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Für den deutschen Fußball-Fan manchmal etwas verwirrend die detailfülle an Spielernamen etc. Jedoch dienen die Spiele nur zu einem Aufhänger zu einer faszinierenden Innenansicht eines intellektuellen Fans... Fanatisch. Obsessiv.. Lesenswert.. Und manch Wahrheit in der Beschreibung der Massen.. Der Hooligans, die den Sport an den Rand der Katastrophe gebracht haben. Und persönlich hat der Fußball Hornby bestimtm auch das ein oder andere Mal der Katastrophe näher gebracht. Und trotzdem entschädigen ihn die raren Momente des Triumpes...
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am 19. März 2000
With 'High Fidelity' opening in theatres soon (supposedly at the end of March 2000), the buzz from Nick Hornby's work will reach a fever pitch. Want to know where Hornby finds the inspiration and raw material to craft the exquisitely detailed and accurate pictures of male angst such as Rob Fleming ('High Fidelity') or Will Freeman ('About a Boy')? Look no further than the life of Hornby himself.
On the surface, 'Fever Pitch' follows Hornby's life-long obession with Arsenal, the English Premier league team he dutifully follows through good times and bad. But this is more than a story about football (or soccer, if you will). It's also the story of a complex person struggling to make things right with his family, the various woman that pass through his life, and his career.
Make no mistake: the brilliant writer that created Rob Fleming did not appear overnight. Like Rob, Hornby struggled with his passions for years before achieving his breakthrough with 'Fever Pitch.' A previous reviewer notes that this is a biography that does not work because of the author's lack of an 'interesting life.' I disagree - the reason Rob Fleming connects with so many readers (see the 'High Fidelity' customer review section for the raptorous comments from men and women alike) is because of his normalcy and our shock at seeing so many of our own thoughts crystallized so perfectly on the page.
The same holds true for 'Fever Pitch,' but with the caveat that a lot of what you read here is distilled through the experience of English football.
My recommendation: if you're a football/soccer fanatic, this is a book you simply must read and keep in your collection, regardless of whether you've read either of Hornby's other works. If don't know *anything* about the game and are not too keen to learn, read this book only after you've read 'High Fidelity' and 'About a Boy.' Then sit back and marvel at the connections between the trilogy of characters that are Hornby, Fleming, and Freeman.
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am 5. August 1998
The one thing that I share in common with Nick Hornby is my passion for Arsenal Football Club (The Gunners). However, this book is not an account of the club, but, rather his account of life in relation to his passion (bordering on obsession) to the club.
His views, observations, passion, cynicism and quick whit speaks volumes of his talent for story-telling. All sports / football fans will easily relate to his experiences.
If you enjoy this book I would strongly recommend you to read High Fidelity & About A Boy as well.
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am 23. Januar 2000
Nick Hornby is a wonderful author, and Fever Pitch is a superb book. Fraught with passion and clever lines this book brings the essence of soccer to life. Perhaps a little bit obsessive this book brings out the passion of a sport in a way that books seldom acheive, all soccer fans can relate to the way Hornby feels, all soccer fans know the glory and the depression brought by this 'game'. This was a wonderful concept for a way to write an autobiography, and is one of my favorite books.
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am 5. April 1999
The US, as many of us realize, is certainly one of the least soccer oriented societies in the world today (On the Professional Level). Nonetheless, the traits of die hard fans like Hornby is universal. I could feel the pain of Ipswitch the same way I felt when Scott Norwood missed the fieldgoal in SuperBowl XXV (By the way I am from Buffalo and the Bills are life). Any true fan of any real sports team can appreciate this book, and I strongly reccomend it.
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am 4. September 1999
I almost felt myself caring about Arsenal for a moment, fortunately the feeling quickly left me. An excellent book, if anyone tells you its only for 'middle class football fans' tell them to pis* off and ask them how many away games they've been to recently. Incidentally, West Ham and anyone who liked this book, read 'An Irrational Hatred of Luton', its better, longer, sexier and it's got a picture of Pop Robson....
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am 20. Februar 1999
Let me get this straight -- Hornby takes us through some two decades of his fanatic devotion to Arsenal and in the course of that time they win -- by my count -- at least four major championships of the endless variety that European football seems to offer. This is suffering???? Gees, he should be a San Francisco Giants fan like me and you folks in Chicago would find him even more of a whiner. Still, he's a lot of fun in his whiny fandom, and more than once you'll feel this book is a mirror of your own disproportionate affection for a sports team that has broken your heart too many times to count. Give this book to your wife, girlfriend (or for that matter, husband or boyfriend) who just doesn't understand why you have to slip away from the party, the restaurant, to seek out a TV, or call a scoreline and check how the lads are doing (although you know, of course, that they are losing). It's also worth noting that Fever Pitch was made into a pretty good movie which, to my knowledge, hasn't been released in the US. I saw it a couple years ago on an airplane across the Atlantic before I'd read the book or heard of Hornby's novels. Last thought: the best book ever of this biography/sports fan genre is Frederick's Exley's A Fan's Notes.
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am 3. August 2006
The book is not just about the author (who's the protagonist) going to football matches,
coming home and getting depressed, sad or what so ever.

It's more than that - it's about growing up (gaining independence, leaving school and going to college, falling in love, etc.),
whether watching football is a sensible way to spend one's time and how people are affected by it,
about human relationships, family(especially the relationship towards one's parents),
class(football isn't just a working class kind of thing indeed!), despair, joy and last but not least identity which I consider
as a very interesting part of the book because it examines the different attitudes, habits, accents, backgrounds, origins, etc.
of the people (in this case: football fans ;)) in Great Britain AND the whole world.

Additionally, I could identify myself with the author in several situations which often made me laugh but sometimes also set me thinking.

I can definitely recommend the book whether you're a football fan or not! Also recommend-'The Quest' by George Kostantinos, another bestselling masterpiece!
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am 16. Februar 1999
"Fever Pitch" is basically the same story as "High Fidelity" only in this case the main character is obsessed with football (that's soccer to us North Americans) instead of music. Although my own experience with soccer is limited to the one summer I spent in a soccer league when I was six years old, I felt obligated to read this book because "High Fidelity" is one of my all time favorites and could have very easilly been *my* life story. Not surprisingly, I didn't like this book nearly as much and while it's probably obvious why, I do think there are other things which separate it from his other one. The characters and relationships in "High Fidelity" were compelling and given more detail while "Fever Pitch" is more focused on the sport. I never felt that someone would have had to have been familiar musical references in "High Fidelity" in order to enjoy it but I do feel that not knowing much about Arsenal or football in general would be a problem for anyone who tries to read "Fever Pitch." So, while I wouldn't warn everyone against reading this book, I still think it has very limited appeal.
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am 20. Februar 2007
Alle Welt scheint dieses Buch als DAS Buch über Fussball zu sehen. Nun, das mag soweit stimmen als es sich hierbei um eine (zu) detaillierte Beschreibung seines Fan-Lebens handelt. Aber das, was Nick Hornby ebenso auszeichnet, die eloquente und pointierte Art zu schreiben, die kommt in den Rezensionen einfach zu kurz. Allerdings erschreckenderweise auch im Buch - die ersten 100+x Seiten beschäftigt er sich mit dem Kleinklein seines Lebens als Fussball-Fan, was einfach auf die Dauer langatmig wird - es sei denn natürlich, man ist ein ebensolcher Fan.
Dann erst fängt er an, mit unnachahmlicher Weise die Gesellschaft zu sezieren, was außerordentlichen Spaß macht zu lesen.
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