general public has read this book. Perhaps tens of thousands. If institutional science will continue to ignore these phenomena, rather than join the author in the research, it will have de facto discredited itself in the eyes of the world. The Appendices are also valuable, C in particular, in which the author provides the Cliff's Notes to his own books. The concepts he summarizes are so fascinating that they should prompt the unfamiliar reader to read all his books, where the ideas are given the space they deserve.
Dr. Sheldrake's overall aim to resacralize the world is well-served by this book. Most pet owners have always felt there was something "more" or "other" to their pets than mere companions. This book will confirm their hunch, and prompt further investigations. Indeed, as the author says, "We have a great deal to learn from our companion animals."
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am 13. Juli 2000
This is a delightful, readable book that combines a love for animals with real research into psychic connections between humans and animals. Pet owners have always felt this connection, but Rupert Sheldrake provides a conceptual framework along with solid evidence for an actual bond. When my daughter was younger, the cat we had then used to wait by the front window for my daughter. We all noticed this behavior and thought the cat just had good timing, but the stories in this book tell me this is a common happening and represents some kind of communication mechanism. I hope Dr. Sheldrake's research can continue to provide insight into this behavior. I have read of such behavior in people as well -- check into a book called Faces in the Smoke by Douchan Gersi. It's unfortunately out of print, but has stories about people in Haiti and in Africa who routinely sent each other psychic messages. There is so much more we need to know about this kind of communication.
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am 5. Oktober 1999
As an experimental psychologist who has closely examined claims of the paranormal (see "The Conscious Universe" here on, I wasn't sure what to think of Sheldrake's experiments with telepathic dogs. Then I had an opportunity to review and analyze the raw data in some of his controlled experiments. I was astonished with the results. There is basically no doubt that some dogs do indeed anticipate when their owners are about to return home, even at randomly selected times, and without benefit of any explicit or subliminal cues. For me, this significantly raises the credibility of some of the other "powers" of animals that Sheldrake discusses so clearly. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever gazed at their dog and wondered what was going on in that furry little head.
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am 14. Januar 2000
No one is claiming that all members of all species of animals have "super human" abilities, including the animal species that we say is 'human'. All of us, plants and animals, have special abilities. Those of us who call ourselves humans just do not know very much about our own abilities and know even less about the abilities of the other living things with which we share this universe.
We are a species that is naturally inquisitive and some of us will always challenge the currently accepted propaganda and will climb to the top to see what is on the other side. That is not something to fear, it is something to celebrate!
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am 9. Dezember 1999
There are always times when I hear phrases like do animals have feelings? And I feel like saying, yes they do, and even more so. By observing animals around me, I get to understand and appreciate the place of my existence in the vast universe. Sheldrake does a fine job of documenting cases where dogs and cats show their sixth sense abilities with humans. The idea of experimenting with animals is a touchy subject, but there was nothing cruel about the way the experiments were carried out. Sheldrake proves that by learning from our animal friends we may indeed discovered that we have tapped into an invaluable resource.
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am 8. Oktober 2009
Sheldrake's own theory aside, this book contains a great amount of anecdotes as well as experiments that seem to point to the direction that there is "more" than what we today scientifically accept (animals sensing things from a great distance etc).
Really interesting to read! Especially since it is full of intriguing experiments that seem to 'prove' his point.
It sure made me want to repeat and verify these experiments!
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am 17. Dezember 1999
Sheldrake has proved to be the thinking person's thinker. But he also has a knack for reaching the general reader. Although we cannot be certain of his claim that only past habits influence the present, the book is well thought out and superbly researched. It should be valuable for anyone interested in furthering the scientific study of essentially spiritual matters.
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