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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 1. Juli 2000
Self-improvement is necessarily about finding some secret formula, getting the right therapist, or moving to a new city. It's about being told those thing you know to be true over and over until they sink in. Feel the Fear is about those things we know to be true yet seem to forget: Blaming others for our failures, blaming ourselves for things we should have done better, listening to that "little voice" that tells us what we shouldn't do.
It's not the kind of book you read once only to emerge a changed person, rather, it gets your mind going. After one reading, you'll find yourself quoting passages as if someone has "found you out". You will catch yourself in conversation when you say weak phrases like "I can't, I should, It's a problem" only to change them mid-sentance to empowering words such as "I won't, I could, and It's an opportunity".
Read it twice. It will impact you deeply. It will teach you to take responsibility. There is no silver bullet. Self-awareness is the real path to self-improvement. I loved it.
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am 4. September 2011
Dieses Buch adressiert so viele Probleme und Problemchen - und zwar alle, die mit Angst verbunden sind.
Menschen haben eigentlich ständig nur zu viel Angst. Angst vor Ablehnung, Angst vor Veränderung, Angst vorm Altern, Angst vorm Sterben, Angst vor Blamage... und schieben dann die Verantwortung auf andere.

Dieses Buch macht einem anschaulich klar, dass es um die Perspektive geht. Man kann sich schwere Entscheidungen einfacher machen, indem man jeden möglichen Weg als Möglichkeit für persönliches Wachstum und Lehre sieht, und nicht als Ende von allem.

No-Lose bedeutet vor allem: man soll sich keine Sorgen machen. Jede Entscheidung bietet gute Möglichkeiten und man kann stets das beste aus allem machen.

Manches ist mir natürlich immer noch ein Mysterium, aber dieses Buch vermittelt einem das gute Gefühl, dass man alles schaffen kann, und darauf kommt es beim Thema Angst ja auch hauptsächlich an. Eine No-Lose-Perspektive zu etablieren ist in manchen Fällen nicht einfach, aber lohnenswert.
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am 3. Oktober 2013
I don't write a lot of reviews on amazon. Mostly because I always feel that the reviews of a product I bought (after having read them) more or less adequatly mirror my experiences with that product. For this book it's different and I feel obliged to state an opinion which seems to greatly differ from almost everyone else's and moreso I would like to inform people before purchasing and then of course reading this book.

I wouldn't say that I am an expert per se on the topic. However, I did read a number of titles and can say that I have aquired a certain at least personal sense for it. Those included all of Nathaniel Branden's work on self esteem, classical philosophy (from Platon and Aristoteles) to more contemporary titles dealing indirectly with personal development and psychology e.g. Hermann Hesse, Camus or Kafka and others.

This book: This book is Hollywood. Hollywood's a place where everything is glitter, glamour and candy as long as you avert your eyes from real life you will feel like on a pink-bubble rollercoaster, but somehow with a bad feeling deep down. The tenor of this book is imho to deny and disown your feelings of fear and uncertainty, put on a happy face and then run straight into a roaring chainsaw because hey, as long as you ignore that you're afraid you can do anything, right? Oddly enough, the title would suggest otherwise, namely to FEEL your fear, accept it, acknowledge it and then try to explore and deal with it which I think is the healthy way, because repressed feelings will always come back to haunt you; maybe not tomorrow or next month, but down the road. I am sure most people who are reading this would agree since after all this is a book for adults.

There are a lot of graphics and pyramids and ususally there is an arrow pointing from a phrase like "fear" or "anxiety" to "power", "happy" or "I CAN DO IT" which is nice; but not very clever or sophisticated. I could make those. From a person who has a PhD you would expect something with a little more insight. Aiddionally I don't feel that those are the result of scientific research or a fundamented statistical analysis but rather something that you would make up on the commute to work and then say "I am going to put this in my book!", sorry.

I am not saying this book is all bad, it goes back and forth; it does feature some important ideas but disappointingly instead of exploring them and asking questions it beats them over the head all too quickly with a stereotyped phrase. In a way, this book disowns its own ideas which is kind of a shame.

I can't say that I took a lot out of it, but that is just my two cents.
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am 18. April 2000
This is a truly wonderful book. I don't know how she did it. Conversationally speaking, did you know that the fears we carry in our pockets or purses that are not dealt with cause excruciating anxiety. What do we do? Add Vitamin B to our diet? Put crystals in our pockets? Become a yogi like me and levitate until your head hits the ceiling? OR...we could do what we fear. How about that for an idea. I think they spell that C-O-U-R-A-G-E. We don't need courage anymore. We have tranquilizers and self-help books. I want to give you a beautiful quote from this lady's infinite wisdom (she's incredible!). PUSHING THROUGH FEAR IS LESS FRIGHTENING THAN LIVING WITH THE UNDERLYING FEAR THAT COMES FROM A FEELING OF HELPLESSNESS. This book is just beautiful. The book advocates COURAGE. But she she shows you how to be courageous. Postive thinking, the understanding between Pain and Power, the Real truth about RISKS and GROWTH. You have to buy this book. It is a true gemstone. Throw all your other self-help books away except this one and "Self-Help Stuff That Works" by Adam Khan. Since I am a Self-Realizationist (Yogananda), this book interfaces with it quite beautifully. But this book is all you need for your fears. Go ahead. And stop looking at whether you had a traumatic childhood or not as Father Bradshaw advises. You destroy the past by what you do in the future. And this book will help you do it. Good luck. And I'm not afraid of you anymore! HA!
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am 29. April 2009
vieles kennt man. Der Unterschied ist, wenn man es nochmal schwarz auf weiß liest, dann wird es einem noch bewusster. Einiges war mir natürlich auch neu und ein ganz kleiner Teil im Buch, kam mir überzogen vor - trotzdem: einfach lesen und die praktischen Tips so gut wie möglich versuchen durchzuziehen. z.B.: eine Woche lang über niemanden ein schlechtes Wort verlieren.
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am 24. April 2005
are contained in this book.
I got it because I was inspired by David DeAngelo, a Dating Guru who first introduced me to many concepts in modern psychology like NLP and Positive Thinking.
This book reveals many techniques and thought structures which are highly changing your mind.
It states the idea of negative and positive thinking being equally realistic and proves it at the same time.
The whole idea is not to take away your fear as a quick fix.
It is to get to know fear, do things anyway and learn to really deal with it as a friend or even as a stimulant do the things you really want.
I HIGHLY recommend everyone thinking about buying this book just to buy it. It doesn't really matter if you are really fearful and somewhat freezing when trying to ride a bike or if you are quite successful and just thinking about whether or not you want to open a new business.
JUST BUY IT. It's far more worth than you are investing!
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am 14. Juli 2014
Das war es dann wohl, mein erstes Kindle E-Book, das ich bei Amazon kaufte und nach langer Zeit endlich mal zu Ende las.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®: Dynamic techniques for turning Fear, Indecision and Anger into Power, Action and Love“, so der komplette Titel des schon etwas älteren Werkes von Susan Jeffers, hat ein bisschen was in mir bewegt. Das ganze Buch dreht sich um Ängste des Menschen in allen Situationen des Lebens. Sei es die Angst vor Prüfungen, die Angst vor dem Leben, die Angst vor dem Morgen, vor dem Sterben, Veränderung und wovor man noch so alles Angst haben kann. Mit anschaulichen Beispielen aus dem echten Leben gegriffen wird einem bewusst gemacht, dass jede Situation eine Erfahrung mit sich bringt, die einen positiven Einfluß auf das weitere Leben haben kann.

Natürlich kennt man alles schon irgendwie, weil man selbst ja eine gewisse Erfahrung gesammelt hat, aber es wirkt eher, wenn man sich einmal in Form des Lesens intensiv mit diesen Gedanken beschäftigt. Man lernt, aus Erlebnissen persönlich zu wachsen und Entscheidungen zu treffen, ohne Angst vor den Folgen zu haben, ohne sich selbst und andere aufzugeben.

Mich hat das Buch sehr stark zum Nachdenken angeregt und einen nachhaltigen Eindruck hinterlassen. Man lernt, sich weniger Sorgen zu machen über das, was passieren könnte und sich selbst ein bisschen aus der “Ich kann das nicht”-Attitüde zu ziehen. Man kann alles, wenn man es möchte. Das muss einem aber erst mal bewusst werden.

Meine Empfehlung: kaufen. Sehr gut investierte 5 Euro für die Kindle-Version.
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am 21. Februar 2016
Ich habe mir dieses Buch gekauft in einer Zeit meines Lebens in der ich gemerkt habe, dass ich mehr Ängste habe als ich mir eingestehen will. Dieses Buch habe ich innerhalb von sechs Monaten gelesen - Kapitel für Kapitel und jedes einzelne Mal hat es mir die Augen geöffnet und ich kann ehrlich sagen es ist ein Teil davon dass ich jetzt ein komplett anderer Mensch bin.. das Buch hat mein Leben verändert & ich kann es JEDEM empfehlen !!
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am 11. Juli 2016
Ich liebe dieses Buch! Es ist ein sehr interessantes Thema - die Angst und wie wir damit umgehen koennen. Ich habe mir bereits ein weiteres Buch von Susan Jeffers bestellt weil ich ihr Wissen und ihren Schreibstil sehr schaetze. Gerade fuer Frauen wuerde ich dieses Buch absolut empfehlen!
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am 20. Februar 2000
The world can be seen as either a frightening place or a wondrous,possibility-filled oyster. This book alerts us to the fact that the only,and most satisfying way to live your life is one in which you see the world as the latter. Susan Jeffers seems to be a person who has summed up the options available to us all and decided to choose the positive ,affirmative road for her life .She has also decided to tell the rest of us about her discoveries and experiences and does so in a very effective manner. The book heads off into some quite metaphysical areas towards the end but the practical foundation has already been laid and the net effect is one of a well thought-out treatise on how positive thought can transform one's life.
I enjoyed it thoroughly.
You should read it too !
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