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am 19. Dezember 1999
In 1974 after experiencing a very powerful marriage encounter weekend, I had a spiritual encounter with my deceased step dad who had passed away in October of 1973. I also experienced a great love from my step dad, Marcel , followed by the same great love from my father Alfred (died in 1944) and than a tremendous overwhelming love from God, our Father. Arms enveloping me all three together as one being. Having been terribly afraid of death and not believing that I was good enough to receive eternal life, this experience gave me the answer to the question of life after life. At that same moment I was lifted above the couch, saw my non-moving body on the couch, saw my funeral procession with my children, husband and tried to get up from the couch and could not until I truly believed that if I let go of my self-centeredness I would be free. I immediately remembered that my 2 year old daughter, Lisa was napping and told myself that I needed to come back to take care of her. I came across Raymond Moody's book and was relieved to realize that others had had the same experience as I and it gave me great comfort. Other books to lightened up the journey are Death: The Final Stage of Growth by Dr. Kubler-Ross and Carl Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections.
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am 12. Januar 2000
Before reading this book, I didn't believe in life after death. After reading it, I did. I'm not the gullible type. This is a sincere book, not a fraud, and its conclusions are reasonable. While many other books in the New Age section seem questionable to me, this one doesn't.
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am 7. November 1999
After reading this book I could see that we are like a thought process that always exists. We (the thought process that we are) just floats out of the body and exists in another reality or dimension without skipping a beat. Then this understanding led to other discoveries and my journey began.
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