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am 19. November 1997
Of Tolkien's well-known quartet of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King is the best. The suspense builds as the war comes to its climax. In the West, all efforts are put towards defending the city of Gondor, chief city in Middle-earth, and main defense against Mordor. In Mordor, Sam continues to help Frodo towards Mount Doom, where the Ring can be destroyed. But the closer they get, the weaker Frodo becomes, and the stronger the power of the Ring becomes. Every scene is beautifully written, and even with all the action, the characters still take center stage. The writing is almost cinematic; is feels that real. It's a novel that scares you, grips you, makes you laugh and cry. One of the best novels ever written. After the climax, you begin reading more slowly. Not because it is not interesting, not because it moves slowly by its own nature. You read more slowly because you do not want it to end. After reading these novels, you will not want to leave this world behind. I have one complaint and one complaint only about this book: it is too short. If you die without reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you have missed the greatest joy in literature. Do yourself a favor: read these books.
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am 14. März 1999
The Lord of the Rings is the best fantasy story of all time! Tolkien is a master storyteller, and his secondary world of Middle Earth is so true, and so beautifully described. The Lord of the Rings is published in three volumes [Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King], but it is really one story told straight through; to appreciate part of it, you must read all three books. The Hobbit is considered a prelude to the trilogy, and is more accessable to younger readers. [It is much lighter in tone, and is of course much shorter, only being 287 pages long.] The Return of the King is wonderful, containing the climax and the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth. While some conclusions are predictable, other twists in the plot are rather unpredictable. If you haven't read these stories, be wary of reviews that reveal the plot. Knowing what happens is empty compared to knowing how it happens, and hearing the story through the words of a master storyteller. The entire work fits together so well, Tolkien's dedication to perfecting the story is evident. For those readers who feel disappointed that the story is ended, and want to read more about Middle Earth, many of Tolkein's writings were published after his death, such as the Silmarillion. One warning though; no hobbits. These stories deal with the First and Second Age, being tales of Valinor, Elven kingdoms [Gondolin, Nargothrond, Doriath] in Middle Earth, and the days of Numenor before its fall. I highly recommend anything Tolkien has written, because his stories have such deep meanings, and his fantasy world is so well developed to make almost any other appear shallow. Because he was writing one story, some readers may find The Fellowship a bit slow in getting started, but The Return of the King more than makes up for it. Stick with it; this is a quest you will never forget, and you may find yourself wishing to visit these enchanted, almost real lands...
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am 7. Oktober 1998
I bought the LOTR book set this summer and read the whole set, including the Hobbit, in about a month I liked it so much. I'm reading it again and I'm telling you that no other book(s) can compare to these books. J.R.R. Tolkien is the best book writter that I have ever read books by. Tolkien is an authentic book writer.The main thing about it is about a majical but evil ring that has to be destroyed in the deapths of Mount Doom. The main character is Frodo. He takes the ring to M.D. to be destroyed. My favorite character is Samwise Gamgee (known as Sam). He willingly goes with Frodo on to their quest. Called by Elrond, Sam is the only one doomed to go on this quest. No to mention that it was Sam who took care of the ring when Frodo was kidnapped by the Orcs. My next favorite character is the OLD, WISE,Hobbit, Bilbo. It was because of him that the whole quest started. Bilbo found the ring in "The Hobbit". Tolkien must have been a genious to be able to think of a whole new world, including the characters, and still be able to keep the story down to earth.In the beggining of the story Frodo and Sam were not alone on the horrable quest. These books are full of excitement, adventure, sadness, death and feast and happy meetings with old friends. This is a MUST READ book set. I reckomend this books to all who would want to read them.
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am 25. April 1999
One of the reasons I liked this book is because it gives a great veiw of the the bad guy(a really,really bad guy.I'm thinking Satan here)Bad guys are my weakness.I feel that if the bad guys aren't believable,the book won't hold together.(makes you kinda wonder what would have happened if Sauron got the Ring.I am now thinking "a stream of evil-looking red light zaps into the sky,a hurricane-thingy forms above Mount Doom complete with lightening,there is maniacal laughter...but,I'll let you draw your own conclusions)The beginning of the book is a tad boring,but don't lose faith,keep reading!Anyway in the last book,Frodo is captured by "Big baddie's"(Sauron's)minions.Sam goes to find him,into MORDOR!!!Help!Meanwhile,Gandalf and co. fight off Sauron's leiutenant,the Witch-King of somewhere,a real medusa(hideous)and Pippin wounds hims with an enchanted knife,and SPALT!!He's dead.After that,they go to Mount Doom and do,oh you know what,so I not sayin'.Oh,and a reveiwer from Canada wrote that Sauron shouldn't of been killed because "thats what gives the book its meaning",well,I have two things to say about that:#1 the third age(and the series)is coming to a close.The era of magic is over(this is when the world,or Middle-Earth,comes into the Middle Ages).And #2There in nothing in a book that compares(or that the reader has been waiting for more)to the climactic battle,in which,the villin is destroyed in a BIG bang.Anyway,I wish Tolken was still around to write more,as I still have questions: what happened to the Blue Wizards?What did Gandalf do before he met Bilbo?What..........(enough,already!)
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am 21. Oktober 1999
i love this book and always will. these books have the greatest build up to the climax i have ever seen in any novel. two books building up to the return of the king so you can imagine the climax at the end. i have never read a more gut wrenching chapter in any book than "the seige of gondor" and what a battle it was. twenty four pages (three chapters) for one battle. imagine it. imagine the work he put into that battle sequence. i guarantee when the movie comes out the sale prices for the book will go sky high. i honestly was sad to see the trilogy end. that has never happened to me before. this trilogy has earned its place on my bookshelf.
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am 19. Mai 1999
The first time i read all four books (The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King) I could not put it down. An unexpected gift, it became pure magic for me. There were moments when I became so affected -- scared, and then triumphant. I was living the adventure of Frodo and the whole fellowship. It made the summer of '86 a coming-of-age moment for me, something unforgettable. The knowledge of the book was something i could hug to myself, a deep dark secret, a source of pleasure when the summer finally ended and I had to start junior high school.
When I was older and read it again, I was more critical. I didn't know why. I didn't want to be. But suddenly, Tolkien's words seemed too heavy to me, too ponderous. The metaphors were clearer, though. Still, it made me wish I never grew up.
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am 5. September 1999
There have been many fantastic novels in the history of litereature and I have read most of them---Ulysses being the one that comes closest to comparing with LOTR. Part 3 stands out the most because all of the sub-plots are brought full circle and ended in a way that really defies description. Every major character is now a prototype often copied by contemporary writers. In every aspect of the work: style, diction, etc., Tolkien shines masterfully. Not even Chaucer or Shakespeare come close to matching his storytelling. Robert Jordan is a terrific writer in his own right, but "Tolkien" is written over every one of his thousands of pages of WHEEL OF TIME. He is simply a "literary Puff Daddy". Fantasy writing post-LOTR is for all practical purposes plagiaristic.
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am 9. November 1998
The urge to see Middle Earth and the sadness to see it "end" when I (with other reviewers) finished the book, makes me wonder if we were'nt made to inhabit some world that has more in common with Middle Earth. I mean, when I thirst;there is water:when I hunger;there is food. Now I am home-sick for Middle Earth; does'nt it exist?! Only a master writer like Tolkien can explain a world that creates such a yearning that invokes such a question. He was an avowed Christian so the answer may be in Heaven with him. If so,I wonder,is Middle Earth still "in" Tolkien, or is Tolkien "in" Middle Earth now ? If the latter is true,then I am going to ask him; "Is there room for some fans of yours too?"
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am 26. Juni 1998
I've never read a more satisfying book. "The Return of the King" concludes the series perfectly, with a climactic war among men and war inside men (and hobbits). Sam and Frodo are heros of the highest order, giving everything they have because they promised they would complete their quest. The battle between the Armies of the Sauron and those of the West is one of the most exciting and well-written passages i've ever read. I was visiting Venice at the time I read this book, and I stayed mostly in my hotel because of it. Truly one of the great reading experiences.
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am 2. Januar 1998
You'll LOVE this book, as I did. "The Lord of the Rings" reaches its amazing conclusion in "Return of the King." J.R.R. Tolkien has written the greatest fantasy epic of all time. The whole fantasy world of Middle-earth is a work of genius. The style of writing and realistic characters make you feel like you're there in the Shire with the Hobbits! "Lord of the Rings" is a must for any fantasy lover.
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