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am 1. November 2012
The Music of maths — through the times
From its atoms, its reasons and rhymes:
You will hear it, indeed
Once you started to read
Marcus du Sautoy’s book on the Primes.

Friday afternoon a colleague lent me his copy of the above mentioned book (in a German translation). Once I started to read it I couldn't stop and just finished it half an hour before writing this. In the meantime I ordered an English copy.
For all those of you interested in maths and its history: It's a great one, you'll probably enjoy reading!

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am 11. Januar 2014
The sound of the primes is very interesting, sometimes surprising but most of the time just pleasure to listen to. The book is written by an insider with a great talent to describe complicated mathematical matter in a simple way without losing the essential. I have read the book with great joy. Unfortunately, the electronic version of the book doesn’t not display the many figures the text it is referring to! I have tried different devices without success. That’s why I have deleted one star in my overall judgment.
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