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am 22. Februar 2000
This is the BEST and most complete book on Programming Unix. If you're hiring an Unix developer and he doesn't own a copy of this book, he's clearly just a hack. Stevens writing style is clear, easy to read and provides alot of insight. Had a little trouble getting some of the examples to run on Linux but,learned a great deal while figuring out why. ;-)
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am 17. September 1998
This book as been more useful than any I've bought in the past, and is always by my computer.
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am 26. Dezember 1999
All of the other reviews are right, this is an excellent book. Unfortunately the book was written in 1992 and the world of Unix has changed substantially in the last 8 years. While still relevant, the book must be supplemented by the latest documentation for your target OS.
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am 3. Februar 1997
This book is a standard for Unix programmers. It covers almost every important system call / feature available. Enough implementation detail is covered to understand how to use Unix system calls efficiently. Networking is the prime weakness of this book; Berkeley Sockets on top of TCP/IP are not covered in this book. Web and other network programmers still need this book, but will also need a complementary networking book
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am 4. August 1998
This tome is a reference and a tutorial combined. The beginning UNIX programmer will find an absolute goldmine of information on both BSD and System 5 UNIX. Stevens constantly juxtiposes the two standards. And for the experienced, as my Computer Consultant friend says, all his mentors turn to this Stevens book when they are stumped. This book is both academic and practical in scope and comes highly recommended!
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am 27. Mai 1996
This book organizes and illustrates the standard system
calls in unix. Since the calls define the operating system,
this book is an excellent way to learn how unix is
structured. The examples are from SVR4 and 4.4BSD. The
code is available online and it does work. This book is an
essential reference and learning tool for anybody writing
unix code.
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am 18. November 1997
When you first pick up this book you are struck by the very plain paper and simple presentation. Then you start reading and learning and learning. This book is a worthwhile investment at any price, but it will make you wish all technical books were like this...
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am 14. Februar 1999
Not only does this tell you everything there is to know about the fine points of UNIX process programming (especially if you don't have source) code, but it also covers THREE versions of UNIX. People keep borrowing my copy and I never get to read it myself !!!
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am 30. September 1998
Best book on unix programming that money can buy. Every morning I wake up I make sure it's in place, which would be right beside my computer. If you don't have it and want to learn about Unix programming, ***BUY IT!!!***
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am 3. Februar 1999
You want to start with UNIX programming? You need this book! It covers all you need to know about the UNIX API (File-System, I/O, Processes, Signals, etc.). It's the best book on this topic I ever read.
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