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am 19. Mai 1998
This is one of my favorite books of all time. It gave me more information about Iran than everything I read in newspapers or heard on the radio for all the years of the hostage crisis and since. Despite being translated from the Polish, it reads like poetry or myth, and manages to convey a gut level understanding of what it is to be Iranian. Along the way it pulls up all kinds of other issues, and illuminates them with great compassion and insight.What happens to the ruler of a poor third world country when oil suddenly brings unimaginable wealth? What is it like to live with the fear of the secret police permeating every thought and action? What mysterious factor causes a fearful hopeless population to finally revolt against its opressors?
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This book is probably the best one I have read about the revolution of 1979 in Iran. It is concise and gets to the point very quickly. It is very illuminating. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK if you are interested to learn about the revolution. I give my utmost respect to the author for perceiving the situation as it was, with such clarity.
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am 19. März 2000
When I first bought this book, I was expecting to get a very candid and accurate detail of the revolution from someone who is not Iranian or Muslim. But I have yet to read a book that is more inaccurate than this one. Except for the first third of the book which describes some pictures and some history of the Shah, the rest of the book was dedicated to the revolution, and was totally inaccurate. The United States interest in stopping the spread of communism and its interest in oil in Iran was the main reason the great Shah was overthrown. People who have lived through the revolution, and who have any sort of political ties to either country knows this. But none of this was EVER mentioned in this book. If I was not on a six hour flight to Los Angeles, I would never have finished the book. As my father used to say, "dont believe everything you read!" And this goes especially for this book. As I said before, this book is totally inaccurate. I threw it out as I left the airplane.
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