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am 16. Mai 2000
Prolog is not an easy subject, especially for someone not well familiar with mathematical logic. Thus it is very important how the foundation would be laid down. Other books I had read on Prolog tended to two extremes. They were either too condensed for such a complicated language, or too broad and mathematically intensive. The author of this book had managed to find the optimal style of presenting both the essence and the practical aspects of the language. The book makes learning Prolog easy and fun. It covers many practical applications of the language and manages to convey the basic concepts of Prolog without overwhelming the beginner with too abstract passages. This book gives you the taste of declarative programming, which could be a very challenging shift in the way of thinking, especially for programmers used to procedural techniques. The book of Ivan Bratko will soften the learning curve and make the experience much pleasant.
The book is well structured, which makes it also a good programming reference. The material is very well illustrated and supported by a plenty of easy to understand examples. One can open it at any page and easily understand the material without tracing back and forth multiple chapters. This is a great book. Buy it if you don't want to stop learning Prolog before you understood it.
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am 11. August 1998
This book is clear and well written. Its an excellent first book on Prolog programming. It also takes you far into the subject, up to a point where you should be able to write useable Prolog programs.
Much more clearly written than "Programming in Prolog" Prolog by Clocksin and Mellish, and it covers the same ground.
Prolog is not for everyone. You have to be quite intelligent to be able to use it effectively. And its not a general-purpose language. But Prolog is excellent for some applications, such as writing Expert Systems, Natural Language Parsers, and other A.I. applications.
This book is best used in combination with a prolog compiler/interpreter, so you can try out Prolog as you read about it. There are some free ones available on the Web.
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