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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#
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am 9. Februar 2012
I recently read this book and overall enjoyed it. It gives explanations and lots of examples to common agile principles and design patterns. There is also a short chapter about the usage szenarios and syntax of UML. I especially like the chapter that describes a dialogue between two newbie agile programmers who try to test-drive a bowling score program.
There is one thing I don't like though and that is a pity: The author states that he has a strong Java background and just ported the code from his previous book to C# and labeled it as such to gain the attention of the .NET programmers out there. While that certainly worked for me, it took not long to realize that he is really not a native "sharper". The code examples constantly deny common naming conventions (e.g. interfaces in C# always begin with the letter I; we have lambda expressions...) which makes them hard to read and also makes the author somehow untrustworthy, especially when he is talking about clean code and refactorings.

Given that, I would definitely recommend the book to learn about agile principles and concrete design patterns but not for new C# programmers and not as a code reference.
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am 29. August 2012
Kernstück des Buches sind die SOLID-Entwurfsprinzipen, diese werden sehr umfangreich mit Beispielen abgehandelt. Außerdem werden die wichtigsten Entwurfsmuster (und ein paar anspruchsvollere) erklärt, und man lernt Design-Smells und ihre Refactorings kennen.
Liest sich sehr kurzweilig und ist inhaltich absolut empfehlenswert.
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