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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. Januar 2003
Wenn man diesen kurzen autobiographischen Roman über den kleinen Roald liest, wird einem Manches über die Hintergründe Dahls' Bücher klar. Er kommt nämlich ursprünglich aus Norwegen, wo einige seiner Bücher ja auch spielen - z.B. in dem Roman "The Witches", in dem ein Junge mit seiner norwegischen, pfeifenrauchenden Großmutter nach England zieht: Zwar sterben nicht beide Elternteile in Roald Dahls Kindheit, wie in dem eben genannten Kinderbuch, sondern "nur" Roalds Vater, aber er kommt doch auch nach England, weil seine Eltern wollen, dass er eine gute Schulbildung bekommt.
Der junge Dahl wächst aber zunächst in Irland auf, in dem Dahls Vater das Land in der weiten Welt aufgesucht hat, wo er sein Glück als Geschäftsmann versuchen will. In Irland geht Roald Dahl auch in die Grundschule, wenn er von den regelmäßigen Ferienreisen nach Norwegen zurückkommt, wo der kleine Dahl große Abenteuer erlebt, in denen auch einmal eine Tabakpfeife vorkommt....
Trotz des Wahrheitsgehaltes ist dies durch Dahls nette Art zu schreiben keine trockene Lektüre, sondern macht Lust auf mehr von und - durch das Ende des Buches mit Andeutungen des weiteren, interessanten Lebensweges nach seiner Jugendzeit - ÜBER Roald Dahl!

Übrigens erfährt man auch einiges nicht sehr Erfreuliches über das damalige High-School System in England: Dass die Prügelstrafe bis vor Kurzem in England noch bestand, weiß man ja vielleicht, es spricht ja auch möglicherweise einiges dafür, aber, dass es Lehrer gab, die Schülern bis an ihr Lebensende Schmerzen in ihrem Hinterteil bescherten und sogenannte ausgewählte "prefects" ihre Mitschüler terrorisieren und gewaltsam bestrafen durften, wusste ich wirklich nicht. - Außerdem stellt sich einem die Frage w i e (um Gottes Willen?) ein sogenannter Gottesmann, der eine solche Prügelstrafe propagiert und in exorzistischer Weise ausführt, vom Schuldirektor bis sogar zum Erzbischof von Canterbury aufsteigen kann. - Aber: Lest selbst, denn ich will nicht zu viel verraten!
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am 26. April 2000
This piece of work by the classic children's author, Roald Dahl, is wonderful. It tells stories of young Dahl's life in boarding schools, summers on islands in Norway, and other adventures. Often, these stories are very humorous, and very interesting. But, sometimes, it's just plain shocking and unbelievable. Especially, when he gets to talking about his Headmasters and "Masters" (teachers) at his schools. I recommend this book to any real Roald Dahl fan. You'll not regret reading it.
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am 18. November 1998
Boy By Roald Dahl I think that Boy, by Roald Dahl was a very good book. I think that it explained his young life in surprising detail. From his early child hood to his early adulthood!! He was part of many crazy antics, including pretending he was sick, all the way to putting goat dung in his sister's lover's pipe!! I think you really should read this book.
Age group: All Ages
Vocabulary: Easy/Medium
Size: Under 200 Pages
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am 11. Oktober 1998
Boy is a great children's book! When you read it, you feel like Roald Dahl's right there with you telling the story! This book is about Roald Dahl's childhood, and explains it with great detail! If you like this book, you'll also like the sequel to this book called Going Solo, a book about Roald Dahl's army life, and starts where this story left off. Boy is a great book, Roald Dahl is a great author, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!!!
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am 19. Juni 1999
What a cute read--about the youth and misadventures of a Norwegian boy raised in Wales and England during the 20's and 30's! The creator of that delicious childhood fantasy, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY--tells all! Woe to cruel Headmasters and callous boy bullies who perpetuate (with Society's connivance) the curious system of excessive corporal punishment. Creative and imaginative, Dahl was familiar with the business end of several canes brandished with (dis)passionate self-righteousness. He describes his childhood and teenage experiences up through his first job, just hinting of his war activity.
This is a very enjoyable book; it reads easily, with plenty of lively dialgue, excerpts from his letters, family photos and wry kid humor. One suspects that Dahl--who signs his weekly, yet subtly-censored leters home as BOY-- was not a favorite with his masters, except on the playing field. His fertile brain concocts many schemes to bring pompous or nasty adults down a few pegs. Undeterred by harsh canings, he continues to defy authority, and to comment privately on human brutality.
One wonders why the British permitted such barbarism in private schools--a self-perpetuating system which rewards or encourages sadism. One hopes that boarding school conditions have been tempered in modern times. Will the real British graduate please stand up, so we may check for ancient cane lines! Did such treatment produce generations of tender-hearted Old Boys, as Dahl would have been if he had been granted Boazer status, which he had earned for athletics; or successive waves of beasts, eager to give as good as they got?
There is much humor packed into these otherwise light pages, so don't miss this entertaining autobiography of an international boyhood. You'll chuckle and be outraged here and there, but you will not be bored. For kids of all ages, especially those who have spent the better (or worse) part of their lives in boarding school.
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am 18. September 1999
To be honest I think this book is absoulety ACE!!! Especially the chapter about the dead mouse and Mrs. Pratchett's shop.Dahl has something about his words which seems to caputure you inside its story.One of Dahl's best friend would have to be THWAITES.All the other stories are FAB aswell such as The Witches and BFG and of course Danny the Champion of the World.This review has been done by Jasmin Moffatt age 9.
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am 12. Juli 1998
Roald Dahl, the most scrumptious story-teller of all time does it again with this compilation of tales about his own childhood. From planting dead rats in jars of jaw breakers to being a Cadbury's chocolate tester, Dahl's life is colorfully recreated. It hides nothing from the reader, not pain or joy. It was enchanting (and fun) to read! Perfect for both adults and kids!
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am 14. Dezember 2015
Roald Dahl entführt den Leser/Hörer in die Erinnerung an seine Kindheit. Dahl verfällt dabei nicht einer rosaroten Schönfärberei im Rückblick, sondern hat besonders seine harte Schulzeit und die brachialen Methoden der damaligen Ärzte kritisch im Blick. Dabei empfand ich die Geschichten über quasi-sadistische Public Schools als Gruselkabinett. Was in den teuren Internaten gedemütigt und geschlagen wurde, ist schon ganz erstaunlich. Trotzdem schafft es Dahl, einen leichten Erzählton zu finden, der mit Reflexion auf Kindheit und Jugend zurückblickt und vor allem in seiner Familie Geborgenheit und Liebe findet. So ist "Boy" auch ein gutes Beispiel dafür, dass "Tales of Childhood" nicht "Tales for Children" sind. Weshalb also ein Kinderbuchverlag hierfür? Trotzdem 5 Sterne für die mitreißende und klug reflektierte Autobiographie eines großen Autors.
PS: Das englischsprachige Hörbuch ist hervorragend gelesen von Dan Stevens.
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am 28. Februar 1998
Anyone can appreciate Roald Dahl's gift as a story teller in reading his autobiographical, Boy. He displays the charm and timing of a great storyteller, and above all, the casual style that allows us to step unnoticed into such a personal set of antecdotes. But as a long-time devotee of Dahl's outrageous children's books, I was struck by the obvious ties to his fiction; almost the printed justification for the over-developed fairy-tale characteristics of child vs. adult, wicked school mistresses, and the pervading themes of right on the side of the powerless, their wits against bullies of every form. Read Boy not only for it's laughs and unconventional tales of childhood, but also to see more clearly the darker depth of his classic fantasies.
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am 23. März 2000
We think that this book decerves a four star , because it's a funny book , but it dosn't reach the highest mark because of some things that are missing , such as: the describing of the norwegian. As an norwegian I felt opposed by the way we are described. He makes us feel like complete fowl , eating fish at every dinner and goatcheese. But it was also a little funny to get described like that...maybe that is how foreigners perceves us? The book has a lot of funny incedens , such as "the toilet warmer episode". We also found the goats tobacco incedes amousing!
That is all we want to say about this book...go Roald Dahl! =)
Love from Bente and Anette (norwegians)
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