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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. Oktober 1999
I've never understood why this book hasn't gotten more attention, so I'll add my vote to the others.
I'm a professional software developer (MFC, C++, and C). I first learned C in about 1992 using Kernighan and Ritchie, the only other C book you ever need to buy.
I own several other C books, but have found that C ARM is the only one I ever use. Everything is there, in enough detail to answer every question I've ever had about C. The book even covers earlier versions of the language, if you're stuck with an older compiler (or need to port some older code).
Secondly, the book is detailed and strict. Short of checking the actual standards documents, I know of no better way to answer those nit-picky language-lawyer questions that _will_ pop up sooner or later. I use a reference for those things that _don't_ pop up every day, and hence aren't usually covered in a tutorial book. They're in C ARM.
C++ programmers should own a copy of C ARM, too. C is, after all, a "subset" of C++. However, C++ is such a huge language that the standard C++ reference/tutorials like Stroustrup (my preference), or Lippman and Lajoie, leave full coverage of C to other books. That's where C ARM comes in. No, you're not supposed to use printf() in C++ applications, but people do and you may well have to debug their code. If that's not convincing, recall that level of detail that I mentioned above. Stroustrup doesn't even have an ASCII table.
Again, this is definitely not a primer. It is a reference for experienced C programmers. Buy K&R if you want to learn C.
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am 13. September 1999
This book has no equal. If you need exact information about any fine point of C, the depth and precision of this book is unique. Also, I'm not aware of any other reference on C that clearly tracks the differences between K&R (original) C, traditional C, and ISO C. If you have to deal with legacy code, it can be invaluable to understand why older code does certain things the way it does. (You thought your predecessor did something stupid, only to find that it only looks that way because of a change in the language.) Finally, the 4th edition includes advice on writing C code that will be compatible with the C subset of C++. In a market jammed with 1200 page piles of padded garbage (and the only useful content pirated from the documentation that comes with the compilers), this book really stands out. It's an amazing piece of work. I've owned the 2nd, 3rd, and now the 4th editions, and if there should be a 5th I'll buy it without hesitation. I actually have two copies of the 4th edition: one at work and one at home. What more can I say? Note that the only negative reviews are because someone didn't read the title -- this is a REFERENCE manual, not a tutorial for beginners.
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am 22. September 1998
This book may actually be better than K&R. They share the same style in that explinations of language features are done in the context of great and useful code. for{} loops used to implement an integer power function (3-7 X faster than pow(), integer powers only), and optimized shell sort two pages later. The list goes on and on. It amazes me how much better really great books are than average books. I have been programming in C about 10 years now, didn't really need another C book and bought it just for library completeness. In spite of this I STILL love this book and feel very lucky to have found it. After chasing MicroSlop's alphabet soup around (MFC, ATL, BaseCtl, blah, blah ad nauseum...) I didn't think I'd ever be WOW'ed by a plain old C book again, but WOW, this is a really great book. It demonstrates all over again that as simple a language as C is, you can do anything in it if you are creative and insightfull. An amazing and wonderfull book!
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am 28. Juli 1995
This is a good reference on ANSI standard C, although I wouldn't try
to start learning the language from it. Either Harbison or Steele or
both were on the committee that set the standard, and they often
describe *why* a feature was included in the language. There are also
examples of using and mis-using most parts of the language, and points
about writing for clarity and letting the (modern) compiler optimize
for speed. New in the 4th edition are some brief discussions of C++
compatability (e.g. differences in scoping of some declarations).
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am 10. April 2013
This book is not intended to learn C but rather to explain clearly all characteristics of C, the differences between C standards etc. It does just that very clearly and completely and is much more explanatory and precise that any answer you may find when googling for a particular issue !
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am 23. Mai 1998
The definitive C reference. The only C book I use (and I use it plenty.) Much superior to Kernighan and Ritchie's book.
Concise, well-written, well organized, good index. Don't let the small size of the book fool you--I've never had a question yet that it didn't answer.
Covers both ANSI C and K&R (old) C and describes the differences between them. Also gives function prototypes and descriptions for the C standard library routines.
This is a reference manual which is targeted to experienced programmers. If you already know several programming languages and you want to learn C, this book will work fine. If you're a beginning programmer, you should buy a C tutorial book first and buy this book later.
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am 11. Mai 1998
Along with K&R2, the C standard itself and a handful of other books, this is one of the ``canonical'' volumes that should be on every C programmer's desk. It helps to flesh out the grammar of the language with some excellent examples and commentary (not contextually suited a to a document like the standard). H&S make a strong case for ``Clean C'', code compliant with all of ISO, pre-ISO and C++. Aside from a few typos, minor errors and an unfortunate ``void main'', this comes with a high recommendation from yours truly. Plus, one may presume that Sam Harbison is a Steeler fan given his geography. (That add the ``.5'' to the 9 score).
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am 8. Januar 1997
C programmers do it with small tools, and this relatively
small book is the best reference a programmer could have.
Thorough, complete, well-organized, and in my case, well-worn.

Of my hundreds of computer books, this is the one with
which I would never part. Heck, of all my books, this
is second only to "To Kill A Mockingbird", and were it
not for Unix's man pages, Harbison and Steele's book
would be the more indispensable of the two.
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am 15. Mai 1998
Although it's only a reference guide, it's the best book on C that I have ever read. It should be a model for all reference guides on any programming language. The precision and the details of the text is as good as it gets. It concentrates on the language, giving you a deep knowledge of C in a direct and ordered manner, which you cannot get from any other book... A must for all C and even C++ programmers.
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am 21. März 1997
After an introductory course on C, this is the only book you ever need for anything in C and is actually fun to read. In my 5 years of instructing C (and C++) programming (part time) in Moorpark City College, California, this book has never failed me in answering ANY questions in C programming in class and at work
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