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am 22. Mai 2012
You should know that Orlando Figes is a profound British historian of Russia. I know it will not take long until I will read a comment which will bring up the story from 2010 with the faked reviews for his book. Please read Historian Orlando Figes admits posting Amazon reviews that trashed rivals over at The Guardian. I have a clear opinion about that.
But that does not debase the quality of the book.

This is my first review of a history book. At first sight it seems to be something different compared to a fantasy review. And in fact it is different. It seems impossible to review a history book without retelling parts of the content. Have a look at the result and decide whether it is worth to read or not.

On the formal level the paperback copy delivered everything I expect from a modern history book: Pictures, illustrations, maps, detailed index, notes, bibliography, explanation regarding dates and names.
Crimea is divided into twelve chapters and an epilogue titled The Crimean War in Myth and Memory.

I think the description from the back of the book give a first impression about the dimension of the Crimean War: 800,000 war victims !!!
That means this war has been as bloody as the American Civil War.

The perception of these wars is totally different.
It is Orlando Figes' merit to set in motion the change of perception.
Based on a huge amount of British, Ottoman, French and Russian sorces he draws a view on the Crimean War which goes far beyond the emphasized stories (like the Charge of the Light Brigade) by military historians. It is a view which includes the political, social, religious and econimical context of the time.

He talks about religion, the complicated politics of Palestine, the Russian messianism, the Russophobia of the English, the progress in weaponry, communication, the increasing influence of newspapers, the instrumentalization of the mass and other things in a not expected way. He enriched the dimplomatic point of view with real events.
The detailed description of the events on Good Friday, on 10 April 1846, in Jerusalem left me dumbfounded. It showed me again that in the name of religion everything is possible. I do not want to go into details because in that case I could post the whole book.

I would like to point out that ant to point out that Orlando Figes takes his time to explain in detail the eve of war where eve of war means a longer period of time. He unfolds unknown events with a virtuosity that let time fly by.

The chapters depicting the war itself including the main battles and the Sewastopol siege are far beyond the statements you find in other history book. He gives the events a face, a body, a name.

It becomes clear that the Crimean War has been a war with inner conflicts:
- Modern weapons versus outdated warfare
- Aristocratic senior command versus poor class troopers
- Sanitation versus disease

It took me longer than expected to read the war related chapters because I had to shook my head that often.

Imagine you arrive with a ship and you are not allowed to disembark for two and a half days and you run out of water.

Imagine you go to war an the command has no maps of the region.

It is Orlando Figes who gives the soldiers attention by delivering their suffering and fighting experiences. But he never gets lost in details. He tries to give a vivid impression especialy about the grim siege of Sevastopol.

With Crimea Orlando Figes makes it possible get an understanding of a period of European history which seems to disappear more and more.
It seems inhabitants of Western Europe are more interested in American history than in their on past.

With the information of Crimea by Orlando Figes in mind I felt well prepared for reading Into the Valley of Death (pb, 2012) [ISBN-13: 978-0241954102] by A. L. Berridge. And I can tell you that has been true.

Crimea (pb, 2011)[ISBN-13: 978-0141013503] by Orlando Figes is definitely and extraordinary, excellent and well executed history book.
Orlando Figes is an author who intrigues his reader with his narrative abilities his vivid style and his talent to keep complex circumstances simple, understandable and entertaining.

You want to know more about the Crimean War? Then you need to read only one book: Crimea by Orlando Figes - except you are an author of historical fiction like A. L. Berridge.
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am 6. April 2012
Gut lesbarer Überblick über den Krim-Krieg und seine Hintergründe. Bin kein Fachmann, aber das Buch erscheint ausgewogen und gut recherchiert. Erfreulicher Weise nich so oberflächlich, wie viele "Doku-Soaps". Für den ernsthaft Interessierten empfehlenswert.
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am 28. Februar 2015
Ein ganz tolles und höchst informatives Buch. Ich lese es gerade und bin fast am Ende angekommen und wirklich begeistert. Figes erzählt absolut packend die Geschichte, Vorgeschichte und Folgen dieses unseligen und so blutigen Kriegs in der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Wer im Fernsehen die aktuellen Nachrichten über den Ukraine-Konflikt verfolgt und dieses Buch nicht gelesen hat, kapiert gar nichts.
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am 19. September 2012
`Crimea' by Orlando Figes gives a profound and detailed recount of events that led to the Crimean War (the pride and ambitions of Tsar Nicolas I, the dilapidated state of the Ottoman empire under Sultan Abdülmecid, the religious question, the occupation of Wallachia and Moldavia, the conflict in the Caucasus etc.).

Britain at that time was eager (but unprepared) for war and motivated France under Napoleon III to join - and the French saved the day more than once as the battle at Alma, the siege of Sevastopol, the battles at Balaklava and Inkerman were to prove.

Figes spares not details of the atrocities brought along by this armed conflict and brilliantly manages to elaborate on the causes and (political) consequences of the Crimean War for Europe. Interesting personalities (Florance Nightingale, the surgeon Nikolai Pirogov and many more) are equally well described as the political and military protagonists of the war.
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am 7. November 2014
WEn diese Zeit interessiert und wer schon lange genug hat von englischer Siegerliteratur der sollte Figes unbedingt lesen. Fundiert und endlich ein nichtbritischer Blickwinkel......
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