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am 2. September 2013
if you are thinking about making a change and are ready to face yourself and your fears, this is a good guide and once you put the method to work, you can produce the change you want (of course, opening youself to yourself is not always a walk in the park, but it is will worth it). if you are thinking you are ready, then this is the step for you.
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am 26. Dezember 2013
Excellent introductory book to (unsupervised) Jungian dream analysis and active imagination for beginners. The author gives an approachable overview of such necessary jungian terms as unconscious, archetypes, symbols, ego, consciousness and individuation and how their interplay in dream and active imagination images, when properly understood and directly related to our everyday life through ritual (the translating of spirit into matter or of intellectual understanding into physical reality), they contribute to a deepening and widening of our consciousness and goad us steadily on the journey to individuation.
This does not claim to be the ultimate book on dream analysis because there simply cannot be such a book. When it comes to inner work one can only get so much from books the most valuable contribution being one's lifelong commitment to the painstaking journey itself.
I heartily recommend this book
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am 16. Juni 1999
I read it a year and a half ago... his writing is lucid, and his style is 'warm'-- Whatever science has to say about dream physiology is very interesting, though the cognitive scientific perspective is inherently reductionistic -- that's the way science is. My opinions are polarized when it comes to dream analysis/interpretation, for science has debunked the validity of many 'intuitive' methods used to obtain insight into the inner-workings of human psychology. I must admit, however, that dreams -- regardless of whether or not they can be explained away as random access neural phenomena (the current cognitive scientific perspective regarding dreams) -- can still reveal memories, emotions, and so on, that are not readily accessible to everyday consciousness. For this reason dreams will never be demythologized, regardless of scientific inquiry. This is why I think dream analysis is important. Whether or not our 'interpretations' are accurate doesn't really matter, for it is the process of analysis, of looking at a part of the 'self' that would otherwise be neglected, that is most essential. In this way Jungian dream analysis, adapted by Johnson, is much like surfacing the unconscious abyss, making it accessible to consciousness. Thus, Robert Johnon's Inner Works is one of the better dream-related books on the market-- I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning a methodology that will extend self-recognition into the dream-wrold.
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am 21. März 1999
One night I had a dream that I was a pitcher on a softball team. My older brother was playing first base and yelling abusive things about me like, "Get him out of there! He don't know what he's doing!" I went to pitch the ball, drew my arm back and saw someone standing between the pitchers mound and home plate. He had on a ball cap and was standing with his head down so I couldn't identify who it was. I couldn't pitch with him there. That is where the dream ended. The following evening I decided to follow some of the suggestions from Inner Work and see if the identity of "the man in the way" would be revealed. I went back and relived the dream. At the point I was ready to pitch the ball, I stopped and walked up to him. I asked him to reveal to me who he was. He slowly raised his head and I found myself staring into my own face. I realized form that experience that I was "standing in my own way!" I asked myself to move out of the way, and went back to pitch the game. Previously I had thought it was the messages embedded in my psychic memory from verbally abusive types, particularly my older brother. This work revealed to me where the problem really originated. Since this work I have been able to return to school, recieve a degree in Fine Art, and am now embarking on publication of a book of my artwork. I have moved out of my own way as a result of the suggestions from this book. I highly recommend this for anyone wishing to resolve specific problems in their life. I gave it 5 stars. See them here *****.
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am 11. Oktober 1998
Focuses on a simple, yet affective method of determining the meaning of symbols in your dreams and finding the overall meaning of the dream and practical ways of bringing that energy into your waking life through ritual. The section on active imagination makes a confusing subject much more understandable as well as providing tools for interpreting active imagination.
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am 30. November 1998
this book has been quite a revelation for me as it has stimulated my nightly dreaming and has given me a tool to go deep within to connect with Soul and Spirit. no one can take away your dreams or stop them. they are a sacred communication and we'd all benefit from learning to extract their personal messages
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I've routinely recommended this one to my clients; it's not for those already familiar with the depths but is a clearly written and workable guide for people just starting out in dreamwork and individuation.
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am 21. Dezember 1999
I was relatively new to dream interpretation and Active Imagination, when this book was recommended to me by some therapists. It is the most comprehensive book I've read on the subject. In simple language with detailed examples, dream interpretation is made easy with Johnson's 4-step approach. I've gotten more out of my dreams with the help of this book than with any other book I've ever used. It is simply FANTASTIC! You MUST read this one!
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am 13. Oktober 2003
In this clear-written book, the author Robert A. Johnson describes how to use dream-analysis and Active Imagination to dramatically improve one`s self-knowledge.
It is a very good introduction to the ideas of the unconscious, the meaning of dreams and how to relate to them, and how to face one`s inner conflicts in Active Imagination. Especially the last technique is ideal to see why things don`t function and how to find a solution that involves the whole personality.
Anyone who is seriously interesting in "know thyself" will find this book extremly helpful. Personally, I can say that this book changed my life very positively. I highly recommend this book.
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