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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. Mai 2000
This is a brilliant book. One of the most entertanining and intelligent books that I have read in a long, long time. The story begins with the meeting of of Max Delius and Onno Quist (which is a coincidence engineered by heaven) who become best friends and have some rather wonderful conversations about life, the universe and everything. Max then meets a girl caled Ada and from there the trouble starts but I won't ruin the story on you. This book will keep you thinking and pondering for long after you have read it. But why should I tell you that, buy it to-day. You won't be disappointed!
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am 9. Februar 2000
Yes, it is a fascinating novel with brilliant characters, curious situations, and many thoughts worth to be thought. I enjoyed it, but I also did get tired of it ... At times, I wanted to know what it all leads up to and instead yet another 10 pages demonstrating how much Harry Mulish knows about German literature or Italian architecture. In the end, I was somewhat disappointed by the denouement.
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am 28. März 1999
The Discovery of Heaven is indeed one of the best works of fiction I have ever read, with an intricately fashioned plot, and characters that come to life, making you wish that you could share in the friendship that exists between Max Delius and Onno Quist. The story guides you on a quest throughout Europe, eventually leading you to one of the greatest treasures mankind will ever know. It presents scenarios that inspire love, hate, sorrow, joy, and a multitude of others that draw you in from page one! Being a theologian, it was difficult, if not angersome, to come to terms with several of the religious aspects of the novel, but that's what great literature does--it inspires emotion. This book exceeds that goal. After reading this novel--and I hope you do lest you miss out on one of the greatest masterpieces of the century--you will have found that The Discovery of Heaven is truly the discovery of a lifetime.
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I consider myself to be quite the fan of philosophical novels. From Hesse to Camus to just about anything with a commentary on life or mankind, I tend to devour the content. But this book had me overwhelmed. The diversity of its focus, the wittiness of the dialogue, and the profundity of its observations had me hooked from the first page. Because I work a job that allows many hours of reading time, I polished this off in 3 days. I find myself pining for Ada and wishing to contribute my own observations to a conversation with Max and Onno. The sign of an exceptional book, to me, is a feeling of emptiness when you reach the last page. That emptiness is upon me now and I'm hoping it will be filled with another of Mr. Mulisch's novels.
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am 23. Juli 1999
This week a colleague informed me that her husband was having exactly the same problem with this book as I had experienced: about a hundred pages before the ending I completely lost interest. I didn't finish it, and I didn't feel sorry, neither for not finishing it, neither for reading until reaching the moment of laying it aside. Something similar happened to me reading Pirsigs "Lila". Cana book that you couldn't stomach to finish be a good book ? Other readers with this experience with Harry "mulles is vulles" Mulisch magna opera ?
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am 8. März 2002
I found it a struggle to continuously overlook the misogynist, elitist attitude. The main male characters, Onno and Max, have a style of intellectual banter that I enjoy to participate in. But the character of the boy child Quinten is just too much. A child with an intellect of an adult smells of an adult author assigning pretensions to a child. And of course that's exactly what happened.
But the worst part is when the author's opinion of women becomes clear and we see what sort of character the women possess. We have one musician = Ada, one librarian = Helga and a housewife = Sophia. Not one of them enjoys any intellectual discussion, not one of them is evident as having an original thought and all of them are quite at home cleaning or cooking in the kitchen.
P. 50 Onno speaking with Ada
"Aha," he said, and went over to her. "Woman's intuition." He hugged her clumsily. "Sorry about that. Women have everything - brains, feeling, willpower - but only men have intuition. That's why there's no female creation of any importance, and that isn't because they've always been confined to the kitchen, because even the best cooks are men. One is forced reluctantly to accept the fact. But they can do one thing that men can't do, and that is give birth to men. That's more than enough."
P. 418
Sophia looked at the paper pattern that she was pinning to a piece of cloth. Max and Onno could see that she had to concentrate for a moment: these kinds of conversations tended to pass her by. Probably, she thought it was all boyish nonsense.
P. 453
While Sophia and Helga were busy in the kitchen, as in Onno's view befitted women, the gentlemen went on talking about the subject of "historical astronomy" founded by Quinten.
Of course such women existed. But the story takes place in the early 60's through till the 80's. Excuse me, but this was also the time of outspoken women. Women who no longer went down on their knees before men. No more 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir'. Women who declared that they have always had an intellectual and cultural history independent to that of man. And all that Harry Mulisch can come up with is these three women!
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am 27. Oktober 2013
Terrible book, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Very pompous, chauvinistic, lenghty. The real plot is written in between a whole lot of crappy ideas that aren't developed. It could have been done in 250 pages at the most. Waste of time.
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am 30. Juni 1998
I guess I picked this book up because of the pretentious title - "The Discovery of Heaven!" , and also because I noted that it was largely based in Amsterdam, a city I love. And because I'm trying to work my way into Fiction after years of addiction to Non-Fiction. The addiction is cured, or should I say more accurately, reversed. I had forgotten how a good novel can transcend reality, but paradoxically, be more relevant to our lives than straight non-fiction. If potential readers are interested in male friendships, single parenthood, questionable paternity, astronomy, biblical studies, linguistics, european travel, history, the holocaust, amsterdam city living, theology, or just about any other topic for that matter, settle back for a few weeks (730 pages!) at night with this master tome. . This is one of those books that causes you to begin slowing down your reading pace towards the last 200 pages or so, re-reading passages, and reflecting on paragraphs, so as to postpone the painful time when you will no longer be reading it. I now find myself considering something I've never done before in my 44 years: Re-reading an entire book simply for pleasure
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This is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read. Though I don't necessarily agree with all the views expressed in this philosophical novel, it must be said that Mulisch has a wide variety of interests, ranging from the development of the arts over the centuries to the changes the Enlightment and Scientific Revolution brang. Mulisch scetches a epic tale of two young men, destined to be pieces on God's chessboard in His plan for mankind. Though the actual setting of the story is not highly likely, credit must be given to the way in which Mulisch develops his plot; he goes out of his way to illuminate multiple coincedents (that in the end don't seem like coincedents anymore) and their part in God's plan. A lot of these things seemed so unlikely in the book itself, until I recognized that a lot in the world does indeed work that way. Though I don't agree with the way Mulisch portrays God, I sure found it a fascinating approach to how God implements His plans in the world!
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am 30. Januar 2000
One of the best books I've read in many years!   Mulisch, a Dutchman, tells a fascinating, very European story about the convergence of the heavens to bring to life an unusual boy.   Conceived and raised collectively, his parents, Max, Onno, Ada, and Sophia (you must read to understand) are four of the more interesting personalities you'll find in any novel.  The novel is carefully divided into four parts (from the Beginning of the beginning to the End of the end) and is chock full of mystery and philosophical riddles.  Most important is the "mission" that this young man is destined to accomplish.  In a series of travels and impulses, the boy, in search of his father (to some extent) and something greater, seeks to find the realities to his architectural and spiritual visions in places like Rome and Jerusalem.  The Washington Post called this, "One of the most entertaining and profound philosophical novels ever written."  I highly recommend it!
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