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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 22. Januar 2000
The first half of the book is charming and enjoyable, but my family and I lost interest in the second half, which seemed to be "fill" to complete the work for publication. We found the book to be inconsistant in its style; Was STUART LITTLE meant to be complete fiction, with disappearing cars, other little people, and people who accepted Stuart's made up money, or a story about a small mouse-boy in an otherwise normal world? Save yourself some time, and skip STUART LITTLE. If you're interested in a story about little people, I'd recommend THE LITTLES by John Peterson .
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am 29. Juli 2000
Having never read this book as a child I looked forward to reading this book as a teacher and possibly sharing it with my students. I have changed my mind. I think many kids will be turned off by the lack of action and the dated, jargon filled language. Even the most exciting part of the book, the boat race, was so filled with sailing jargon that I found it hard to get really interested. Plus, I found the ending very disappointing. I was saddened by my reaction since I dearly love E.B. White's other books. I think that unless a student is a motivated, high reader they won't truly enjoy or even finish this book.
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am 7. Februar 2000
When I read Stuart Little I really liked it. I was sad when I did not know what happened to Margalo at the end. I still was happy when he said he thought he was heading in the right direction and was pretty sure he would find Margalo at the end. I really liked this book and it was one of my favorites. I recommend this book very much. If you want to find out more about Stuart and mice, READ IT!
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am 10. Januar 2000
Stuart was a very encouraging little boy/mouse. He could walk and talk at birth, and he was very helpful around the house because he was the only one that could fit into little places. He journeyed his way through ropes and traps, through ups and downs, searching for the right person to be with. I really enjoyed reading this book except for the ending. Before the ending, all the words were somehow that he felt he was heading in the right direction. Stuart was searching for something he had a feeling he had to search for out there, and it ended without giving you any notice of what happened. I would've liked it to end with Stuart finding someone or something he was searching for. Stuart went through many challenging tasks, he even became a little teacher one day. He often helped his family until he ran away searching. It was one of the best books I've ever read, because I'm just like Stuart Little. I can read into it, I'm a smart little kid named Stuart too. The other main character was Snowbell, the mean and horrible cat. One night Snowbell and his friends ganged up on Stuart - I won't give away what happened. My favorite part was when Stuart raced in the toy boat race. I would recommend this book because it's encouraging no matter how small or tall you are.
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am 15. Juni 1999
A wonderful fairytale by E.B. White about a mouse named Stuart. Now Stuart is a talking mouse that lives exactly like a human but is a mouse. The fact that he is a mouse leads him into many small and irregular jobs. Once Mrs. Little lost her wedding ring in the bathroom drain. Now since Stuart is very small he is the one that was going way deep down in the drain to fetch the ring. Attached to a piece of rope he started his journey in the almost pitch-black drain that seemed like a never-ending dungeon that was very scary. His only hope of survival was when he tugged the rope three times in a row, that was the signal for Mrs. Little to pull Stuart up. Of course he was pulled up safely because no one would ever get hurt in drainpipe even if it were pitch black. Then later he found his friend of his dreams. His name is Margolo, but Margolo is a bird so he can now go anywhere. Until one day Margolo leaves and flies south for the winter as all birds do. Then since he loves his new friend Margolo. After that I can't tell you what happens because what happens next is what most book readers are looking for in one single book. I recommend this book to everyone who can read. It is such a good book and it's written in ways that all ages can understand it very easily. Another reason why I like this book so much is because it's very funny. I think the funniest part was on his long journey to find his long lost friend. He stopped in his tiny car by a school princable that had many problems with his school today. Then when Stuart found out what was his problem he offered forgetting to be a mouse he wants to teach the fourth grade class. Then he forgets all about what kids want to learn and he dismisses all of the class and spends the whole day playing recess. I think that this part of this amazing book is the funniest part that probably ever writes in his whole life. I hope you really read this book. You have my guarantee that you'll definitely like this wonderful book.
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am 18. Juli 1997
I can't recall how old I was when I first read this beautiful book. Nine, perhaps, or maybe ten? I am 40 now, thinking back wistfully to what it was like to encounter such a moving tale as a young child. The illustrations -- so perfectly representative of the text -- are still fixed in my mind. I had a sailboat of my own, and so identifed with Stuart's Central park boating adventure. I had never connected with anything else in book form the way I connected with Stuart Little, and when I was done, I was amazed that a book could affect me the way it did. Only a child can enter so completely into Stuart's miniaturized world.
Sadly, I know I can't read this story again with anywhere near the same enjoyment precisely because it is a children's book. Great non-children's works, like the Odyssey or Anna Karenina, can of course be appreciated ever more as one grows older, but the joy one experiences as a child encountering a character like Stuart Little vanishes forever as one passes into adolesence and then adulthood, and can never be relived.
This is one of the greatest children's books ever written -- encourage your children to read it
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am 10. Januar 2000
I read this to my 5 year old for the first time at age 40--and I found it astounding. The 1st half of the book is full of charm, humour, cleverness--but then it becomes much more sophisticated. Stuart becomes a seeker and while his adventures along the way are interesting and extremely entertaining, they are also tinged with a sense of loss. Stuart has dreams that cannot be fulfilled. His quest for perfection prevents him from enjoing the present. He becomes prideful and, while funny, it keeps him from certain wonders. The ending is incredibly beautiful but does not resolve the plot and is quite sophisticated compared to many kids books. ADVICE: As you read, look for the discrepancies between the desired and dreamed for and the actual. This is what gives this slim and beautiful book its pulse -- it's and a great way to talk about the book with kids. Think Don Quixote.
Skip the flick! This is much more valuable!
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am 5. November 1999
"When Mrs. Frederick C. Little's second child arrived . . . the baby looked much like a mouse in every way." (pg.1) In fact, her second child is a mouse; however, the family treats him like a member of the family. They never even say the m-word (mouse), as to not hurt Stuart's feelings. Throughout the book, Stuart encounters numerous exciting adventures, unknown to his protective family. Children love the idea that even though Stuart is 2inches-tall he still overcomes many obstacles. Stuart Little's emotions and adventures he experiences in this book are very similar to what children face every day; for example, going to the dentist, first love, being homesick, and bullies. One underlying theme I found within the book was accepting children for their differences and not sheltering them from lifes' experiences.
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am 23. August 1998
E.B. White's books shaped my childhood and continue to affect me even today. The first book I ever remember reading and re-reading is Charlotte's Web, but Stuart Little is close behind. I first read Stuart when I was 7 or 8 and I distinctly remember exactly where I was and how I felt as though it were yesterday. Any child (or adult) who has ever felt a little bit different from their peers will identify with White's characters...and draw strength from them. His books convey tremendously powerful messages in simple, touching prose: it's okay to be different, and love and friendship are more important than anything in the world. If all children learned these lessons early in life, the world would be a better place. Thanks to Mr. White for teaching them to me, over and over again!
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am 11. April 1999
I read Stuart Little when I was in second grade. I can honestly say that it is one of my absolute favorite books.
Stuart is a mouse, but he's not some passive polite little creature. He is witty, intelligent beyond his years, and persistent in his goals. He has the mind of a philosopher; he is always cheerful even though it may not seem that way. He is wise but not self-righteous. Indeed, Stuart is a near-perfect role model. This book was one of the first one I ever read that really stuck in my mind; in my attempts to discover even more about Stuart and his goals, I took on his personality and set about solving my own philosophical ideas. It truly helped the development of my persona. A book that has such an effect on a person is nothing less than a true classic.
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