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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Mai 2013
Machen Sie einen Besuch in Mitford, und sie werden die Koffer packen wollen um dort zu leben.
Ich fuehle immer mehr, dass ich da eigentlich schon zuhause bin.
Lese diese Serie von Jan Karon nun seit des ersten Erscheinungstages immer wieder gerne nochmal.
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am 1. August 2000
A visit to Mitford is like a breath of fresh air, a reacquaintance with old friends, and a renewal of faith all in one. After four previous books, Jan Karon has once again drawn us into the spell of the small town life that glows with love, life, and spirituality. This time, we not only get to catch up with all our old friends in Mitford, but we are introduced to another congregation of interesting and unforgettable characters. When Father Timothy and Cynthia go to a small island off the North Carolina coast, we become involved in the lives of another set of wonderful--and a few not so wonderful--people. Whitecap Island is as much a microcosm as is Mitford, and Father Tim assimilates the various levels of society so that a cast of colorful characters emerges and duly receives the blessings that seem to flow effortlessly from his loving ministry, not only to his own congregation, but to everyone in town. The coastal environment also conjures up visions of the sea and all its many faces, from blue and tranquil to gray and menacing as storms roll in that challenge anyone's faith or fears. The most abiding feature of any of the Mitford books, and this one in particular, is the easy spirituality that permeates the stories. As an Episcopal priest, Father Tim exudes his belief in a loving god who is accessible to all, and in his daily life and works, he challenges and influences all whose lives he touches. The quotations from the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Episcopal Hymnal are inspiring and beautiful to the spirit. Overall, Father Tim's love and wisdom are a wealth to the readers whose lives also become filled to overflowing.
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am 5. Mai 2000
I read all of A New Song on a long and I mean looooong airplane flight. (The kind of trip in which flight attendants start ignoring passengers after the first eight hours.) The audio track broke except for a loop playing old Michael Jackson tunes. The video machine conked out after seat belt fastening instructions. No movies! Disaster! EXCEPT FOR ME! I pulled A NEW SONG out of my pocket and it sang to me! So here I am reading this book and smiling...the hours drag on and I am STILL smiling...The food is terrible and I am happy. Passengers start going nuts because they have no movies to watch and who can sleep with that 3 year old kid screaming and listening to Michael Jackson is unthinkable. But here I am with my latest Jan Karon novel! I can still laugh out loud after nine hours of this torment. At thirteen hours I'm hoping the flight will last a little longer. We are put in a holding pattern for an hour and twelve minutes over London. I rejoice! It is A genuine Father Tim miracle!(What? Can this be? Someone actually having fun on the long haul from hell?) Weeping passengers staggering toward the lavatory line stop to stare at me in wonder! They see A HAPPY LADY READING A GREAT BOOK! In conclusion, if you're going on a long trip never mind your American Express card. Just don't forget to bring your latest Jan Karon novel! A NEW SONG! Don't leave home without it!
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When I was a child growing up in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, my grandfather sang mountain ballads to me that his mother and hers before had passed down. Jan Karon's books, like these ballads, possess a universal appeal because the human drama, with all its pathos, pain and tenderness, plays out as you read her wonderful dialogue and come to know her cast of characters who have become so real that you feel sure you could look them up in the phone book and call to sympathize or rejoice with them. "A New Song" harmonizes beautifully with the Mitford melody line, adding sea-coast sounds and color -- the deep-sea fishing chapter had me all but reaching for the Dramimine -- and though touching but lightly on old themes (I would have liked more of Dooley and even a touch of a few other absent Mitford characters), developing new themes with Ms. Karon's signature gift of storytelling -- a 'symphony in sand'.
But the true delight of Ms. Karon's books is that against this crooked and perverse generation, her faith informs her work and shines like a star. The pulsating rhythm of her writing is the God Who pervades life for His glory and our ultimate good. Let her critics pause to reflect on the fact that the vast majority of the reading public around the globe are hungry for books such as Jan Karon writes. Goodness, truth and beauty provide great alternatives to the evening news.
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am 27. März 1999
After many years serving as the rector of a Mitford church, Father Timothy Kavanagh retires. However, instead of resting on his laurels, Tim quickly accepts a pastor position at Whitecap Island. Though feeling guilty about the parishioners he is leaving behind, Tim and his spouse Cynthia travel to their new home.
Almost immediately upon their arrival at the Carolina Outer Banks Island, the Kavanaghs find the new parishioners needing both spiritual and worldly help. However, Tim also finds himself assisting his former parishioners, who seem to never stop calling. Of particular concern and guilt is that teenager Dooley Barlowe, whom the Kavanaghs took into their home and raised for the past five years, is back in jail again.
A NEW SONG, the fifth Kavanagh tale, is a refreshing entry in the warm and humorous series. Like its predecessors, the story line slowly meanders along at a pace that seems to mirror real life. The lead characters remain a wonderful duo and the return of players from the previous novels augments the guilt feelings shared by Tim and Cynthia over deserting their flock. The residents of the barrier island provide quirky new additions to the wonderful cast. Anyone who enjoys a novel that emphasizes the small personal triumphs and setbacks will take great pleasure from Jan Karon's entire collection.

Harriet Klausner
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am 27. Januar 1998
Just as Father Kavanaugh's rectory is overcrowded (Wife, dog, convalescent, teenagers, babies), so too is this fourth novel by Jan Karon. It is a happy business, this crowding--it means more life and more love for Timothy Kavanaugh, our erstwhile Episcopalian priest. But the addition of at least a half dozen new characters means that loyal readers may find themselves missing the comfort of the loving exchanges grown familiar from the previous three Mitfordian heartwarmers. Why, I don't think anybody vows to be "et for a 'tater." And Cynthia gives us only one list of what she doesn't love. (Dust on ceiling fans, grumpy husbands) But after all, these ARE Timothy Kavanaugh's books, and these new people are his new challenges. Even as we regret not learning more about the previous supporting characters, we feel the town of Mitford expand as we become closely acquainted with Winnie Ivey (runs The Sweet Shoppe), meet yet another ancient but irrepressible old man (Harley is his name. He lives in the rector's basement, drives a truck with 320 horsepower, is prone to toothless but angelic smiles), and find surrogate son Dooley's baby sister Jessie curled up in Father Tim's lap. Readers may observe that characterization is significantly more complex in "Out to Canaan" than in any of the other Mitford books. Ron Malcom, for instance, a stalwart of the parish council, hurts our very human minister so deeply in a tricky real estate manuover that Father Tim must reach for forgiveness over and over and over...How very real those exchanges are! How comforting it is to know that even in Mitford people confuse each other, wound each other, and don't always exhibit supreme strength of character. But for the most part, they, like us, try their very best. This novel leaves us yearning for more news of Mitford, for yet another book. (And surely, we will have one, because Dooley's two remaining siblings have yet to come home!)
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am 27. Januar 1998
I stumbled upon book two, "A Light in the Window" while browsing at a book store and liked the looks of it but it was over two weeks with searches in two states while on business before I was able to purchase and begin book one, "At Home in Mitford". Immediately, I was hooked and didn't stop until I finished book four, "Out to Canaan".
I laughed, chuckled, smiled aplenty and even shed some tears, knowing from the first chapter of the first book that I had to share these gems with my parents.
My parents were born and raised in the same small town I was and imagine my surprise while reading page 94 of "Out to Canaan" and finding that former parishioner Albert Wilcox was found over the internet in my home town...Oak Harbor, WA! Where my parents still live, I might add. I let that be a surprise when I sent them the complete set of books so we could each have our own.
Jan Karon's Mitford books are truly a delight and would bring a smile to almost anyone's face as well as a lift of their spirits!
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am 20. Mai 1999
Ms. Karon should have written the Mitford series years ago, then we would have more than five volumes to read and savor by now!! I LOVED this book and LOVED all the others. Each book was treated like a box of chocolates. As I read each chapter, I savored it and saved the rest untill my next "escape". I live in a small town myself. The social life and familiarity of the people are much the same. I only wish they practiced the simple, everyday out workings of their faith more in the way the people of Mitford do. If everyone in my town read the Mitford series, I honestly believe they would be inspired to do so. I have upped my simple acts of kindnesses and care, just because of these books. They give you hope in making a difference in your community, no matter how small. I only hope billions more people will read these books for years on end, and that they will never cease to be a source of inspiration. Somehow, I believe that was the "higher" plan. Thank-you Ms. Karon, for listening to that plan. E. Guest
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am 30. Juli 2000
It has been a long time since a series not in the fantasy genre has captivated my attention and imagination the way Ms. Karon's Mitford series has. As a former resident of WNC, I find her firsthand insight to the people, the region and the atmosphere to be right on the mark. I love the fact that I could step out of my own doorstep and see each and every character in the series as my friends and neighbors. Well Done!
In A New Song, Ms. Karon continues the great thread she has begun and the shift of Fr. Tim and Cynthia to Whitecap from Mitford only adds fresh vitality to this series. The characters are solid, the dialog very real and the book moves from the very serious to the sublime. *the deep sea fishing trip was so funny, I had to put the book aside and surrender to a laughing fit....thank you for that! *
If you have enjoyed Mitford up to now, then by all means read A New Song. I fervently hope that Ms. Karon continues to bring us the news from Mitford for some time to come.
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am 10. Juni 1999
I was so looking forward to catching up with Father Tim and his dear wife Cynthia; but I was sorely disappointed with this book. Maybe it was my frame of mind when I read A New Song...I don't know. I never really got to know the inhabitants of Whitecap and frequently found myself flipping back to see who was who. AND there was at least one glaring editing error (calling Eva Mona in the chapter where Junior is anxiously meeting Eva)! There were holes in the storyline...didn't anyone else want to see Dooley at Christmas and see how Whitecappers celebrated? The climax was uncharacteristically shallow and I saw it coming for miles and miles. I would have liked to witness the scene that took place between Morris and Father Tim... Overall, this was a very disappointing book. While I anxiously await the new installment (that MUST be on the way, given the mysterious ending), I do hope that the author will take a little more time developing story and character alike.
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