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am 15. Februar 2007
As being often called "The best football book ever" I started to read this books with high expectations. And it did not disappoint me!

Every real football fan will recognise himself in the book. He does not have to be a fan of Arsenal London or knowing everything about English football. But somebody who really understands why the author prefers a home match of Arsenal to a friend's birthday party, will love this book. And somebody who wants to know how a football fan perceives the world (e.g. in years like 85/86 and not 1985 or 1986), will have fun reading this book as well.

Hornby tells us his life by giving reports about the football matches he watched. Again and again he is looking for parallels between his own life and football. This research is not always successful.

From his childhood on, Nick Horny accompanies the life of Arsenal. As in every good marriage there are crisis (he only watched two or three matches for several years). Sometimes it is really a love-hate-affair: Is he really disgusted by the scandals produced by Arsenal players on and outside the pitch? Or is his admiration for the club based on these ugly sides of football as well?

Actually, he knows that football is "only" a game. But nevertheless he is always impressed of the atmosphere at Highbury. And he is finally rewarded: The book has got a happy end. But a real one: the championships in 1988/89 and 1990/91. No story-teller could have imagined a more beautiful dramaturgy.

I liked especially that the author, as much as he loves English football (about which you can learn a lot in the book), never represents the seemingly typical English "fan". Again and again he condemns violence of so-called "fans". So is he deeply shocked by the disastrous catastrophes at Heysel and Hillsborough. And he is proud of not having to hide his university degree. In spite of all enthusiasm Nick Hornby has never become a FANatic in the ugliest meaning of the word. Great!
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am 27. Juni 2015
Ich hab jetzt in letzter Zeit einige Bücher von Nick Hornby gelesen (mittlerweile einer meiner Lieblingsautoren),
Fever Pitch ist gut, aber schon sehr speziell.
Wenn man, wie ich, nicht besonders fußballaffin ist, wird man teilweise schon von Daten und Fakten erschlagen.
Allerdings hab ich noch nichts schlechtes vom Autor gelesen, und so ist auch diese Buch einen spannende Reise in
das Innenleben eines echten Fan(atiker)s, in dem Fall gilt seine (Hass-) Liebe Aston Villa.
Wenn man gar nichts mit Fußball anfangen kann, hat es allerdings schon seine Längen.
Schwierig auch im Original: die vielen Fachausdrücke...
Trotzdem empfehlenswert.
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am 10. Oktober 2017
A right volley to the top corner by Nick Hornby. A must read for every football fan no matter what club.
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am 2. Dezember 2006
Eine liebevolle Autobiographie von Nick Hornby über seine größte Leidenschaft und damit auch seine größte Schwäche: Der Fußball. Wie es angefangen hat, wie es weiterging und wie es ganz tragisch mit ihm wurde. Er belächelt sich selbst, während er über strömenden Regen oder verprügelt werden schreibt. Doch man rennt immerwieder hin. Man kann nichts dagegen tun, und wenn man da ist, dann hasst man es! Besonders für Frauen könnte das Buch äußerst interessant werden. Als ich es las, konnte ich durchaus Parallelen zu meinem Freund knüpfen. Und plötzlich erschien er mir nicht mehr ganz so sehr verrückt. Dieses Buch hat das totale Fußballverlangen gesellschaftsfähig gemacht. Mit viel Selbstironie findet sich sicherlich mancher Fußballfan in diesem Buch wieder. Und wir Frauen können nun vielleicht etwas mehr Verständnis aufbringen.
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am 17. Februar 1999
I am a British lad studying here in America and I would like people to take the opportunity to read Nick Hornby's book "Fever Pitch". He captures the passion shared amongst British soccer fans leaving us thinking, I remember doing that or I wish I would have done that. But you don't have to be British or even a soccer fan to enjoy this one, the book gives a great insight into British culture and goes far beyond the tea and biscuits stereotype sometimes assosiated with the U.K. So come on Americans put down that issue of sports illistrated and find out how the rest of the world lives. I bet my bottom dollar you will come out wishing that your favorite /football /baseball /basketball or hockey team had the same patriotic support. If not, then you will see one man's love for a team that streches far beyond support. But the reason this book has sold millions of copies across the world and had a movie made on it is because there are so many soccer fans like it. I would love to bring two thousand away fans from any soccer team in Britain to the Superbowl, and let them take the place over with songs, chants and the odd bit of high temper. You have to support your team, not watch your team. Please give it a go, trust me it will open your eyes to another part of the world. As Fat Boy Slim says "I Have To Praise You Like I Should" It's a religion in Britain, go on read the bible- Fever Pitch.
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am 14. Januar 2000
In this book is brought to life the passion felt by every true english football (soccer for Americans)fan. I can relate to Hornsby being an avid supporter of second division team Oldham Athletic. Five years ago we were in the premiership and beating Man Utd; one of our local rivals, one nil at Wembley in the F.A Cup semi-final, last year we barely avoided relegation. I am part of the 5,000 faithful who turn up every week in the usual rain, hopeful that the good days will return (If they do I hope the 20,000 Man Utd glory hunters don't return also). Although being a Gunner, Hornsbys' days of pain are pretty much over, people around the world should take the opportunity to see how much a part of english lives football really is. Sticking with your team through the lowest of the lows, and the feeling you get from the highs. You could say its only a game, but to the english its a way of life, we have an innate love. This is conveyed in Hornsbys' book, and after reading it, you can begin to understand just how gutted and depressed every english person alive felt after Euro '96 and World Cup '98. Come on America, you may love your sports, but no-one will love a sport more than the english love football;born and bred from our land.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 22. Mai 2006
"Fever Pitch" ist der Roman schlechthin für alle , die Fußball lieben oder hassen. In einer Art autobiographischem Tagebuch beschreibt Hornby den Beginn seiner Besessenheit für Arsenal London 1968, als sein Vater ihn zum ersten Mal mit nach Highbury genommen hat.

In den kommenden 24 Jahren passiert viel im Leben des Autors. Liebe, Sex, Universität, Depressionen und die Entscheidung, Schriftsteller zu werden. Doch eines bleibt immer gleich, nämlich seine Liebe zu Arsenal, der sich alles andere unterzuordnen hat.

Es ist zum Schreien komisch, wenn Hornby aus der Sicht eines Mittelklasseintellektuellen und mit einer gehörigen Prise Ironie über seine Leidenschaft und die Parallelwelt Fußball philsophiert. Alle Fußballhasser sollten dieses Buch lesen und wenigsten versuchen nachzuvollziehen, warum es für viele Menschen nichts Wichtigeres gibt, als 22 Männer, die 90 Minuten einem Ball hinterher rennen. Verstehen muss man das ja nicht. Selbst Hornby verzweifelt an seiner Leidenschaft, aber gerade das ist für ihn auch das Schöne an der Existenz eines Fußballfans.
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am 5. Februar 1999
Not only has Hornby written a book of superlative class full of street smart sensibility combined with wishful gullibility (how else do you describe the optimistic sports fan?), he has crafted the image of the typical sport fanatic in such an enjoyable and entertaining fashion that the book is impossible to put down. Mind you, being an Arsenal supporter has forced me to view the book through red and white glasses if you will. That aside, Hornby's book is an example of brilliant storytelling combined with the brutal honesty that often times is either missing or superficial among many of his peers. He writes of himself in a self depricating tone even though he knows his position is one to envy (who wouldn't love to have a passion that although is time consuming oftentimes also provides you with the motivation to get to the end of the day?).
A brilliant book, and one that needs to be emulated by a North American author to bring the message of the sport fanatic here to those who can't relate to soccer here in North America.
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am 19. Januar 2013
Ich habe dieses Buch auf Empfehlung eines Freundes gelesen und war wirklich angetan. Man bekommt einen guten Einblick, was es heisst "Fan" zu sein, man versteht auf einmal Verhaltensweisen von Freunden, die ebenfalls im Fußballfieber sind. Teilweise zieht es sich etwas, geht er doch sehr ins Detail..aber genau das ist es, was auch ein Fußballfan tut und somit sehr authentisch. Für Fans von Hornby ist dieses Buch zu empfehlen, jedoch mit dem Hinweis, dass es wirklich etwas anderes ist.

Ich selbst als fußballuninteressierte Frau habe dieses Buch ur so heruntergelesen, da es durchaus spannend ist und man sich irgendwie auf einmal doch mit dem Autor identifizieren kann.
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am 29. April 1999
This is an odd but compelling memoir structured around the author's lifelong obsession with the Arsenal Gunners (a football team in England). The book is organized into bite-size chunks which chronologically cover 1968-1982, from ages eleven to twenty-five. While the memoir is full of Hornby's commentary on various facets of modern life, make no mistake, this book is unlikely to captivate anyone not deeply interested in football. In that arena, there is buckets of opinion and analysis of English football, including such topics as hooliganism, decaying stadiums, escalating ticket prices and new demographics of fandom. These sections were the most interesting to me, and in the end, I found myself glad to have waded through the minutiae to discover them. Hornby's memoir is written with an openness reveals a somewhat deranged love for his team, one that exceeds rational fandom in my opinion. The book has been made into a film in the UK.
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